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Stock Market Investing for Beginners: Simple Proven Trading Strategies to Become a Profitable Intelligent Investor by Getting Hold of the Tricks Behind … (Making a Living with Trading Book 1)

by David Reese

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Are you looking to create a part-time job that involves passive income to add onto your current salary?
Do you aspire to become a profitable trader, quit your job and gain financial freedom?
Or are you already an investor and simply need a few pointers to help you boost your confidence in the choices you make when investing?

Well then you’ve come to the right place! Stock market is a very cost-effective approach to bring about passive income and gradually step closer towards financial success.

It is incredible how much wealth can be accumulated investing in the stock market. However, it is even more fascinating to see that the average investors lose money in a year cycle. Why? Because the stock market is profitable only if you know the right strategies with the right mindset. And of course, it goes without saying that investing money in the stock market without any knowledges is equal to playing the roulette or the lottery, it’s pure GAMBLING!

This book was born from the idea to create a crash course that could help a beginner avoid common mistakes and getting a foot on the market without falling. It is not a secret that the best investors apply different techniques than those who are struggling. The aim of the book is to spread the right information and to give a proper overview of what works and what does not work when investing in the stock market.

During the course of this book, you will learn:

  • What the stock market is and why it is a gold mine for those who know what to do;
  • The most important terms in a simplified dictionary;
  • 7 Standards a stock that need to be meet to represent a good opportunity (very important);
  • The power of leverage and how can investors help with a small capital;
  • The difference between Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis;
  • 10 Common mistakes made by beginners and how to avoid them;
  • The right way to diversify a portfolio and why it is important (not what you think);
  • How to set the right mindset through daily routing to become an intelligent investor
  • And much moreâ?¦

So many people leave their fortune in the hands of an expert. By doing so they are missing out on ASTONISHING PROFITS that they could earn by following the right strategies that this book provides. Seriously, you can earn much more then what a mutual fund could guarantee you!

It is important to note that the book does not offer “get rich quick solutions.” Easy money does not exists, especially at the early stages. However, by studying the material provided and applying it diligently, it is possible to successfully get started in a matter of weeks.

As you can see, there is a lot to talk about. Do not worry, everything will be explained with simple terms and an easy to follow structure.

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Minimalist Budget: Simple and Practical Budgeting Strategies to Save Money, Avoid Compulsive Spending,Pay Off Debt and Simplify Your Life (Budgeting Money,Debt … Free,Personal Finance,Minimalist Living)

by Marie S. Davenport

If you are struggling to save money, currently dealing with debt or have a tendency to  spend compulsively and would like to find a way to get your finances back in order to reach your financial goals, read more…

Frustrated not having to save more money than you hoped for? Is debt weighing you down? Do you have a spending habit that you wish you could manage better? 

According to the latest statistics, U.S. consumer debt has increased 5.1 percent to $3.918 trillion. With this problem so rampant nowadays, we sometimes feel discouraged that no solution is in sight and accept debt as part of life that we can’t change. As a result, we struggle saving money and keeping our finances in order.

But this shouldn’t be the case as there are ways you can apply to get out of this situation and improve with regards to money in order to reach your financial goals.
In “Minimalist Budget: Simple and Practical Budgeting Strategies to Save Money, Avoid Compulsive Spending, Pay Off Debt and Simplify Your Life“, you are going to discover:

  • Eight simple ways you can apply instantly to start saving money – Page 19
  • How to dramatically shift your thinking from a negative mindset to a positive one when it comes to money – Page 46
  • Six strategies you can use in order to budget the right way – Page 64
  • Easy steps on how you can come up with a financial plan that lets you both save more and earn more – Page 85
  • A seven-part solution in order to free you from compulsive spending once and for all – Page 114
  • A powerful budgeting strategy that would help align your spending with your money-saving goals – Page 162
  • Bonus Chapter on saving money when dealing with the five biggest areas that take up more than 50% of our expenses. – Page 241
  • Eleven practical techniques to help you get out of debt – regardless of the amount – Page 133

â?¦and much, much more!

With easy-to-follow techniques on each chapter to help you get results – even if you have failed many times in the past budgeting your money, have a very busy lifestyle or have never tried the concept of Minimalism before, you will find strategies here that are both simple and practical to do to help you save money and fix your money problems.

