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Paranormal Painless: A Young Adult Ghost Story Fiction Book

by Shannon Rieger

Could You Embrace What Once Terrified You?

A Young Adult, Paranormal Fiction novel

I know that finding the time to read is important; life is busy and time is precious. You won’t be disappointed. Take a breather. Take time for you. Download today.

Download now to join Christian Moore in his paranormal world of stranger things. Bewildered by an unexpected, peculiar package and disturbed by its accompanying antagonistic spirits, English teacher Christian Moore is shaken from his carefully crafted, cocooned existence and catapulted into the shocking reality of an unpredictable, haunted and sometimes evil world.

With his own safety and sanity at stake, he must learn to embrace the paranormal when he is confronted by the serial killer of innocent children. To survive, Christian forms unlikely alliances with once feared intruders from the supernatural realm, as well as, a mysterious man with unique insight and abilities.  Just when he thinks he has solved the mystery of his chilling visions, he is propelled into a tomb of water where he is forced to unravel the heartbreaking history buried for years within the confines of those same walls.

While helping the unfortunate, trapped souls, he is compelled to examine his own traumatic past and to risk everything he knows for a life truly worth living.

Will Christian Moore learn why the children haunting his home were murdered? Will he survive the visit from the serial killer? Will he make peace with his past and learn to love better, and therefore, live better?

Agnes Barton Paranormal Mysteries, (Box Set Books 1-3)

by Madison Johns

Those hilarious sleuths Agnes and Eleanor of the Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery Series have gone paranormal in the first three books of their paranormal mystery series, all boxed up for your reading enjoyment. Included: Haunted Hijinks, Ghostly Hijinks, and Spooky Hijinks.

Haunted Hijinks

Ever since Agnes’ car accident, things have changed drastically for her. When she wakes up in the hospital, not only is her son Stuart there, who she hasn’t seen in years, but a ghostly apparition!

Instead of getting ready for the loony bin, Agnes and Eleanor help ready the Butler Mansion for a grand opening as a bed and breakfast on Halloween, except they find the body of Katherine Clark. It’s game on, as usual, for Agnes, except she now has a new partner, one who has remained silent and isâ??wellâ??a ghost.

Agnes now struggles to keep her wits, keeping her ghostly companion a secret from Eleanor, not such an easy feat since Eleanor is sharp as a tack. Not only that, but where has Stuart been all of these years and what is he up to?

Ghostly Hijinks
Driving up Highway 50 through Nevada, said to be the loneliest road in America, sure would make a body nervous. Unless, of course, you’re Agnes Barton, who welcomes the challenge and the chance to check out a real ghost town. But before she even arrives in Silver, Nevada, a mystery has unfolded in the form of a lost little girl, Rebecca, who has become separated from her family who are searching for the elusive Leister’s gold. The real kicker is that Agnes saw it all in a dream, but when they arrive at the Goldberg Hotel & Saloon, she realizes so many things about her dream are real, like the details of the inside of the hotel. It isn’t long before she learns that the hotel is haunted by various spirits from the past, further making for an interesting vacation.

Agnes is determined to find the missing family, insisting that it simply wasn’t just a dream as she learns that a family with a young daughter had indeed disappeared in the middle of the night just before they had arrived. Will Agnes and Eleanor find the missing family before they perish from the elements, or will the knife-wielding spirit called “The Cutter,” shorten their chances?

Spooky Hijinks

It’s December in the neighboring cities of Tawas City and East Tawas, and they have one thing in commonâ??Christmas is drawing nearer. The only problem is that homes are being broken into in alarming numbers, with guns stolen. Even local militia members Curt and Curtis Hill are victims. That is, until Agnes Barton and Eleanor Mason are on the case, launching an investigation even after the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) comes to town, taking an interest in the recent thefts. Agnes’s own son, Stuart, who works for the FBI, tells her to back off, but Agnes isn’t about to stand down. It’s not something she does, even after a threat of arrest.

