Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 15 Oct 18

The Epic Challenge: An Unofficial Terraria Series (The Epic Series Book 2)

by Liam Levy

For anyone that enjoys video games or just wants a fun read.

Josh woke up confused, his vision blurry. As he headed outside, Josh knew that Jordan had died. Somehow, Josh realized the monsters were alive once more and were even more powerful. On the verge of being defeated, Josh was saved by a mysterious figure named Seth, who told him a dreadful storyâ?¦ But even the wisest of sages could not decipher the mysteries in the story.

The Christmas Child

by Donna Dillon

Amid the Christmas bustle a world-weary woman, sick of the materialistic view of the holidays, overhears one small boy’s Christmas wish. The chance meeting will change the heart of the entire town.

Books for Girls : The Mermaid’s adventure: Save the mermaids (Tales, Friendship, Grow up, Books for Girls 9-12)

by Diana Molly

When the pretty pink fish tells the mermaid sisters about the strangers, Daisy and Azalea decide that it is time for more adventures. As always, they are excited and happy to start the new day with new adventures, especially when danger is involved.

Azalea does not know that this time the adventures will be more than she could imagine, while Daisy gets on the verge of despair, trying to save her sister.

Luckily, the pretty mermaid has a few good friends who can help her rescue her sister. But will their help be enough? Or will poor Azalea be gone forever?

Dancing Lilly

by Cynthia Wilson

Lilly loves to dance. It’s impossible not to smile when you see Lilly coming. Join Lilly as she spreads happiness all over the world.

The Secret Tree House Pact

by David Drake

For 9 to 13-year-old readers and their parents. Two 11-year-old boys, both social misfits and different from each other in most ways – one poor as dirt who hated school and one rich as a gold mine who loved it – chance upon each other and begin to form a friendship. As they work together to complete a tree house in the woods, they have wonderful talks about their lives, being eleven, their futures, parents, likes and dislikes and so forth. Ford, the rich kid, helps Jake realize that he’s actually pretty smart, improve his grammar and vocabulary, and even enjoy learning new things. Jake helps remodel Ford from a socially awkward, stuck-up rich snob – he didn’t know he was one – into a more acceptable and likeable kid. And, oh yes, there’s the bobcat that takes up residence in the tree house, a broken bone or two, that near drowning in the creek, and, well, other things. Lots of talk. Lots of excitement. Lots of fun.

Ghost Writer

by Vala Kaye

“â?¦a fun, intelligent, just scary enough ghost storyâ?¦”
“â?¦an unpredictable story with a nice little mystery wrapped around a sense of empathy – a sense that will try to stretch across centuries.”

Tech-savvy teen Malden Montgomery leaves New York City anticipating nothing but boredom when her artist-mother brings her along on a two-week vacation to a family inn in rural Virginia.

What Malden doesn’t expect is the owner’s 17-year-old son, Jackson, who is totally to-die-for cute. But does she dare believe him when he says that her room at the inn may be haunted by a young woman named Emily, who died there more than 150 years ago?

When Emily begins to communicate with Malden, she and Jackson realize they have to find a way to help Emily’s ghost come back home or risk a spirit’s wrath if they choose to leave her lost in the darkness forever.

“Ghost Writer” is a short upper Middle Grade/Young Adult paranormal novella. The paperback is 90 pages.

How to draw Cartoon Unicorn? 7 Unicorns, in 6 steps, quide for kids: Unicorn Drawing – step by step guide for kids

by Suzy Mako

Does your kids love unicorns? Will they happy to know draw own unicorn by own? They will know to draw cartoon one with this perfect step by step guide about how to draw cartoon unicorn. I am Suzy Mako and I decided create step by step guide for your little treasures. Girls and Kids loves unicorns and they will now able to draw own unicorn according this guide. The final picture can be perfect gift for grandparents, friends, teachers. You will show your kids something interesting and new. The book will improve creativity of your kids and their imagination. Fulfill final picture with rainbow colors and kids will proud of their master piece. Improve kids creativity, imagination, artistic sense, and even teach them the basic strokes of a pencil and linking the lines to a certain form. Your children will grow with this book not only in creative way but you will also extend their mind. How to draw cartoon unicorns is cute and needed book for your kids.

Red-Tailed Rescue

by John Irby

The lives of one highly educated red-tailed hawk named Orville and Kate, a 12-year-old girl, intersect one day on South Dakota ranchland. Orville has a slight vision problem due to faulty DNA, and Kate needs a friend. When Orville crash lands into the side of the Flannery’s home, Kate and her parents rescue him and take him to the local vet for treatment.