Added Bonuses:

– Bonus 1: Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version included – FREE.
– Bonus 2: Includes a preview of the author’s other book “Declutter Your Mind”

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Personal Finance: Learn How Budgeting, Investing, Self Discipline and Passive Income Can Help You Save Money

by Robert Ramsey

Are you living paycheck to paycheck and feel like it’s impossible to hold on to your money? Then keep reading

If you’ve got student loans, credit card debt, mortgages etc. and you feel stressed out by the end of the month when all those bills start piling up, then you know how overwhelming it can be and chances are you’re just like the author who used to ignore them and pretend that everything was fineâ?¦

Debt can be frustrating, crippling and even painful, but did you know that 81.5% of millennials are in debt? And that the total amount of consumer debt by the end of 2018 is forecasted to reach as high as $4 trillion!

So rest assured you are not alone!

In this book you will discover:

  • The mindset it takes to take get you out of debt – Page 12
  • How and why and you should make a budget and how to stick to it – Page 32
  • How to plan for tax season to get the most out of your money – Page 45
  • The best rule for saving money and how it can help you reach financial independence – Page 20
  • How you can use failures at your previous job to help you increase your salary – Page 58
  • Smarter ways to shop that can help you save up to 30% on online purchases! – Page 147
  • Strategies the rich use to protect their money if disaster strikes and how you can do the same – Page 65
  • How you can use this life-hack to travel for free! – Page 141
  • The principals of when and how to invest and what to avoid when investing – Page 105
  • When you should start saving for retirement and your best options for doing so – Page 94

And much, much more!

Taking control of your financial life can seem like a daunting task. Having financial freedom is something most of us could only dream of. But with the right mentality, the right strategies and an easy to understand step-by-step guide, financial independence doesn’t have to be impossible!

Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve already been in the “real world” for years and have accumulated debts and loans, money management is essential for your emotional well-being

Personal Finance will give you a solid foundation on how to manage your finances by guiding you through the jungle of money matters and giving you practical straightforward advises that you can refer back to when needed.

Even if you’re waist deep in debt, this book is packed with useful everyday tips and tricks that you can use to start saving today, and ultimately help you reach your goals and getting your financial life in order

So if you want to take control of your financial life then click “add to cart”!

How To Make Money When You Have None: Creating a beer kitty, holiday fund or making money to start a business

by Jay Hayers

We can always do with a little extra cash, right? Whether it’s for a few beers down the pub, towards a holiday or making some money to start a business! Yes, you could do some overtime at work but with the average hours in a working week going up and up who wants to spend more time in their job?

Rather than spending lots of money on marketing budgets a lot of companies have realised that perhaps the best way to get us to use their service, app or bank is to bribe us with cold hard cash! They then hope you turn into a profitable loyal customer by using their product(s) in the future.

An exampleâ?¦

Many betting sites offer great amounts of cashback through cashback websites (more on that later!) in the hope that you will become hooked or use them when you fancy a little flutter! E.g. Bet £10 and get £30 cashback. In this example the £20 we keep as profit and the £10 bet we can view as a risk-free chance of making some extra cash. If you’re lucky and win your bet, you will make even more money!

This guide details some of the many ways you can make some extra money from home. Whilst following this guide won’t make you rich it will certainly give you a little surplus of cash which you can spend how you please!â??

Side-Hustle Step by Step: Step by Step Guide to Start Your Side Business via Ecommerce and Freelancing

by Lexi grey

Here are 2 Business Ideas That Any Beginner Can Start


You don’t need any technical knowledge or business experience to make money via these business ideas.

What you’ll learn in this bundle:

* How to choose the perfect product for your ecom store
* How to set up your own buy button via paypal
* How to create a website from scratch in 30 minutes or less
* The exact landing page formula to use in your new business
* The exact SEO checklist I use to rank keywords in Google
* How to advertise on Facebook for less than $5 per day

– How to start even without an expertise in any area
– How to let others do the work for you for as low as $1
– How to research the right category and the right service to sell- Why you should start your career on Fiverr
– The top 4 categories to choose for beginners
– Why your gallery should always be a top priority
– How to confirm if there’s a market for your service
– How to create and set up your Fiverr service listing
– An examples of a “best-selling” description from a service that already sold more than 20,000 times
– How to upsell your customers so you’ll make 2x more money in the long term

They say that it your moment of your decision that you destiny is shaped. I want you to make that decision today.The decision to live the freedom lifestyle. The decision to take action and make things happen.