Life for Agnes and Eleanor is good, they’re planning their weddings to their respective fiancés, Andrew and Mr. Wilson, who still refuses to tell anyone his first name. With their hearts set on having their wedding at the lighthouse at the point, Agnes yet again is up to her elbows with ghost sightings, but that’s something that she’s grown accustomed to since her paranormal gift appeared.

As Agnes tries to figure out who the female ghost at the lighthouse is, she finally acquaints herself with the ghosts that live in the attic of the Butler Mansion. The deeper she gets, the more she learns about not only who they are, but the dark history of the Tawas area.

It gets down to the wire. Will Agnes be able to figure out who is stealing guns in the area, stop the ghosts from causing havoc at the mansion, and actually make their wedding plans before they land in jail or worse?

The Killing of a Night Owl: A collection of Thrillers

by Cassandra Black

A collection of thrillers
Daniel is wealthy,successful and a good husband to his younger wife Claire. Things were going great for the couple when he suddenly notices a change in her behavior. She begins to stay out late and gets defensive when he asks where she’s been. Daniel is left little choice but to hire a smarmy private detective named Paul to discover the identity of his wife’s lover. What the two find out about Claire, however, is beyond their wildest speculations…
Arthur is a private investigator whose sister was the victim of a serial killer years ago. As he has gotten older, he decides to do some research and comes to the conclusion that his sister wasn’t murdered by the serial killer at all. Marshaling all of his resources, he delves further into a dark mystery as he finds out things about his sister he never knew.

The Rules of Action (The Devlin Legal Chronicles Book 1)

by Landon J. Napoleon

It’s 1970, and America has a dirty secret.

The author of ZigZagâ??”one of the boldest and most original first novels to appear in a long time” (Carl Hiaasen)â??reinvents the legal drama popularized by Michael Connelly, John Grisham, and Scott Turow.

Human beings are being warehoused in substandard nursing homes, neglected and left to die under suspicious circumstances. But this is Phoenix in the 1970s, and no one seems to know about it, much less care. Rookie lawyer Connor J. Devlin discovers this secret world when he meets One-Armed Lucky, a Vietnam vet and bail bondsman with an uncanny knowledge of the law. Lucky refers Devlin’s new client, a heartbroken but tenacious woman who’s convinced that neglectful nursing home care killed her mother Ann, a greyhound-racing devotee and Lucky’s best friend.

But Devlin has a big problem. Taking on a nursing home for wrongful death in the 1970sâ??one backed by a corporation owned by a hardnosed Texas industrialistâ??will be almost impossible. Almost.

In this “briskly told and well-drawn” (Kirkus Reviews) legal drama, Landon J. Napoleon offers all the thrills of John Grisham and other masters of the genre, while proving that “legal procedure can provide as much action, suspense, and whodunit excitement as any shootout or car chase.”


“Briskly told and well-drawnâ?¦ this legal thriller does what many courtroom-based novels and television shows do not: It stays true to the actual practice of trial lawâ?¦ A fast-paced tale of justice in action and a remarkably accurate portrait of a trial lawyer’s daily grindâ?¦ Prospective law students are frequently encouraged to read law-student memoirs or legal hornbooks, but for a realistic view of litigation and a great deal more action, they’d do well to add this legal thriller to their reading list.”
â??Kirkus Reviews

“One of the most compelling and entertaining books I have ever read on the strategy and gamesmanship of the legal process.”
â??Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods

Praise for Landon J. Napoleon’s debut novel, ZigZag:

“One of the boldest and most original first novels to appear in a long time. It’s also very funny, in a way that only the raw street-song of truth can be funny.”
â??Carl Hiaasen

“A remarkable debut portraying the inner life of a disturbed ghetto teenager as he attempts to grow up in the frightening world he’s inheritedâ?¦ An unaffected, moving, astonishing insight into the heart of a troubled, silent genius.”
â??Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“â?¦ this mixture of comic adventure and paean to the values of volunteerism is a vivid read. An impressive debut novelâ?¦”
â??Library Journal (starred review)

“Landon J. Napoleon conveys the strength of the human spirit through his wonderful creation, and in the process tells an engaging and enriching story.”
â??Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers

