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The Mortician’s OF Celebrity Death Magic: Celebrity Death Magic (CDM Book 1)

by Cassius Taylor

These Morticians bring celebrities back to life from the dead making big profits through magic.

The Billion Dollar North Korean Heist: Was it a victory? And for whom?

by Alae Oundir

My name is Alae Oundir, currently a physics student at the University of Pennsylvania State, USA.

This story is about one of the biggest economic catastrophes (or maybe not) in North Korea Bank, you will have to find out. But without a doubt I have enjoyed writing this story with most touches of reality. In truth it has not been very difficult for me, sometimes reality overcomes fiction.

All the events are written in real time, so you do not lose any details about this story.

Enjoy reading, thank you very much.

RABBITS and DAKCHI: 55 days in a life of a Homo sapiens

by M. Nizar BEN.

Most people go through life without ever asking the right questions. Τhey live in a certain social, emotional and moral paradigm without ever challenging it. Τhis is not a typical self-help book and was not destined to be. It will not guide you to find your right questions and transform your life for the better. Τhe style is far from being Shakespearean and the logical flow is rather emotional. Yet, it is the closest refection of the learnings and experience I have beent hrough during 55 days of struggle with religion, love and the many concepts that supposedly make us sapiens…

[French version]
La plupart des gens passent leur vie sans jamais se poser les bonnes questions. Ils vivent dans un certain paradigme social, émotionnel et moral sans jamais le contester. Ceci n’est pas un livre classique de développement personnel et n’était pas destiné à l’être. Il ne vous guiderait pas pour trouver vos bonnes questions et transformer votre vie pour le mieux. Le style est loin d’être shakespearien et le flux narratif est plutôt émotionnel. C’est pourtant le reflet le plus réaliste des apprentissages et de l’expérience que j’ai vécus au cours de 55 jours de lutte avec la religion, l’amour et les nombreux concepts qui font de nous des soi-disant sapiens…

Mafia Men: A Collection of True Crime Stories

by Gene Hatcher

An anthology of some of history’s greatest mobsters and mafia dons…From Paul Castellano to Juan Raul Garza, this is an all-star book of mafiosi who used any method necessary to acquire power and wealth.
One of the Midwest’s most notorious organized crime figures, Danny “The Irishman” Greene started out with various criminal operations – gambling, racketeering, and loan-sharking – and earned himself a coveted spot as a mob strongman. Still, Greene managed to avoid facing real persecution up until his death in 1977, which has triggered speculation that he might have also worked as an FBI informant.
Mafia enforcer Anthony “Tough Tony” Spilotro was the main muscle protecting the Chicago mafia’s illegal casino profits in Las Vegas in the 1970s and 1980s, until his death in 1986. Spilotro’s time in Las Vegas, and the circumstances surrounding his murder, inspired the memorable character Nicky Santoro, played by Joe Pesci in Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film Casino.

“Ya know, he just – he was just a man, and got caught up in some things that maybe he shouldn’t have,” said Spilotro’s son Vincent, “but he lived it the way he lived it.”

At only five feet six inches tall and weighing no more than 160 pounds, Spilotro didn’t have the look of an intimidating gangster. In fact, he seemed more like a businessman than a mob boss, earning nicknames like “Tony the Ant” and “The Little Guy.” But the detached confidence that lurked menacingly behind his blue eyes betrayed the darkness hidden just below the surface.

While he managed to quickly claw his way to the top of the Chicago mafia ranks in spite of his somewhat meek physical appearance, Spilotro’s reign came to an end just as fast. After just a decade and a half as the “overlord of Sin City,” he wound up falling victim to his own paranoia, ambition, and violent disposition.
Clarence “Preacher” Heatley struck fear into the hearts of New Yorkers for over a decade. He was the vicious, ruthless leader of the Preacher crew, a gang that specialized in drug trafficking, extortion, and intimidation. The gang allegedly called Heatley “Preacher” because of his dazzling way with words, and ability to manipulate people into following and fearing him. Heatley didn’t only rule the streets through speeches, though. He threatened and intimidated his rivals and enemies. Dissenters would be beaten or murdered. Heatley became a local legend. Although nobody could describe him or knew his movements, everyone knew who he was and everyone was afraid of him. His name on the streets became The Black Hand of Death.
Albert Anastasia was one of the most ferocious Cosa Nostra mobsters in the history of the American Mafia. He created both the American Mafia and Murder, Inc while becoming the overlord of the Gambino crime family.
“Anastasia loved to look his victim’s in the eyes while killing them slowly just to show his ruthlessness. Anastasia would kill anybody, he would kill police, judges, prosecutors, politicians, mayors, governors, even federal agents in a heartbeat, which he did, he did not care who he killed, he just loved to kill. Nobody got on the wrong side of Albert Anastasia and got away with it.”
The American Mafia is a criminal society that is highly organized. It can be otherwise known as the American-Italian Mafia, since so many of its members come from Italian immigrants, or American-Italian people. Most people, however, simply refer to it as the Mob for short. When one thinks of the â??Mob’, they think of the forgiving Godfather, granting one wish on this, the day of his daughter’s wedding. In 1985, the assassination of one American Mafia crime boss sparked years-long conflict between many of the crime families that dwell in New York.