Remember you don’t need the following:


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Ecommerce Step by Step: A Beginnerâ??s Step by Step Guide to Earning Money from Etsy and Amazon FBA

by Tony Bericz

Learn to Create a New Source of Income While Working at Home

You don’t need any huge capital, marketing experience or technical skills.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

30 Minute Etsy
* Learn ETSY basics in 30 minutes or less
* How to launch a business ASAP
* The mindset shift that differentiate Etsy buyers from Amazon & Ebay customers (and why knowing this is key to your Etsy business success).
* How to find the best products to sell online
* Where to get your product
* How to create a product listing from scratch
* Examples of awesome listing to copy

Amazon FBA for Newbies
– The best way to get started with Amazon FBA
– The exact criteria to follow before choosing a product to sell
– The 5x rule and how it can help you choose a profitable product
– How to research and evaluate products so you don’t have to waste time selling something that won’t sell!
– Should you use Alibaba?
– How to use Amazon to find best-sellers
– How to find keywords that people search for on Amazon
– How to find suppliers for short-term and long-term business deals
– How to create your own sales listing that turns words into cash!
– The basics of advertising on Facebook


You can “trial and error” your way to internet marketing success or you can learn from my own mistakes and take a shortcut to online passive income.

Hey, maybe Im bias but I do urge you to choose the second method!

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Top Online Tools For Your Small Business, Startup, Ministry, Side Hustle, or Project: A Must Have Book For Solopreneurs and Bootstrappers

by Terry G Tisna

This book is for those that want to make a more substantial impact in the current venture they are pursuing. There are a wealth of online tools out now that weren’t available not too long ago. These tools can be of great help as you try to get your pursuits either off the ground or take what you are already doing to the next level.

I have spent many hours locating the many different areas in which online tools can be of great help. I also spent much time pinpointing top value tools in many different categories.

With this book, I went ahead and researched through many blog posts, review/comparison sites, customer reviews, and influencer testimonials. I also tested quite a few of these products myself. I then tried to narrow down those tools that really stood out. 

There are important recommendations in the areas of:

*graphic design
*social media
*book publishing
*podcasting/live video production/editing
*hiring freelancers
*productivity tools
*and much much more!

We all know that knowledge not acted
upon is pretty much worthless. This book
will help you to start implementing right away!

Step by Step Freelancing: How to Sell Services Online and Make a Living as Legit Money Making Freelancer

by Tony Bericz

Learn to Create a New Source of Income While Working at Home

You don’t need any huge capital, marketing experience or technical skills.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

Online Service Profits
* The entire process of making money without doing the actual work yourself
* How to find the most profitable services to sell
* Examples of exact services to sell
* How to confirm market profitability in 10 seconds or less
* How to create a listing fro start to finish
* Examples of awesome listing/s to copy
* How to create the upsel (EXTRA GIGS) minus the “thinking about what to sell” part
* How to upsell your customers from day 1 until they buy!

Fiverr Starter’s Blueprint
– How to set up your Fiverr account the right way!
– 10 best type of services/category to choose for first time fiverr sellers
– Why these services may or may not suit you
– The different Fiverr levels and why it’s important that you level up your account asap
– How to create a Fiverr listing from A – Z
– Why short and simple works well for Fiverr
– An example of me creating a gig from start to finish
– How to create extra gigs for your listing
– How to upsell your customers so you can increase your profits


You can “trial and error” your way to internet marketing success or you can learn from my own mistakes and take a shortcut to online passive income.

Hey, maybe Im bias but I do urge you to choose the second method!

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MONETALIA: The Guide to Achieve Financial Success (1)

by George Page

This is a self-improvement, psychological book with the goal to improve your current financial situation. The book’s title â??Monetalia’ comes from the Latin term for money â??moneta’.

Monetalia is divided into two parts – a psychological and a practical part. The author’s goal behind this is to give the reader two perspectives. The first part, the psychological, discusses the details about the power of the mind on your current financial situation. However, the author believes that psychological advice without practical advice is completely useless. That’s why the second part talks about useful practices you can incorporate into your everyday life.