“â?¦ an adventure that has all the tragic-comic energy of a latter-day The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Like Twain’s classic, this novel excels at adolescent monologue.”
â??Arena Magazine, United Kingdom

“â?¦ an affecting tale of the triumph of hope over desperate circumstancesâ?¦ a modern day Of Mice And Men.”
â??The Times, United Kingdom

More praise:

“Weird, funky, and offbeatâ?¦ Deep Wicked Freaky is a harrowing, hysterical, and ultimately life-affirming romp through America’s dark and desperate underbelly. Landon J. Napoleon’s prose is gritty, jagged and full of passion.”
â??David S. Goyer

Pawsitively Perfect: A Calico Stephens Mystery

by Nikki Alexander

All Calico Stephens wants is a normal life running her store Pawsitively Perfect with her best friend Boots and spending her evenings with her two pups. No witchcraft, no creepy Ceremonies, and certainly no sexy new Sheriff who happens to be her new neighbor to invade her life. Unfortunately, a stolen sapphire and the murder of the local Jewelry store owner throw her and the women of her coven smack dab in the middle of everything.
Throw in the accusation that the town stray has taken off with the jewel and Calico is ripping her hair out trying to figure out where the elusive Mr. E. might have hidden the priceless gem. It doesn’t help that the teardrop resembles the dangling teardrop on her new shipment of dog collars. Now everyone in town is trying to turn them in as the real thing for the reward.
On top of that, the widow is acting very strange, as well. Along with her no good stepson, she has made it her mission to destroy the small town of Oak Hollow. Now it’s up to Calico, her family and odd assortment of friends, and the new Sheriff to find out why.

The Sanguinarian (Lansing Detective Mysteries Book 1)

by Cynthia Young-Johnson

Detective Philip Lansing hasn’t been getting enough sleep. As an investigator from the Weston, Minnesota Police Department, it’s his job to track down a murderer terrorizing his small town. He isn’t in it alone; his partner, Tom Johnson, is investigating the series of murders as well. This is a first for everyone – a serial killer in Weston. There really is very little to go on for the investigators, no physical evidence, no DNA, fingerprints, or witnesses. Lansing and Johnson find themselves with two new partners, Agents Ana Monroe and Charlie Radford of the Minneapolis FBI Field Office. The four investigators begin an alliance to capture the murderer. A tunnel and cave plus a large, ancient book in Latin holds the key to the mystery.

To Face The Fire (The 5 Boroughs Series Book 1)

by Nicola Noble

Donna Giannino knows what it’s like to “walk through the fire”. She’s a survivor. She has the scars to prove it. And although her physical scars have mended, it’s the wounds to her soul that won’t heal. Once full of life, she’s isolated herself from the world outside of the thick walls she’s created for herself.

Unable to overcome her past, especially the night that left both her body and her spirit broken; she’s living a half-life, where the only way she feels safe is in her little bubble. After all, there’s wine and chocolate there.

By day, she’s an editor at a publishing company in Manhattan. By night, she’s a Brooklynite shut in. The only variances are scheduled ahead of time and only happen if they involve her family or one of her close friends. It’s the only way she feels safe.

But is living a half-life really living? How do you make yourself whole again? How do you learn to trust again? How do you overcome the fear left behind after a brutal attack?

Berry The Dead: A Sequel Series To A Murder In Milburn (Return To Milburn Book 1)

by Nancy McGovern


We first met Nora Newberry as a determined & talented young baker with a nose for sniffing out murderers in Death At A Diner, the first book in her original series, “A Murder In Milburn”. Now, after a twenty-five year hiatus, she is back! And there’s a lot to catch up on! So much so that we just had to “Return To Milburn”!

About Berry The Dead:
Finding herself as the guest of honor at a surprise party for her 55th birthday, Nora is thankful for the wonderful friends & family with whom she has been blessed. She’s also grateful for how long it has been since ending up knee-deep in a murder mystery. For years, her days have been filled with delicious baking & fantastic times with loved ones. Life is good!

