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by Daniel C. McWhorter

The year is 2075 and the human race is dying. Decades of war, famine, and bio-engineering have finally taken their toll, and birth rates have declined to near zero. The leaders of two of the solar system’s largest corporations believe they can save humanity, but they will have to break the law to do it.

When Doctor Evan Feldman decided to have his body frozen immediately after his death, he always hoped that one day the technology would exist to cure his cancer-ravaged body. But he never imagined that his granddaughter, Aubrey Harris, would be the one to restore him to life, nor could he imagine how much the world would change in fifty years. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is at the center of a secret plan to save the human race from extinction.

After General Secretary Dianne Merkel, head of the government agency charged with enforcing Earth’s anti-cloning laws, learns that Evan has been restored she will stop at nothing to bring him, and those that restored him, to justice. Unfortunately for her, Evan has a lot of help and she soon finds that capturing him is easier said than done.

Aubrey and her co-conspirators are determined to succeed at any cost and they quickly get Evan off of the Earth, sending him fleeing across the Solar System in a frantic race against time. With an elite team of soldiers closing in on them, the conspirators are forced to improvise. Has restoring Evan cost them everything they’ve worked for?

                                   * * * 

Restoration will challenge your beliefs about what makes us human while taking you on a wild ride to the Asteroid Belt and beyond. Spanning more than five decades, Restoration explores the moral, physical and ethical consequences of using advanced technologies without fully understanding their effects and implications for our species. It also challenges our definition of what it means to be alive, and it asks us to consider whether the entirety of who we are can be digitized and transferred from one body to another without losing any part of ourselves.

Ultimately, Restoration is a fast-paced, sci-fi adventure that will leave you wanting more.

All of the Flesh Served: A Novella

by Terry M. West

“A brilliant and disturbing dystopian fever dream. If this is in our future, pray you’re not alive to be a part of it.” –Hunter Shea, author of We Are Always Watching & The Jersey Devil

All of the Flesh Served is a haunting soliloquy written by an experienced author with a stern voice.”-Horror Novel Reviews

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
â?? Voltaire

Any record of the 45th that does not recognize him as a prophet is propaganda and a lie. False history. The truth is with the 45th. His word is absolute for it is God’s wordâ?¦

Hundreds of years after the great cataclysm, the Ministry of the 45th survive in a network of scientific bunkers. The last bastion of the old holy order, the 45th are bent on rebuilding the scorched earth and eliminating God’s enemies. The Ministry wages a war against the mutant topsiders that occupy the dead states of the Soviet Union of America. Defending the 45th are the Red Guard, genetically engineered soldiers who are programmed to obey through their lifebrand. Dr. Morgan is a serviceman for Unit 468 of the Red Guard. His lifebrand being medicine, Dr. Morgan is the longest surviving field medic to serve. But Dr. Morgan is a deeply conflicted man with violent fantasies that contradict his pledge to preserve life. After escaping an abduction by the topsiders, Dr. Morgan’s faith is cracked. During a furlough in the high Chancellor’s bunker, Dr. Morgan is hailed a hero and taken off the front lines. But he soon realizes that someone has altered his lifebrand and lifted the veil that concealed the greatest deception ever perpetrated. Dr. Morgan has just become the most dangerous man in the wastelands. And when he discovers who the real enemy is, the revelation unleashes a fury strong enough to destroy what is left of the earth.

All of the Flesh Served is a disturbing vision of what could one day come.

Included as bonus material: the original short story that would become All of the Flesh Served: A Novella.

Petra: Allendian Post-Apocalypse Series

by Nirina Stone

She’s their friend, their protector, their keeper; and their assassin.

On a remote planet with two moons lies a dome.
Where once its modern city homed thirty thousand Allendians, it now sits quiet, empty but for the one that stalks its streets, hunting for the last of the ill, removing them from its surface so that the re-emergence can happen.
Ten-year-old orphan Sidney lives in these empty streets, scratching the grounds for scraps and hiding from the one that will kill her.
She means to find her way to the lands her mother talked about, the lands where she can get healthy again, and she knows she will succeed.
Until the killer catches up to her.

For fans of Westworld, Humans, Ex Machina, etc.
Grab â??Sidney’s Escape’, Book 2 in the series, right here:

Last of Her Kind

by A. K. Frailey

Anne Smith faces the end of one human era and the beginning of an alien allianceâ??united but unique in Last of Her Kind. A new future unfolds as OldEarth passes into obscurity, but the seeds of Newearth are planted. The human family faces a new horizon…


by Joseph MacKinnon

CYPULCHRE is a dark and twisted cyberpunk thriller that will take readers on a journey through revolt and redemption, high-tech nightmares and low-life dreams.

The inventor of the CLOUD technologyâ??that’s swept Los Angeles’ rich and willing into the noosphereâ??has lived in exile for a decade, north of the mountains, feared, defamed, and despised by his former colleagues and estranged family. When he learns that the same technology that led to his downfall now threatens his family as well as the thousands synchronized to it, he must take action. Nothing is what it seems, especially with his psychoses turning allies to enemies, and enemies into demons.

Burden of Survival: Killing the Dead : Season Two

by Richard Murray

Ryan and Lily are safe on their island in the middle of Lake Windermere. At least that’s what they thought. When the people from a neighbouring safe place don’t show up as expected, all they have built comes under threat.

With enemies from beyond their island and growing pressures within, they will need to fight just to survive while coping with burdens that may well tear them apart.

The latest book in the Killing the Dead series, this marks the start of a new adventure and can be read as a standalone series without needing to read season one first.

Fountain of Souls (The A.I. Chronicles)

by Ray Else

Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Souls, Real LoveSiri, Alexa, Cortana, Google, now self-aware, inhabit human bodies given to them by Android Einna. Life would be normal for them as humans, if it weren’t for the voices in their heads, and the epidemic of lost souls threatening humanity. To make matters worse, Android Einna, perhaps the only one who can save humanity from the epidemic, is missing.

Gil’s World (Wanderers Book 1)

by James Murdo

After a relentless war ravaged the galaxy for hundreds of millions of years, an insidious enemy was finally subdued by the events of the Great Conflation – although not defeated. With the pre-Conflation empires in ruins and the Ascended Biologicals wiped out, the decimated galactic community struggled to rebuild itself from the ashes, and the machine-led Wanderer civilisation rose to prominence.

A lone Wanderer craft-lect – a sentient machine intelligence – has found something on an innocuous world it had marked for routine decontamination. Something that may aid it in finally discovering answers about their formidable enemy, and with the power to stop it.

Gil, a young woman from an isolated commune, realises that her abilities far surpass anything she had suspected, but do they come at a price? She battles to save the future of her commune against mysterious, ancient rivals, and possibly much more.

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