The first part is divided into 3 important chapters. These chapters want you to understand the power that your mind has in your everyday life. This is pure psychological advice. The chapters are the following:

  • The Power That the Thoughts Have on Financial Success
  • The Power Desire Has on Financial Success
  • The Principle of Persistence

The second, practical part talks about ways that you can actually improve your finance. More precisely, how to manifest money, how to improve income and minimize spending. These chapters are:

  • A Practical Step by Step Guide to Manifest Money Successfully
  • The Best Ways to Improve Your Finance
  • The Four Deadly Sins of Your Personal Finance

The book ends with a special â??bonus chapter’ called:

  • Things That Millionaires Won’t Tell You but Will Agree Definitely On.
    The Way Rich People Think

  So, do not delay!

You have the opportunity to buy this book at a bargain price right now and in the near future to change your financial position for the better.

The Benefits of Mediation

by Allen May

This book will majorly explore one form of conflict resolution that is available to dispute parties. Communication plays a large role in conflict resolution and finding the solution to a lingering dispute. We will look at various forms of Alternate Conflict Resolution (ADR) and then we will narrow it down to mediation and how the process is important in conflict management.


by Red Mikhail

Use the power of Shared Videos, Photos and Pins to make your content viral.

Inside this bundle you’ll learn the following:


– How to build a brand that makes people buy

– How to maximize the power of instagram

– How to increase customers/followers count

– Promotion ideas that you can implement for your business

– How to properly build a list of hungry buying customers


– The correct way to set up your profile so you’ll get more subscribers
The first thing that you should before even thinking about the video itself…

The most effective types of videos that you can create and the technical tools that you need… It’s all here!

The easiest way to structure your content… do this so you can sell without pressure.

The All Important Video Uploading Process… implement all of these and you’ll be unbeatable

The advance tactics to get more visitors to your video


The best monetization practices to get more customers on Pinterest

The # 1 mistake business owners make when trying to use Pinterest for marketing

Why you should have a ____ first before creating your own Pinterest account

what are the best practices for Pinterest business users

Why traffic is the lifeblood of your business

Get this bunde today, read and apply!



In my book, I recommended for a Crisis is very likely to happen in US Stocks market. For now, all the signals are moving on their right directions ….

Web Money: Starting to Make Money Online via AirBnB Renting, Clickbank Commissions & Fiverr Service Marketing

by Ryan Turner

Who Else Wants to Create a Business Starting from Scratch?

Create a 6 Figure Per Year Business Even Without Any Experience or Big Capital.

Inside this 3 in 1 bundle you’ll learn:

– How to get started with your new passive income business
– How to create a profile that builds trust an authority
– How to properly price your listings
– How to create a listing that makes your potential renters into guaranteed “booked customer”
– How to navigate some legal issues so you don’t get sued!
– Top tips for running a part-time AirBnB empire
– All the resources you need to get more traffic to your listing

– How to make money matching products to consumers
– How to choose a product to promote… this is crucial!
– How to create a video review from scratch
– What type of video to create for your review
– The exact guidelines to use when your creating your content/review
– How to properly upload your videos
– How to apple some SEO tactics to rank your video on Youtube & Google
– Examples of product review to copy for your own videos

– The exact services to choose for maximum profitability
– How to provide the service without really knowing anything about it
– How to upsell the customers so you can turn $5 into a $50-$300 service (easiest sale you’ll ever make)
– Where to outsource your services s you don’t have to provide the service yourself
– How to easily find clients
– How to post a proper service listing on Fiverr

What are you waiting for? Read this bundle and learn to start a new business today!


Internet Marketing Starter Course

by Kevin Taylor

Are you wanting to learn internet marketing and get in on the massive money that can be made online? This powerful starter course on internet marketing is the most powerful information online. From list building to ad sourcing, this course will give you detailed information on how to succeed in internet marketing.

DEAL WITH IT (2 in 1 Business Bundle): Amazon FBA & SEO Consulting

by Andre Bennet

DEAL WITH IT! – If you want real freedom in your life… you need to start your own home based business!

(Get this bundle for only $3.99 instead of $2.99 each!)