With Orville’s broken leg nearly healed, he and Kate go fishing. Orville flies back, carrying the fishing pole in his talons, as part of his physical therapy, while Kate walks alone across the vast prairie. Only she does not arrive.

Her parents gone for the Labor Day Weekend, leaving a slightly addled grandmother at home, now creates a desperate situation for Kate. Orville and his schoolmates, the county sheriff’s department, and a police dog named Deputy Grace must combine forces to find Kate before it’s too late.

Why? a Bible study for 9-12 year olds

by Heidi Kreider

Sometimes life doesn’t make sense and we don’t know where to turn for answers. This seven day Bible study was written specifically for children ages 9-12 as they search for the answers to tough situations.

The Water Witch (Squonk Tales Book 1)

by Ron Foster

An orphaned sea witch named Lorelei and her seagull familiar have grown up living far inland at a magic reclaimer mage’s castle never having seen the beach or ocean. Gavin the apprentice sorcery recycler and supernatural estate liquidator takes over their master’s trading wagon caravan after his mysterious death and sets out on a journey of discovery. A Hydromancer may work with any liquid and a chance encounter with a Squonk and its tears creates unusual magical possibilities for a water witch.

The Best Halloween Ever

by Janice Abel

Ellie and Tyler discover magic in the library when story book characters plead to be a part of Halloween. Ellie’s problem to find a story to write about for a school assignment is solved as Halloween night becomes not only filled with treats but many tricks and an unwanted surprise.

This story is approximately 22pages, 4200words and the e-book also includes sample chapters from The Little White Christmas Horse and Little Horse Wears Antlers .
Both of these stories have traveled to readers via of serial newspaper stories.

Kid Fight: Anthology of Sinister Terror

by Russell Brown

Kid Fight: Anthology of Sinister Terror contains the morbid and macabre writings and transcripts written by the author between the ages of 11 and 16 to help him cope with continuous bullying he received at school as an Aspie. These tales of sinister terror chronicle his cravings for violence and revenge through several sordid tales of fantasy horror and make-believe involving kids playing ninjas, superheroes, gangsters, vampires, serial killers, clown-like zombies, giants, gods and other hideous monsters to kids engaged in extreme wrestling and deadly fight tournaments, these unfinished works and documented events reflects on the modern impact popular culture plays on children. Contains a table of contents, index, and several black and white illustrations and hand-written notes.

It’s My Bedtime…But I’m Thirsty!: (and other famous stalls)

by Shannon Benish

The stars are shining and the moon is bright. It’s time for bed, but he’s not ready for night!

How many stalls can be used before Momma’s little angel is fast asleep and counting sheep?

The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure: (Volume 4)

by Jerry West

The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure (#4 in the Happy Hollisters series)

Another exciting adventure for this happy family comes about through their new friend Indy Roades, a former baseball player and a Yumatan Indian. He tells them about his pueblo in the mountains of New Mexico, and his tribe’s lost turquoise mine. When Mr. Hollister hears that a store there, called THE CHAPPARAL which sells silver trinkets and Yumatan articles, is closing down, he considers buying the goods for his own shop, THE TRADING POST. He decides to go to New Mexico to examine the stock, and takes his family along with him.
After an exciting journey by plane, and in a rented school bus, they arrive among the friendly Yumatans. The children have a wonderful time joining in the games and festivals. Indy’s niece and nephew, Blue Feather and Red Feather, show them how to shoot with bows and arrows, and ride bareback on Pinto ponies, as Indian children do. But best of all, they foil the thieves who had stolen the goods they came to buyâ??and discover a clue to the buried mine.
How they help the tribe to regain their prosperity and happiness, and the reward that the grateful Yumatans give them in return, makes an enthralling end to this new story in the Happy Hollister series.

First published in 1953, these charming mystery-adventure stories, faithfully reproduced, are now available in paperback and eBook for the first time! Written for boys and girls between the ages of six and twelve, The Happy Hollisters are wholesome books, with an accent on humor and good, clean fun. Integrity always pays off and right wins over wrong. This is a perfect gift for the young reader in your life. Parents, grandparents, and teachers love these books for their healthy celebration of life in simpler times. Kids are thrilled with the fast-paced action and will not want to put them down. Over seventy action-packed illustrations make the story – and the Hollister family – so vivid that the reader has a feeling of really sharing in on the adventures of this lovable and interesting family.

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