Tracey Grissom & Other Female Killers: A Collection of True Crime

by Tara Crawford

A True Crime Series of Stories
Claiming to be a victim of rape and other abuses, a distraught Tracey Grissom would travel to her ex-husband Hunter’s workplace and shoot him six times in the back, receiving a twenty-five-year life sentence for his murder.
Her defense attorney would argue that Tracey was motivated by post-traumatic stress disorder caused by her Hunter’s constant abuse and sexual assaults. One jury member had even asked the judge to be lenient in her sentencing as they were not allowed to hear details of her Hunter’s alleged abuses (beatings, rape, sodomy).
But what really happened in the years that led up to May 15th, 2012? Was she in fact the victim of years of abuse by a psychotic husband? Or did she want to cash in on his $100,000 life insurance policy?
For over ten years, Amber Cummings endured unspeakable abuse from her husband James. Isolated in their quiet seaside home in Maine, Amber suffered through verbal abuse, physical assaults and marital rape. Her husband James was a foaming at the mouth psychopath, a neo-Nazi who was plotting to set off a dirty bomb during Obama’s Washington D.C. inauguration. It was his addiction to child pornography, however, that finally pushed Amber to the edge and brought her protective maternal to bear. Seeing no other way out, she had to protect her daughter from the monster she had married…

My Golden Mind: A Journey Through Epilepsy And Brain Surgery

by Jimmy Golden

My journey began on a day no different than any other day. I was at work when I experienced the first of what I originally called my “episodes”. After they became progressively worse causing hallucinations, cognition lapses and involuntary muscle movements, I went to see a neurologist. The result was a misdiagnosis and even more episodes. Eventually, the very same day I asked permission to marry the most incredible woman I have ever known, I woke up in an ambulance to the sounds of sirens and to the flashing of lights. My whole life was turned upside down. I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Brain surgery was eventually offered as a possible solution. I started scouring the internet to find a book. One written by someone like me. I was looking for a first-person account of what was to come. No luck. I felt as if I was going on my journey blind. When reading my book, you will learn what it is like to experience different types of seizures. You will hear what it is like to go through the testing to see if you are eligible for, and to eventually have brain surgery. I will talk about the mental, family and social aspects involved with living with epilepsy. Not only that, but there are some incredible surprises along the way. Come with me on my journey. Enter My Golden Mind.

Travel Mishaps and Life Lessons… Thus Far

by Maria Holderbaum

What is it really like to travel the world? After more than 10 years of traveling the world, you are bound to have a few travel mishaps. Travel Mishaps and Life Lessons… Thus Far are true stories that follow the author Maria Holderbaum through some funny, crazy and sometimes scary mishaps she has had throughout her journey.

You’ll get to experience Maria getting lost in a canyon in Arizona, getting peed on in Key West, Florida, having an allergic reaction in Sapa, Vietnam and so much more!

Travel is one of the most exhilarating adventures you can have in life, however travel does not always go as planned. Unexpected mishaps happen, you’ll be forced to roll with the punches and to change your plans on a whim. Just remember, every mishap has a great story to tell in the end.

Infância na Roça (Portuguese Edition)

by Pedro Silveira Pires

Um pai dedicado, uma mãe amorosa e sete crianças travessas, uma típica família do interior de Goiás na década de 1950 e, como tal, moravam em uma fazenda, com direito a uma acolhedora casa de paredes de adobe e piso de terra batida, luz de lamparina à querosene e fogão caipira.
A comida de que precisavam era plantada ali mesmo na roça ou tirada da horta que ficava no quintal. Os porcos e galinhas que criavam forneciam a carne. Quase todas as roupas eram feitas com o algodão que plantavam. O que faltasse era conseguido com os fazendeiros vizinhos, por meio de troca.
Ir para a escola não era fácil, os irmãos tinham de caminhar, com os pés descalços, pelos trieiros no meio do pasto, entre bois, vacas e bezerros, atravessando córregos e as cercas de arame que dividiam as fazendas.
Além dos estudos e trabalho na roça, havia também os pagodes com viola, violão, sanfona, pandeiro, cantoria, dança e muitos foguetes para o alto. Ah, e tinha sempre uma fartura de comida gostosa. Os brinquedos eram fabricados por eles próprios e, com tantos irmãos, as travessuras eram muitas!

The Church Boy: Chronicles

by Francis Muoria

This is a collection of three short stories, of actual life events and choices made in the life of a young man that was raised in the Church but is now a grown man.The Question is; Has he been making the right decisions? Has he departed from the ways he was trained on? You will travel in the journey of his life, set upon the backdrop of an African culture ,but couched in an elliptical narration.

Job Out Appetisers B

by Michael Fairn

These are “bull’s eyes”. (In days long gone now pockets of small fires after a big job were called “bull’s eyes”) from my two books Probationer & Puberty. Both books describe the life and times of a young man joining a City Fire Brigade in the 1960’s. 18,730 words and over 20 images




So Damn Evil: A Collection of True Crime Stories

by Geraldine Page

A look at two of the most notorious female killers in recent memory.

Karen Lyn Dalton was a meth addict seeking revenge against her roommate who pawned off all of her jewelry. What ensued was the one of the most sordid accounts of torture in the history of California.

Sheila LaBarre hated men. She hated them so much she would entice younger men to her farm with the promise of sex only to torture and kill them.

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