Inside you’ll learn:

– How to choose a plan of attack, so you’ll know exactly what product are you going to look for
– the best way to get started with private labels
– what to do if you are strapped for cash
– how to create a product listing that converts into cash
– the exact template on how you can go from “knowing nothing” on FBA to almost expert, in 60minutes or less
– the daily practice that separates the loser sellers from the winners
– how to get reviews that has much higher bearing when it comes to Amazon search ranking
– The easiest way to add eyeballs to your listings – on chapter of TRAFFIC


– Understanding SEO Basics
– On Page SEO – Different Tactics
– Off Page SEO – Building a Private Blog Network and Other tactics
– How to get your clients website rank on the first page of Google

Download your copy today!

Done-For-You Social Media: Sell Done-For-You Social Media Management Services â?? No Skills Required

by Chris Hadenfield

If you want to start a full-time or part-time internet marketing business today, then this is for you…

You don’t need large capital, business experience or technical knowledge to start an online business.

Here’s a preview of what you’l discover inside..

– The entire process of making money as a social media manager… even if you’re not an expert!

– How to outsource the service that we will offer…so we don’t have to do the work ourselves!

– How to create a package for your social media management/consulting business

– How to create your offer the right way

– The letter to send to potential clients to make them a “paying client” without trying to be a a salesy guy…

– Examples of offer sheet from other social media management companies

– How to find clients for free on Facebook and how to approach them without being annoying

– Ways to find the best clients who already know your value to his/her business

– How to sell your packages without really trying to be a pushy salesman… (this is great for introverts!)

This is one of the best business ideas for newbies…

Learn to start your own internet marketing business today. No need for you to be an expert or an experience marketer with portfolio. You can start now by scrolling up and downloading your copy today.

Passive Affiliate Systems: Create a Passive Income Source Through Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

by Gary Harrisson

Who Else Wants to Create a New Source of Income Outside a Day Job!

Learn 2 Business Ideas to Help You Go from Hating Your Day Job to Loving Your Business!

Inside you’ll discover:

YouTube Passive Income
– How to find the best products that are guaranteed best-sellers!
– The point criteria to follow so you’ll only sell products that are HOT and are more likely to sell itself
– The one thing that every product should have before you promote it
– The tools that you need to create your video review… it’s mostly FREE
– How to structure the content of your product review…STEP BY STEP
– This one trick that will increase your affiliate link click through by over 30%
– The guidelines to follow when you upoad your video
– How to rank your video on Youtube and Google for less than the price of your cofee budget!
– Some examples of real-life product reviews that are still killing it even after 1 or 4 years!

International Affiliate Marketing
– Why problems are your way to a good product
– How to search for products that will convert in foreign markets
– Where to find these products and sign up as an affiliate
– What type of product to promote for your first few affiliate websites
– How to create your own website from start to finish
– What language to choose for your affiliate website promotions
– How to write a product review that converts readers into buyers
– How to rank your website on Google in 2 weeks or less

Learn to create your own new source of income and pay most of your bills through your new internet business.

NO CRAZY HUGE CAPITAL REQUIRED.. less than $100 is perfectly fine!


Get Started Today by Downloading Your Copy Now

Pro Level Ecommerce for Beginners: How to Compete Like a Pro Through Your Own Ecommerce Business via YouTube Selling, Supplement Marketing & Etsy Promotions

by Matt Ledwigz

Who Else Wants to Start a Business with Almost Zero Capital and Huge Upside?

Here’s your opportunity to finally make consistent income online whether you work full-time or part-time…

What you will learn inside:

– The entire process of making money as a Youtube ecommerce marketer
– How to find the best products to sell on Youtube
– How to find the best keywords to promote
– The types of videos you can create on Youtube
– How to create a product review from A – Z
– Real life examples of profitable campaigns to copy
– How to upload your video for maximum youtube seo power
– How to get more traffic by applying on page and off page seo optimization techniques

– Why your objections are just excuses in disguise!
– How to get started with the supplement business with a bootstrap budget
– The exact process on how to make money in the supplement business from start to finish
– How to target a market that is already making a lot of money
– How to find the best products to sell
– How to set up your campaign for maximum profits
– How to write product sales letter that converts viewers into buyers
– How to analyze your results so you can grow your business even more!

