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One Night Stand: A Secret Baby Romance (Love Me Again Book 3)

by Ted Evans

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas which would be great, if I wasn’t carrying the one-night stand’s baby!
I thought that I was dying and decided to lose my virginity to a stranger.
One that didn’t know my name.
One that wouldn’t ask any questions.
And I found him, and we spent one hot night in Vegas.
I go home and find out that it was all a mistake.
I’m going to live and can get on with my life.
There’s just one problem.
I’m pregnant, and the only thing I know about my one-night stand is how he feels smells and tastes.
I don’t even know his first name.

Author’s Note:
This is a standalone novel, with no cheating and a happy ever after romance story.

The Namer

by Kelly Mitchell

When she finds herself in a terrible pickle, our good friend Beatrice is sent to perdition – without a cross!!

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