Then her housekeeper is found dead, poisoned by berriesâ?¦

To make things worse, the new sheriff seems determined to brush her death off and move on. But Nora knows this wasn’t an accident. And, if she wants to see the killer brought to justice, she also knows it’s time for her to spring into action.

So, with the help of her friends, Tina & Simone, Nora jumps headlong back into the murder game. And this time she’s older, wiser and in more danger than ever!

Join Nora Newberry in this first book of her new series, “Return To Milburn”, and find out what we’ve all been missing since we saw her last!

NOTE: If you have not read Nora’s first series, “A Murder In Milburn”, you do not have to do so to enjoy this book/series! You can jump right in! But, if you’d like to catch up on the past, you can get ALL 12 BOOKS from the previous series in a big box set right here on Amazon! And for a hugely discounted price!

And please sign up for Nancy McGovern’s newsletter using the link inside this book! When you do, you’ll receive behind-the-scenes info about her (and Emma Lee’s) stories, updates on future releases and a FREE PREQUEL to “A Murder In Milburn” as a Thank You for joining the family! You’ll love it!

Delaney’s Cure: An Epidemic Survival Thriller

by Donnie Light

Why would a biotech company release a dangerous virus?

Because they already have the cure…

A mysterious, man-made virus outbreak races through the small town of Marshall, Wisconsin. Dogs throughout the town are quickly infected by the plague with disastrous results.
The gentle pet of yesterday suddenly snaps at its loving owner. Dogs all over town are turned outdoors when they abruptly become aggressive. Stray dogs, reverting to the behavior of their canine ancestors, begin to form efficient and deadly packs.
A hunter in the vast forest outside of town becomes the hunted. A runaway teenager depends on her faithful golden retriever to fend off a vicious pack of killers. A police officer brings his retired K-9 partner back into service to find his wife and young daughters in the wilderness.
Before the townspeople understand the contagion, it’s too late. Marshall becomes ground-zero in a new war being waged against man’s former best friend. Those not barricaded in their homes struggle to stay one step ahead of the infected packs.
Some dogs in town are not affected by the epidemic. Those unaffected dogs risk their lives to protect their human families from their own kind. At the same time, their owners fight to save their beloved pets from the hungry packs and the strange Pac-Man virus that is rapidly spreading.
Delaney’s Cure is like Jurassic Park meets Cujo. It’s a fast-paced suspense thriller, perfect for fans of Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King.

J.J. Houston: Trail of the Grey Wolf

by B.K. Crawford

5 Star Review from Reader’s Favorite
2016 Indie Summer Awards Nominee

“Trail of the Grey Wolf is a new adventure for J.J. Houston, a brainy and headstrong young girl with a thirst for archaeology and a drive to uncover the truth. Following the saga of Murder on Moon Street, where J.J. discovers a connection between government officials and the mysterious disappearance of local children, the mayhem stretches endless in Trail of the Grey Wolf. From the zany antics of Miss Tilly to hidden underground bases and theoretical covert operations, we encounter the mysteries of ancient secrets in a suspenseful tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” -Amanda Cummins, Editor in Chief, Mind Key Publishing

It’s the summer of 1964 and something sinister is drawing thirteen-year-old J.J. Houston to an abandoned military base located inside a nearby mountain. She’ll have to scheme to get there because (ain’t it her rusty luck?) the menfolk have decided to leave her behind. To get to the truth behind the baffling disappearance of the children, J.J. will go to any length, even if it means using Miss Tilly’s car as a battering ram and tossing a few stolen grenades.

Area 64 is a secluded military structure, carved under Sullivan Hill. It has gone mostly unnoticed for more than forty years. Despite Miss Tilly’s dire warning, J.J. is determined to explore the complex to search for clues that might draw her closer to discovering who is behind the nefarious scheme that has resulted in tragedy for so many families.

