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Abraham Lincoln and the Union

by Nathaniel Stephenson

The task imposed upon the volume resolves itself, at bottom, into just two questions: Why was there a war? Why was the Lincoln Government successful? With these two questions always in mind I have endeavored, on the one hand, to select and consolidate the pertinent facts; on the other, to make clear, even at the cost of explanatory comment, their relations in the historical sequence of cause and effect. This purpose has particularly governed the use of biographical matter, in which the main illustration, of course, is the career of Lincoln. Prominent as it is here made, the Lincoln matter all bears in the last analysis on one pointâ??his control of his support. On that the history of the North hinges. The personal and private Lincoln it is impossible to present within these pages. The public Lincoln, including the character of his mind, is here the essential matter.

SALEM WITCH TRIALS: The True Story Behind The Infamous Witch Trials of 1692

by Anna Revell

SALEM WITCH TRIALS: The True Story Behind The Infamous Witch Trials of 1692

The belief in the supernatural, and its ability to harm an individual, had emerged in Europe in the 14th century. This sparked a series of witch trials across the continent.

By the mid 17th century this trend was gradually dying out across much of Europe. However accusations of witchcraft, and the hysteria which accompanies such a case, would sporadically occur in some places such as the American Colonies up until the early 18th century. The most prominent example of this was the Salem Witch Trials, these occurred in Salem, New England between 1692 and 1693.

This is the story of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, and the horrors surrounding this most famous of historical witch trials.

Wonders of Terracotta: A Historical Perspective

by Samar DasKundu

This book covers a historical perspective of the world of Terracotta. It covers the fascinating history and innovation of terracotta in art, sculptures, potteries , architectural innovation, and its use from the ancient prehistoric period (15,000 BCE) from to modern times. The book covers very rare pictures with explanation and quite infomative.

A Short Introduction to Savonarola

by John Lord

This lecture is intended to set forth a memorable movement in the Roman Catholic Church,–a reformation of morals, preceding the greater movement of Luther to produce a reformation of both morals and doctrines. As the representative of this movement I take Savonarola, concerning whom much has of late been written; more, I think, because he was a Florentine in a remarkable age,–the age of artists and of reviving literature,–than because he was a martyr, battling with evils which no one man was capable of removing. His life was more a protest than a victory. He was an unsuccessful reformer, and yet he prepared the way for that religious revival which afterward took place in the Catholic Church itself. His spirit was not revolutionary, like that of the Saxon monk, and yet it was progressive. His soul was in active sympathy with every emancipating idea of his age. He was the incarnation of a fervid, living, active piety amid forms and formulas, a fearless exposer of all shams, an uncompromising enemy to the blended atheism and idolatry of his ungodly age. He was the contemporary of political, worldly, warlike, unscrupulous popes, disgraced by nepotism and personal vices,–men who aimed to extend not a spiritual but temporal dominion, and who scandalized the highest position in the Christian world, as attested by all reliable historians, whether Catholic or Protestant. However infallible the Catholic Church claims to be, it has never been denied that some of her highest dignitaries have been subject to grave reproaches, both in their character and their influence. Such men were Sixtus IV., Julius II., and Alexander VI.,–able, probably, for it is very seldom that the popes have not been distinguished for something, but men, nevertheless, who were a disgrace to the superb position they had succeeded in reaching…

Bonzenreise: Auf gro�er Fahrt mit der Völkerfreundschaft (German Edition)

by Tanja Stern

1983 nahmen die Journalisten Heinz und Katja Stern an einer sogenannten Auszeichnungsreise mit der â??Völkerfreundschaft” teil, dem damaligen Vorzeige-Kreuzfahrtschiff der DDR. Heinz Stern wollte offenbar eine Reportage darüber schreiben und hielt die Eindrücke der Reise in einer Art Schiffstagebuch fest. Die Reportage wurde nie geschrieben, doch das Schiffstagebuch hat sich erhalten und vermittelt ein anschauliches Bild vom Ablauf derartiger Reisen und vom Leben an Bord der â??Völkerfreundschaft”.
Leinen los für eine Reise in das ferne Jahr 1983, in eine Welt, die es nicht mehr gibt, und in die Psyche einer abgeschotteten Gesellschaft, die auch im Urlaub nicht frei sein konnte.

Adolf Hitler: Savior of Mankind

by Alexander Zielinski

The following information pertains to the individual who lived that lifetime known to those on Earth as Adolf Hitler. This information will be provided to give a better understanding of the man himself, and what truly took place within that human existence, and what his overall role was to be in that lifetime.
Many see him as a monster, mad man, a murderous fanatic and the like, but once you see him from a different perspective, that of a being sent from another dimension to teach mankind a much-needed lesson, then you may have another viewpoint to study and ponder over.
Life is never, ever, simply what you think you perceive with your physical eyes alone, so much more is taking place behind the curtain, so to speak. Think deeper and open yourself to the true wonders and possibilities of the vastness of all life; Seen and Unseen.

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