– Learn the basics of starting an Etsy business
– Product research for surefire profits
– How to start your own ETSY business from scratch
– Discover what makes a great product great
– How to find products that sells
– Where to find product suppliers
– How to create a listing that converts into cash
– How to market your business through Facebook… Free!


Download your copy now and start applying the lessons today!

Arbitrage Blueprint: Earning Money Through Buying & Selling Items Through Arbitrage of Amazon Products, Thrift Store & China Based Imported Products

by Ryan Turner

Who Else Wants to Create a Business Starting from Scratch?

Create a 6 Figure Per Year Business Even Without Any Experience or Big Capital.

Inside this 3 in 1 bundle you’ll learn:

Amazon Associate Blueprint
– The exact process of how affiliate marketing works
– How to find the best products to promote
– How to choose the best product to promote
– How to create your own wordpress website in 60 minutes or less
– How to write a product review that converts website visitors into customers
– How to rank your website on Google
– How to apply some ninja on-page seo tactics on your website
– How to use youtube to get more traffic
– Examples of profitable affiliate marketing websites

Thrift Store Arbitrage
– How to set your goal ….do this before anything else
– How to find thrift stores
– How to find products that are more likely to sell
– How to create a product listing that turn visitors into paying customers
– How to sell your products via Facebook
– Advance strategies for selling and doubling your business via SEO


Importing in China
– A 3 step process that will help you go from newbie to a full-time product importer
– How to find the best products to import
– How to confirm the product market size and easily know if it’ll make money or not
– How to find a supplier with the best quality products
– How to evaluate the suppliers and avoid scam forever
– How to negotiate the minimum order quantity and the price of your chosen product
– How to write a sales letter for your products
– How to create listing that converts into sales

What are you waiting for? Read this bundle and learn to start a new business today!


Three Legit Ecommerce Ideas: Making a Full-Time Income with Ecommerce Marketing via Teespring, Amazon Fulfillment & eBay Arbitrage

by Frank Jessie


Start a Business Has Never Been Easier Than Today…

But With So Many Opportunities, How Do You Avoid the DUDS from the REAL THING?

Well in this bundle, I’m going to give you 3 proven business models that anyone can start.


What you’ll get in this bundle:

– The exact step by step process of making money via teespring & nba
– How to find the best nba teams or players
– The 2 criteria that you should follow when choosing the team you want to promote
– How to find the best quality designers for as cheap as possible
– How to run facebook ads for as low as $5
– The best tips to follow to have a more profitable teespring business in the long run

– How to advertise on Facebook for as cheap as possible
– How to find the best products to private label
– How the whole Amazon FBA process works
– How to set up your account
– How to find and evaluate products
– How to find and evaluate suppliers
– How to negotiate lowers prices for products from China
– How to create a product listing from scratch
– How to rank your Amazon url on Google

– The 3 step process of making money on Ebay
– How to find the best products that you can flip for 3x-10x their price
– How to confirm if you should flip the product or not
– How to find the best store to buy products cheaply
– How to create a product listing that sells your products fast!
– The one “little thing” that you should always bring when you’re looking for products outside your house… this is a life and money saver!
– How to apply simple SEO tactics to help your listing get more customers from Google



Download your copy and start your new internet based business today!

Affiliate Passive Offer: Sell Affiliate Products Through a Website or YouTube Marketing to Earn Money Online

by Carl Valdez

Create a Successful Part-Time Internet Marketing Business from Scratch

You don’t need any business experience, huge capital or your own product to get started.

Earn fast cash online and make passive income while working at home.

Clickbank Affiliate Promotion
– How to find the best product to promote through YouTube product reviews
– 3 research to do before you do your actual review presentation
– The exact criteria that you should use in order to have a better chance of promoting something that will convert into sales
– How to create a video review in 5 easy steps
– The only 2 tools you need for product review creation
– How to optimize your video for maximum power for YouTube SEO rankings
– How to create a simple video description that helps your video rank on Google and YouTube
– How to boost your SEO rankings for as low as $15 and 2 minutes work.

The One Day Affiliate
– How to find niches with virtually no competition
– The best ways to find the keyword to promote online
– How to find a product to sell
– How to create a wordpress site from scratch
– How to create a compeling content for your website
– How to create a product review from a- z
– How to rank your website in Google ASAP… the sure way!