J.J.’s young sidekick, Bo Duke, overgrown and mud-ridden, exposes a touch of chauvinism when he sides with J.J.’s father in his attempt to keep J.J. out of harm’s reach and away from Area 64. J.J.’s eccentric grandmother, Miss Tilly, reaches into her insane bag of tricks and her chest of outlandish costumes to help J.J. accomplish her mission. A newcomer to the area, J.J.’s American Indian cousin, Rain, delivers fresh perspectives drawn from her rich heritage as she spends a few weeks with the Houston clan. Alice Newhouse, twin sister to a recent murder victim, becomes an unwitting accomplice and a valuable resource as the crew explores the foreboding military base.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, or open up a can of citrus scented chaos. When it seems certain that government and local authorities have no interest in the case, J.J. feels she has no choice but to ignore convention and push ahead. Something has to give, and Area 64 may hold the key she seeks.

Mystery, wit, suspense, and adventure collide in this fast-paced rural tale filled to the brim with mayhem and intrigue.

Quota: When Life is Just a Number… Who Counts?

by Jack Bold


In 2032, life is rationed. After Kate’s husband dies in an accident, the government slash her Quota. Kate has to choose which of her family is the next to die. All their lives will be shortened and her mother-in-law is named for immediate euthanasia. Kate’s vulnerable daughter is at risk and her son wants to fight the system. Kate faces an impossible decision. She needs help. But who can she trust?

Writing is Murder: An Emlyn Goode Mystery

by Susan Lynn Solomon

Cursed by a Native American brave, the Bennet House is one of the most haunted locations in Niagara Falls. This is where Emlyn Goode and all but one member of her writers’ group hunt for ghosts on Halloween. What they find in the house, isn’t a ghost, though. It’s the body of Edward Bennet, the missing group member.

A few days earlier, Edward had shown Emlyn a document he’d found in the Bennet House, and told her it would anger people if made public. When Edward is found, the document is missing. Emlyn is certain that document will identify Edward’s killer, but her search for it becomes dangerous when her lover, police detective Roger Frey is shot in the Bennet House, and then the killer comes after her and her friend Rebecca. Without Roger to protect her, can anything written in her ancient relative’s Book of Shadows save Emlyn this time?

The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson

by Douglas Lindsay

Described by the Scotsman as ‘gleefully macabre, hugely enjoyable black burlesque’, THE LONG MIDNIGHT OF BARNEY THOMSON was published to great critical acclaim, has spawned a successful series, has been translated into several European languages and was filmed as THE LEGEND OF BARNEY THOMSON, directed by and starring Robert Carlyle, and featuring Emma Thompson and Ray Winstone.

Barney Thomson, awkward, diffident, Glasgow barber, lives a life of desperate mediocrity; shunned at work and at home, unable to break out of a twenty year rut, each dull day blends seamlessly into the next. However, there is no life so tedious that it cannot be spiced up by inadvertent murder, a deranged psychopath, and a freezer full of neatly packaged meat. Barney Thomson’s uninteresting life is about to go from 0 to 60 in five seconds, as he enters the grotesque and comically absurd world of the serial killer…

“This is pitch-black comedy spun from the finest writing. Fantastic plot, unforgettable scenes and plenty of twisted belly laughs.” NEW WOMAN

“This chilling black comedy unfolds at dizzying speed, managing to blend the surreal with the dullness of routine in an impressive debut novel.” THE SUNDAY MIRROR

“Lindsay’s celebration of loserdom is surefire top-ten material.” THE FACE

“When Lindsay is in his stride he’s up there with the best.” THE MIRROR

“Ridiculous and enjoyable plot.” THE GUARDIAN

“Striking, this is a novel which manages to thrill and amuse, funny and darkly comic, but maintaining that edge of suspense which the very best thrillers have.” BLACK TEARS

“A delicious black comedy.” HUDDERSFIELD EXAMINER

“This hilariously gruesome tale of mass murder in Glasgow is a highly original gem.” THE BATH CHRONICLE

“Hilarious, fast and exceptionally original comic crime tale with a wonderful twist.” READING CHRONICLE

“With some wonderfully written scenes and a host of batty ideas, this is a little gem of a book.” SHOTS

