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Make Your Own Good Luck: Become More Fit to be Lucky

by Robert Fenton Gary

This is a book about making yourself more fit to have good luck in the world exactly as it is. This means living on purpose, with a plan, into which new information “fits” or does not “fit”. It also means being alert and awake to the appearance of new data and incoming opportunity. It’s the person who intends some specific outcome that can make sense of the world by sorting it into what helps and what hinders progress toward that outcome. We do not know the good luck that may come to us, or the bad luck. But we can be ready to spot patterns that are going to help us toward our goal, if we have one. So, planning plays a major role in this books, and specifically the logic entailed in what I call the “planning syllogism”. The overall plan of the book is to move from kitchen table basic good sense rules of thumb, through issues about dealing with others in an organization or in a society, and finally on to existential issues dealing with your life as a whole in the context of the universe, and your mortal span. How do human beings find meaning? What role does intent play? What role do plans play? How can you live a more awake and intentional life? What can you know? What can you hope for? What shall you do? How will you learn? These are questions that as you work on them make you more fit to have good luck. That’s not a guarantee it’s more like a bet. You shorten your odds that good luck will strike you. And when it does, and they say you are just a lucky guy, I hope you will remember that you read this book, and highlighted it, and made notes in the margins. Then you can smile and say, “Yep, that’s it, just a lucky one, that’s me.”The author is a graduate of St. John’s College (Annapolis), and the Naval Justice School (Newport RI), and the George Washington University School of Business, and Southwestern University Law School. He was also trained in Chemistry at Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, and he is a retired Navy JAG, now working as an inventor and holding patent US 2018/0018845 A1 which entails chemistry and photonics. In a way it is true that luck comes to you “out of the blue”, and you can’t really see it coming. But that depends on what “it” means. If “it” can and often does include the lucky thought, then surely some people are more fit to recognize such thoughts than are other people. At the gym you can make yourself fit to lift a heavy weight, or hit a fast moving ball. With this book you can make yourself fit to know a lucky thought when it hits you in the brain, and do something with it. The new thought fits into your goals like a missing part fits into a jigsaw puzzle. You have that “Aha!” moment, which is impossible if you have no plans, goals, objectives, or intentions.

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