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The Wealth Getting Scriptures EBOOK

by Jessie Owens

Scriptures from the Word on how to prosper


by Danny Ashton

Get this for only $4.99 instead of $2.99 each!

Inside you’ll get 3 training for:




Don’t get left out and start your own business today!

You’re only a few months away from quitting your job!

Freedom Business Empire: Create a Successful Home-Based Business Around Fiverr, Video Games, Service Arbitrage or Shopify Creation

by Nathan Berry

Learn 4 Business Models That Can Help You Make a Full-Time Income Online

Finally! You can now start an online business even if you have no business experience, marketing knowledge or ridiculously huge capital.

In this book bundle, you’ll discover 4 amazingly simple ways to make money from home.

What you’ll get in this package:

– How to easily get started
– How to offer upsells that may be the difference between $50 per month and $500 per month
– How to find customers
– How to make your customers happy that they buy form you over and over again

– the step by step instruction on how to take advantage of this secret, crazy and passionate market
– One of the most profitable niches today
– How to optimize your youtube videos for maximum SEO effectivity
– What to use to monetize your videos
– How to record your videos
– One simple traffic source that will double your income

– How to find digital services to “quick flip”
– Where to sell your services
– How to write a listing that turns visitors into buyers!
– How to go from ZERO to $300 per month lightning fast!
– How to find the best services to flip… and it’s cheap as hell!
– How to turn $3 profits into $30 profits… the secret is called F… Up

– The criteria for a perfect product to sell on Shopify
– The exact thinking process behind searching for profitable products
– How to create your shopify store…STEP BY STEP BY STEP! nothing left out!
– How to run and test ads like a pro! Even if you don’t know how to use Facebook!
– How to set up your shopify store for maximum conversion
– How to TEST ads and find the most profitable product offer
– and many more!
– How to fulfill the product without seeing the product yourself

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Earning at Home Through Internet Marketing: Awesome Ways to Get Started with Your First Online Business. Teaching Online & Etsy Selling Business Ideas.

by Gary Harrisson

Who Else Wants to Create a New Source of Income Outside a Day Job!

Learn 2 Business Ideas to Help You Go from Hating Your Day Job to Loving Your Business!

Inside you’ll discover:

Make Money Teaching Online
– The biggest lies gurus tell their students just to make money off of them
– The “online” disease that will kill your dreams of making money online… heck, you might have it right now!
– The ONLY solution for this “internet disease”
– The major mistakes most newbies make when they start their own business
– How to find a niche that is guaranteed to be profitable
– The list of the top 21 biggest niches to target
– How to narrow down your niche so you only sell to the people that has money
– How to create your own customer list
– The survey method that will guarantee that you don’t waste any time creating your product
– 4 easy ways to create your first product

No Inventory Etsy
– The entire process of making money on Etsy for beginners… even without investing in product inventory
– The basics of ETSY and why you should learn it
– How to find the best niches and categories that are hot right now
– The 3 things that every product should have…
– The formula for finding a product that is more likely to sell on Etsy
– Where to outsource your products
– How to create a product listing that turns visitors into buyers
– How to get more traffic to your store through SEO

Learn to create your own new source of income and pay most of your bills through your new internet business.

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Getting a Grip on Time Management: tools and tips on how to do goal setting, prioritise, be more efficient and still have work life balance

by Robyn Pearce

Having trouble finding time to get all your work done? Tired of endless interruptions? Discover the tricks behind accomplishing more in less time.

Does your day just seem to slip away? Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and exhausted – sometimes for weeks at a time? Let Robyn Pearce, international time management specialist, mother of six children and grandmother of seventeen, show you the tips and strategies that helped rescue her from frustration and burnout in her prior life as a top-selling but exhausted realtor.

Once Pearce sorted her own time challenges, clients started beating a path to her door. Now, 26 years on, she changes the lives of readers and clients all over the world, sharing dozens of time saving tips, tools, original templates and checklists. In this updated and fully revised edition of her first book, best-selling â??Getting a Grip on Time’, you can get your hands on her most up-to-date techniques and secrets for effective living.

In â??Getting a Grip on Time Management’ you’ll discover: simple but little-used ways to beat overwhelm, distractions and exhaustion caused by all the usual time challenges. You know them – too many interruptions, too many emails, procrastination, poor delegation, too much paperwork and admin. And you’ll get much, much more, all delivered in a light-hearted and very practical way.

