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Death’s Shadow (SOAN SAGA Book 1)

by Jason Logan

The wars are over, but Death still walks the earth, its darkness takes the town of Monksville; a blood-fueled reign of terror that can have only one end.
Sheriff Brian Simpson struggles to save his people from the killer besieging his small town. He races against time, but how can you catch what you cannot see?
How many can survive the coming storm?

Nothing much happens in a small town in Mississippi, it is a quiet life, filled with good God-fearing people.
The town of Monksville has been such a peaceful little place for a hundred years.
Until the darkness descends upon them, a plague of death from an unseen shadow cast ever more over their unsuspecting town.
A long-held debt they never knew they had is about to be paid in blood, and only Brian Simpson stands in the way.
He will call on all the help he can, but will it be enough against an unseen assassin who moves like the wind?

This suspenseful introduction to the SOAN SAGA is a Horror/Thriller that will keep you guessing while causing you to think twice about your next visit to the woods.

The Beast of Fallujah: A Short Story

by Clarke C Clarke

A monster lurks in the shadows while the battle rages

In Dreams the Minotaur Appears Last

by Adam Craig

In the Paris of 1970, the hippie revolution has yet to crash land and Minnette searches hungrily for a way to enlightenment. She finds it. Or she finds something and the path of her life is set. But, by the beginning of the 21st Century, Minnette is haunted by the shades of recurring dreams and recurring memories, unsure whether the city around her is as solid as it appears. She looks back on her life’s search â?? and on that a winter’s evening in Toledo when, for a moment, the gates to another world may have opened â?? and feels the defeat of a life thrown away. But something moves in the shadows, something that comes closer each evening.

Combining a mind-spinning vision of another reality just a step away from our own with searing character study and sensual, impressionist prose, In Dreams the Minotaur Appears Last is the latest novel from the author of the ground-breaking anti-novel Vitus Dreams and the acclaimed short story collection, High City Walk.

The Innocent (Of Evil And Innocence Book 1)

by Amy Raines

It is believed to be true that for everything, there is an equal and opposite force. Purgatory is no different, except it’s equal and opposite is very brazen and evil. Set in Heart Line, Missouri. Caleb and Gina are in a horrific accident that sent the into Raven Lake, Caleb’s persona becomes split but not in the traditional way. The evil portion takes on a living, breathing and very evil form.
Four years later, earthquakes ravage the area, and a gate is opened to a hellish place allowing the inhabitants inside to enter The Natural World. The evil persona attacks Gina (Caleb’s fiancé) but this proves to be the least of their worries as those who have been long dead and confined to this hellish Purgatory begin to resurface and reside in and around Raven Lake Woods, unleashing havoc on the townspeople. A handful of people in the town have suspected something wasn’t quite right at Raven Lake, they discover a second lake that serves as a gate to a the twisted version of Purgatory. Caleb and Gina get the help of some of the people of Heart Line in an attempt to stop the treachery from killing more people and destroying their town.


by Kyle Livermore

New house, new town. What could possibly go wrong if you add a socially anxious teenager into the picture? Everything apparently, Caleb Hambly is split up with his best friend, but not for long. Two years after Caleb’s mother commits suicide, a massive storm is reported, but it doesn’t start till Caleb meets up with Noel, and they’re reunited again.
But the problems keep getting worse, and the basement doesn’t appear to be the best place to hide after all, they aren’t safe from anyone, can they even be safe from themselves?

The Garden of Eden

by Stephen L. Poirier

A lumber tycoon being sued by an extreme environmentalist group unwittingly discovers the real Garden of Eden.

Truth or Dare

by Caroline Cauthon

How far would you go on a dare? When Julian agreed to spend the night in a long-abandoned mental hospital, he was sure it would be simple. But when the ghosts that inhabit the building begin to relive the last day of their lives, Julian learns that, sometimes, it’s better to say no to a dare.

Blood Sisters (The Olivia Chronicles Book 1)

by Angelic Rodgers

Have you ever wondered who those three mysterious female vampires were in Stoker’s classic novel? Discover their origins in this first novel in the Olivia Chronicles series.

She’d had her fun alone, and it was time to find companions again. She sat silently, listening to the noises around her. She could hear a tarot reader on the left side of the square shifting in her chair, then she smelled the newly lit stick of incense, heard the clinking of cheap bangles coming together and the crack of the cards as the bored card reader shuffled the deck for something to do. On the right, she could sense pedestrian traffic, first coming off of Decatur on the far side of the square and turning up St. Ann, drifting toward the heart of the French Quarter: Bourbon Street.

