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Mom Braining: My Experience in Mothering/Book Two

by Mary Sheldon

More raw thoughts on my experience in motherhood. See Book One for how it all started and honk when you see a typo! #mombrain

Mom Braining: My Experience In Mothering/Book One

by Mary Sheldon

These are my true and candid thoughts, after 10 years of being a Mom; a single Mom, a married Mom, a tired Mom, a proud Mom, a working Mom, a Stay At Home Mom, a Homeschooling Mom, a Mama Bear and a Warrior Mom of Three.

Autistic Son, Desperate Dad: How one family went from low- to high-functioning

by Rafal Motriuk

RafaÅ? and Ola knew there was something different about their child.

While the other children at the kindergarten sat in a ring singing songs, Bartek would simply run around, oblivious to them. While they drew pictures and learned to count, he would obsessively sift sand and play with droplets from a tap. And while they were connected to their parents as though via an invisible piece of elastic, Bartek would happily charge off into the distance without a second thought.

Then, one day, came the explanation. Or rather, the diagnosis:

Bartek had autism.

Determined to do the best they could for him, his parents sold their London house, quit their jobs – at the BBC and a city bank – and returned to a completely different part of Europe, sacrificing everything in the hope of creating a bright future for their son.

Based on the successful blog by science journalist RafaÅ? Motriuk (Bartek’s father), it’s a story that leaves out nothing in its depiction of everyday life in a family affected by autism.

A journalist, observing the world with a camera eye, or filtering it through his own feelings, RafaÅ? portrays his experience with autism sometimes as painfully tragic and sometimes as absurdly funny, but always as very real.

In sharing his experiences, RafaÅ? draws on his journalistic precision, his wry sense of humor and his emotional insightfulness. The result is a story which is at times painful, and at others hilarious, but never anything less than sublimely human.

Baby Sleep Training: The Complete Baby Sleep Training Guide to Help your Baby Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy

by Diana Jones

Are you looking for a “Complete” guide that will hold your hand (just as you will hold the hand of your newborn) and teach you how to give your bundle of joy a good night sleep? Then this baby sleep training book is what you need!

Babies are a blessing to every household. But despite being perhaps the best adventure in the world, taking care of a baby is no easy task and is an incredibly great responsibility for any new parent.During the early days of raising a child, many parents fail to understand the importance and science of the psychology of a baby’s sleep cycle.

And let’s face itâ??you can’t expect to get adequate sleep if your child doesn’t have a good night sleep, right?

Going through this baby sleep training guide, you will be able to:

  • Get an in-depth understanding of your child’s sleep cycle and get to know what makes it tick, how it works, and how you can control it.
  • Learn foolproof and easy-to-implement training methods that will bring peace to your baby’s heart and give your little one some well-deserved sound sleep, in turn giving you the rest you need.
  • Understand how the different sleeping positions affect your baby’s sleep pattern.
  • Acquire knowledge regarding “Colic” and understand how to respond to your baby’s crying.

To give you an overview of the chapters in this book:

  • Introduction: The brief introduction of the book will gently ease you into the whole topic by giving you an outline of the objectives of the book.
  • Chapter 1: This chapter explains in explicit detail the importance of sleep training. The primary focus is to break down the underlying principles of sleep training and how it will benefit you and your child.
  • Chapter 2: The second chapter goes deep into the concept of your baby’s sleep cycle and helps you understand the different stages of your baby’s sleep. This chapter is broken down into multiple sections, each focusing on a specific stage from newborn (1-3 months) to 6-9 months.
  • Chapter 3: The third chapter puts a heavy emphasis on actually teaching you about the different training techniques such as CIO and Parent Soothing Method. It will help you to identify the most appropriate technique for your child and teach you to implement the various techniques.
  • Chapter 4: This chapter will help you create an environment that will maximize your baby’s ability to sleep and help you understand both the physical and emotional conditions needed to promote it.
  • Chapter 5: While the previous chapter focuses on the environment, this chapter will dive into the various sleeping positions recommended for your baby. Follow the outlines provided here for maximum health benefits!
  • Chapter 6: The 6th chapter of the book focuses on the fundamental differences between normal crying and the condition colic and outlines when you should consult your baby’s doctor.
  • Chapter 7: The final chapter gives you a summary of the amount of sleep required based on the age of your child.
  • Give your baby and yourself the power of a good night’s sleep. Get your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this screen and learn how to help your baby sleep the whole night through.

    Adoção: Uma história de vida (Portuguese Edition)

    by Debritus

    Sensível, delicado e emocionante, é impossível não chegar ao final do livro com esses sentimentos aflorados.
    O livro mostra a história de um casal que após tentarem e não conseguirem o tão esperado filho decidem seguir o caminho da adoção, as alegrias, dificuldades, dramas e emoções vividas pelo casal, os erros que afetaram suas vidas, mas que em nada modificou o amor pelos seus filhos.
    A relação entre pais e os filhos adotivos e algo que vem de Deus, com certeza no inicio não é a mesma coisa, até porque quando se tem um filho biológico, aqueles meses de gravidez servem para se construir um laço de amor e afinidade pela criança que vai nascer. O filho adotivo e diferente apenas nesse aspecto acontece que um dia você não é pai e no outro recebe um telefonema e a partir daquele momento sua vida se transforma e você passa a dedicar todo seu amor e carinho para aquelas crianças

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