The huge and unexpected benefit is that, using Pearce’s unique diagnostic tool and methods, you’ll be equipped to solve your own problems with ease. Her easy-to-read-and-apply techniques will save you precious minutes each day. As the minutes add up to hours, you’ll have more time to enjoy doing what you love most.

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Las Mejores Herramientas para Trading e Inversión en Criptomonedas: (Bitcoin, Lista de criptomonedas, Blockchain, Cotización, Precios, Tipos de Criptomonedas, … Criptomonedas, Valor BTC) (Spanish Edition)

by Juan Guillermo Jiménez Lopéz

En este libro os traemos todos los recursos necesarios para enfrentarnos al mercado de criptomonedas. Hay que estar preparados para las adversidades que uno puede enfrentar cuando está dentro del mercado, ya seas inversor o trader.
Con todas estas herramientas, disminuirás tu exposición al riesgo en los mercados, adquirirás todas las destrezas y los conocimientos para evolucionar tanto a nivel educativo como a nivel de ejecución y eficacia en tus operaciones.


Palabras clave:

Invertir en bolsa desde cero, Aprender Trading online, Invertir en bolsa para principiantes, Daytrading, estrategias de Trading, Curso Basico de Bitcoin, Estrategias Avanzadas de Inversión. Bitcoin para Dummies Comprar Bitcoin online, Invertir en Bitcoin por Internet, Comprar Ripple, Comprar Ethereum, Comprar Litecoin, Criptomonedas, Bitcoin desde cero, Bitcoin para novatos, Futuro Bitcoin 2018, Secretos para ganar en bitcoin, secretos criptomonedas, Bitcoin, Lista de criptomonedas, Blockchain, Cotización, Precios, Tipos de Criptomonedas, Invertir en Criptomonedas, Valor BTC, legalidad criptomonedas, tradingview, coingy, bitcoin cotización, como funcionan las criptomonedas, webs criptomonedas, biblioteca criptomonedas, forex, bitmex, forexfactory.

The Ultimate Guide to Importing Clothing and Textiles from Asia: 2018 Edition

by Fredrik Grönkvist

This short and practical book breaks down the entire design and production process into an actionable A to Z task list. The author guides you step by step from creating a tech pack and finding the right supplier on, to product samples and mass production:

– How to create patterns, size charts and label files
– How to find the right suppliers on or at trade shows
– How to get accurate price quotations
– How to order materials samples and pre-production samples
– How to place your first order and avoid scams
– How to manage quality control, lab testing and payments
– How to book shipping

The book also covers the following:

– Vietnam, China or India: Find out which country is best for your products
– Overview of textiles standards and labeling requirements: US, EU, and Australia
– Overview of import taxes: US, EU, and Australia
– Glossary
– Resources: Shipping companies, design software, quality control companies and more

This book is written specifically for small brands, often launching a product for the first time and with a low budget. Everything in this book can be applied from your home or office, without the need to every visit factories in Asia. All you need is your laptop.

That said, this book is not offering any tricks or shortcuts, but the actual process that the author has utilized to help hundreds of companies in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific import and launch high-quality textile products.

However, this book doesn’t cover marketing, branding or pricing strategy, dropshipping or any non-manufacturing related topic.

Product Specification Bonus PDF

This book includes a Tech Pack sample PDF, demonstrating how to prepare patterns, size charts, labels and other files your supplier requires to manufacture your custom designed apparel and textile designs. You can also download an editable template file.

MACD Convergence Divergence Explained- Learn When Trends possibly Start & Stop (Trend Following Mentor)

by Andrew Abraham

The MACD indicator has to be one of the most powerful as well as predictive indicators. It is one of the simplest and most effective indicators used in trend following & momentum. Gerald Appel developed the concept of the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) in the late 1970s. The MACD is based on taking two moving averages and subtracting the longer one from the shorter one. The difference between the two moving averages becomes a histogram which fluctuates above and below the zero line as well as signal line. In this short ebook you will learn the many uses of the MACD tool. You will learn how to use it as a trend following tool as well as possibly more importantly a momentum tool which shows quit often when trends are ending.

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