Free literary fiction Kindle books for 15 Oct 18


by Sofia Hamori

It is a time of farewells and new beginnings for the former lovers. As she cleans her flat and packs ready to start her new life abroad, he visits to make a stunning announcement. Once inseparable, their paths are set to diverge: he is destined to cling to the carousel of life, while she, the strong one, will resist the lure of relentless conformity. A tender and elegiac story of the passing of first love and life’s choices.

Long Road Home: A Short Story

by Jessica Marie Holt

A heartfelt short story about family, overcoming heartbreak, and the courage it takes to make life’s hardest decisions. Nate is a man of few words, who desires a life with few complications. But when his troubled daughter suddenly leaves her three children on his doorstep, he faces a choice: confront his past and find his voice, or watch history repeat itself.

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