Free romance Kindle books for 16 Oct 18

Trapper: A Wilderness Romance

by Simone Scarlet MMA


I’m a big city girl – and so the last place I wanted to end up was the middle-of-nowhere Alaska.

That’s why, when my oil company bosses sent me to the one-horse town of Lake Chamberlain, I didn’t think things could get much worse.

But I was wrong.

Now I’m on the run, being hunted by a madman, and I’m in no condition to weather the great outdoors.

Fortunately, I ran into him.

Trapper Harris.

An infuriatingly gorgeous bush pilot who’s got his own reason for being out in the middle of nowhere.

We’ve been shot at, sabotaged, and hunted – but together, we might have a shot of surviving this…

…if he and I don’t kill each other first.


I came to Lake Chamberlain to find out what happened to my two best friends.

Now I might share their fate.

Because Layna Moretti, a beautiful lawyer from New York, has stumbled onto something big – and a murderous oil executive and his goons are trying to kill her over it.

After surviving a plane crash, bear attack and the rigors of the Alaskan wildlands, I might be Layna’s only chance to make it out of this alive…

…but the more time I spend with this sassy, sarcastic New Yorker?

The more I wonder if she’s the only thing I’ve found worth living for.

Trapper is a 70,000 word romantic adventure, featuring steamy suspense, a bit with a bear, and a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!

The Colony: Generation Hope

by F.E. Mae

They are called Generation Hope, named after Hope One, the space colony they were born on and the only home they will ever know.

By the time Hope One reaches New Earth, they will be too old to go down–that will be the job of their future children.The adults, the ones who created Hope One during the final days of Old Earth, have carved out a specific plan for Generation Hope, a group of fifty now-teenagers. Part of this plan involves Pairing: the careful coupling of students to create an even stronger next generation.

Now, as the Pairing ceremony approaches, some members of Generation Hope have begun to question The Plan and the adults who created it.

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