Chance Of Rain

by Laurel Veil

Two things seventeen year old Ashley Devoe will learn: Things aren’t always what that seem and curiosity can get you killed.
Ashley’s dad moved out and now she’s stuck dealing with her overprotective mother. And if that wasn’t bad enough, her dad’s so-called friend seems to be interested in her mom and is making Ashley’s life even more miserable.
Ashley wishes she could turn to her dad for comfort, but work has him completely occupied. Ashley can’t shake the feeling though, that it’s more than just his job that’s keeping him busy.
Luckily, Ashley has her quirky best friend, Brianne, to help distract her from her family drama.
Things start looking up for Ashley when she meets Trent one night at their favorite hangout. It’s not long though, before she realizes that Trent, like her father, has something to hide. Ashley can’t resist the urge to spy on them both, but when she does, she quickly wishes she could take it back…

The Curse of Crescent Road (Midnight Witch Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by Jessica Lancaster

The FIRST book in a brand new cozy mystery series!

Retirement suits many people, but Evanora Lavender isn’t one of them. When a dead body shows up in Maureen Witton’s compost heap, the police are informed, yet there’s no body when they arrive. Branded a liar, the woman who cried wolf, Maureen calls on Nora to help.

Out of retirement to solve one last mystery, Nora might find herself sucked back into the paranormal investigation game after all.

A paranormal cozy mystery set in a small English town, featuring an amateur female sleuth and her talking barn owl. Written in British English.

Midnight Witch Cozy Mysteries
The Curse of Crescent Road (Book 1)
The Secret of Kingsway House (Book 2)
The Mystery on Mercy Avenue (Book 3)

The Dangerous Thief (Stolen Hearts Book 3)

by Mallory Crowe

It isn’t funâ?¦

If it isn’t dangerous.

James Weston hasn’t given a damn about anything or anyone ever since the first time he took a life. Except now the hired killer is on a very different type of job:


Trouble follows Willa Belli.

She is used to partying and trips to the most exotic parts of the world, but her glamorous lifestyle has taken a heavy blow.

Now she knows exactly where her father’s money comes from, she’s determined to finally do something right and put a stop to it.

That is if she can stay alive long enough.

But the stakes are high as her father’s men comb the country for her. She’s forced to put her trust in a stranger who seems torn between ignoring her and staring with a lust from her deepest fantasies.

But she needs to be careful.

Because James Weston is deadly, greedy, and sexy as hell.

***Mallory Crowe Titles***
Contemporary Romance

Billionaires In The City
1 – Teaching The Boss
2- Teasing The Boss
3 – Tempting The Boss

Devereaux Billionaires
1- Touching Jace
2 – Trusting Michael
3- Testing Michael
4 – Taming Rourke

Fractured Farrells
1- Ruthless
2- Reckless
3 – Remorseless
4 – Restless
5 – Relentless

The Stolen Hearts Series
1 – The Cocky Thief
2 – The Beautiful Thief
3 – The Dangerous Thief
4 – The Reluctant Thief

Paranormal Romance

Bad Boys of the Underworld
1- Finding Fire
2 – Daring Fire
3 – Binding Fire
4 – Ruling Fire
5 – Stealing Fire

Bewitching Hour
1- The Bewitching Hour
2 – Burning Gold
3 – Long and Lost
4 – A Little Wicked
5 – Raise Hell

Madison Keith Ghost Story Collection – Volume 1: (Cozy mystery ghost story with a quirky female sleuth) (Madison Keith Amateur Sleuth)

by Cathryn Grant

Both the living and the dead reveal their secrets to Madison Keith.

But the living don’t believe ghosts are real and they want her to stop talking about it.

She’d like to stop, but the ghosts of those who have met untimely deaths are begging for her help in getting justice.

If you like quirky characters and cozy mysteries, you’ll fall in love with Madison. If you never believed in ghosts, wait until you meet Madison.

Get the first collection and be charmed by Madison today.

This collection includes the first three novellas in the Madison Keith series: Fatal Cut, Shallow Water and Unholy Child

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