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I’m Not A Dragon’s Mate! (Avaleigh’s Boys Book 1)

by Sandra R Neeley

In the backroads and bayous of Louisiana lives a clan of mix-matched shifters. Their Alpha, Kincaid, has been kidnapped by a ruthless Dragon who thrives on torture and pain. Kaid struggles to survive against all odds. Unable to contact his clan, and weak and unable to shift from his Bear, he has given up almost all hope.

One night a human female is brought to the Dragon’s compound against her will. Avaleigh has been chosen to be the Dragon’s Mate. She is tortured to the brink of insanity, easily overpowered by the Dragon. Gradually she realizes that she has no chance of freedom. But will she be strong enough to save Kaid’s Bear? And if she does, will he be able to leave her there?

Sitting alone in a smoke-filled bar room, another Dragon waits. Stuck in this place, for no reason other than his Dragon refuses to leave here, Daniel GreyStorm watches the patrons come and go. Frustration keeps him company as he waits, wondering what fascination this Louisiana backroads bar holds for his Dragon. He has no idea he is on a collision course with Fate.

This book is the first in a new series, Avaleigh’s Boys, about a group of shifters who make their home in the backwoods and bayous of South Louisiana. Their clan consists of a mix-matched group of five shifters who depend on one another and are loyal to no end. These are their stories.

Warning: Intended for mature audiences. These stories contain hot bear, dragon, wolf and lion shifters. They like to cuss, fight and love their women. This book contains explicit love scenes, lots of use of the “F” word (among others), and some abuse and forced sex by evil shifters. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

Lost in Shadow: Shadow Walkers Book 1

by Cynthia Luhrs

Forbidden love. Fate. Immortal warriors cursed to walk in shadow.

Reeling from a bad break-up, Emily takes off for a long dreamt of vacation to Scotland.

She’s going to forget her past no matter what. Or so she thinks. But fate has other plansâ?¦ A sexy highlander no one else can see, crosses her path, pulling Emily into a world of shadow and turning her life upside down.

Series Reading Order:
Lost in Shadow
Desired by Shadow
Iced in Shadow
Reborn in Shadow
Born in Shadow
Embraced by Shadow

Loving Glory

by Joleen James

The citizens of Fortune, WA are shocked when former town bad boy Jace Stone buys the small town. Everyone wonders how Jace can come back, especially after getting Fortune’s golden girl Glory Moon pregnant, then leaving her alone to raise their autistic son. No one is more shocked than Jace when he discovers that Glory kept the baby she’d promised to give up for adoption ten years ago.

Seriously in debt, Glory and her son are one step away from food stamps and welfare. When Jace suggests a business arrangement–marry him and he’ll pay off her debts and get their son the finest medical care and private school money can buy, Glory has no choice but to accept his proposal.

But Jace’s proposal comes with a price, and love is never simpleâ??especially when the heart is involved.



Romeo, La’Marcus, and Trey are three guys bound by bruthahood since childhood. As children they grew up poor, in the dangerous streets of Compton, California. Growing up poor, in a single parent home, they made a pact at a very young age to always, â??Chase A Check Never Chase A Chick’.
The young boys started stacking money early as corner boys, under the leadership of a Drug Lord, gangster, and father figure named Chico. The had a notorious crew called, â??The Compton Hitters’. They were one big family until Chico was sent to prison. Chico has always taught his three proteges the drug game isn’t a lifetime career and to be smart with their money. With Chico being gone, the guys decided they wanted a better life for themselves and their single mothers. They made a decision it was time to

Once Upon a Bride: A Novella (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly)

by Jenny Holiday

USA Today bestselling author Jenny Holiday’s hilarious prequel to her acclaimed Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series!

Jay Smith likes to be in control. His every choice, every move, is made with his carefully planned future in mind. Sure, some people think that’s boring. But Jay knows who he is, and he makes no apologies for it. So when the lobby in his accounting firm needs a makeover, Jay takes chargeâ??and quickly determines he needs a designer. What he does not need is a woman who tempts him to break all his long-held rules.

Elise Maxwell needs this job. After cutting off her overbearing, old-money family, she’s determined to establish a successful design businessâ??all on her own. Independent for the first time in her life, Elise isn’t looking for a boyfriend. She certainly doesn’t want someone telling her what to do.

Until she meets Jayâ?¦

Praise for the Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series:

“The perfect rom-com.” –Refinery29 on One and Only

“A summer read more satisfying than a poolside popsicle.” –Entertainment Weekly on It Takes Two

“Romantic comedy at its best.” –The Washington Post on It Takes Two

“Witty, sexy and wonderfully entertaining.” –USA Today, Happy Ever After on It Takes Two

The Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series:

0.5 – Once Upon a Bride
1 – One and Only
2 – It Takes Two
2.5 – Merrily Ever After
3 – Three Little Words

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