When Dr. Olivia Holmwood joins the faculty as a visiting professor after Professor Clark’s suicide, everyone thinks it is a good match for everyone. Alex takes her course, Reading the Vampire, hoping for a bit of frivolous fun during the semester.

But Olivia’s not just here to teach a course. She’s looking for someone.

Mantequero: Español (Spanish Edition)

by Jenny Twist

Cuando June se fue a España en Navidades conoció al hombre de sus sueños. Noche tras noche la visitaba – y día tras día se ponía cada vez más delgada.
¡En España tienen otro tipo de vampiro!

Satan’s Rapper

by Derek Washington

A captivating page-turner that’s equal parts thriller and horror story, Derek Washington’s novel SATAN’S RAPPER takes readers to the dark side of the hip hop industry. Upcoming New York rapper Sykik is the hot new MC on the rap game’s most feared and respected record label: ENO Live Records (that’s “evil one” spelled backwards, for all the bad boys in the hip hop business).

Riding high on the success of a self-produced mixtape, Sykik is on the fast track to riches and finer things – and not just because of his lyrical skills. Behind the scenes, his rise to fame is aided by violent rituals, black magic and an evil conspiracy that has held a tight, cold grip on the hip hop industry for decades.

With help from the dark side, Sykik and his cohorts cook up a devilish debut album that has listeners hypnotized – and soon the money starts piling up. Sykik started on the bottom – now he’s here. Until disaster strikes and Satan’s Rapper finds himself fighting for his very soul…

SATAN’S RAPPER is thrilling, humorous, and filled with hair-raising action. Plus, hip hop insider Derek Washington has sprinkled in enough details and behind-the-scenes revelations to have readers asking: Is this truth or fiction?

DISCLAIMER: Satan’s Rapper contains violence, mild drug use and strong language.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook: Learn All the Spells with Fun

by Josh Farren

Ready to Learn all the Spells with Fun?

If you have been wondering just how many incantations and spells there are in Harry Potter, well, you wouldn’t need to any more. If you have been pronouncing the words wrong all along, you wouldn’t be for long; not anymore.If you have the burning need to cast spells like Albus Dumbledore and grin like George Weasley while at it, now you can!It really is about to get all easy and fun.This book tours and captures the many spells, charms, hexes, jinxes and curses richly used in the book and movie, Harry Potter. This is a complete book that explains everything from the pronunciation to the spellings, use and circumstances surrounding the use. I bet many people generally categorized the many incantations in Harry Potter as spells too; but no,here, you would clearly understand which are hexes, curses, counter curses, jinxes, spells, counter spells and lots more. We in the world of wizardry love to know the difference! It is all more fun (and a lot more professional) that way; and we do love to get things right – you just ask Professor Snape.
Inside the book:

– A lot of Spells! (more than 200)

– You certainly wouldn’t find more enchanting spells anywhere else.

– The right Wand Movement for each Spell

– Description for evry Spell

What you will improve:

– Wand Movement

Pronuciate all the spells

Soâ?¦let’s get started!Follow me as we go through exciting barriers andenchanting darkness into our first class.

Dark Waters

by Dale Drake

Delve into Dark Waters, a collection of macabre and twisted tales where the terrifying, ghastly and horrifyingly gruesome stir just beneath the surface.

A walk by the sea turns into a nightmare of madness and death.
An old well harbours a dark and terrible secret.
An auction off the Cornish coast tears a couple’s life apart.
A demon hunter learns the true meaning of fear.

Evil does not rest. A blood tide is coming.

PepperOni: A Cheesy Horror Short

by Matthew J. Barbeler

All Elliott Stone wanted to do was cause a little trouble for his brother on date night.

Instead, he ended up forming an unbreakable pact with a bloodthirsty demon hell-bent on harvesting the blood of the innocent.

PepperOni is a Cheesy Horror Short. You may never look at a pizza cutter the same way again.

Genre: Horror
Type: Short Story
Word Count: 4,237

The Beast of All Hallow’s Eve

by B.J.K. Brown

The Beast of All Hallows has made an appearance every few years during the week of Halloween. The town of Harrison does a good business catering to the ‘Beast Groupies’ who come searching for it. The legend becomes all too real when the Beast turns rumors and theories into a deadly reality.

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