Free science fiction Kindle books for 16 Oct 18

Severed Signals: A Vincent Chen Novella

by Steve Rzasa

The enemy of my enemyâ?¦
Vincent Chen keeps star systems in close communication with each other as he tends to the comms ferry satellites that connect the Realm of Five.

When he responds to small colony’s apparent malfunction, though, he stumbles onto an enslaved people.

The problem is, the enslaved used to be the oppressors.

They’re all former agents of Kesek, the secret police that spent the last century suppressing religion by arresting, torturing, and killing believersâ??including Vincent’s uncle. But it also includes the children and families of those agents.

Vincent is drawn deeper into the plot against them, until he’s forced to choose the right sideâ?¦

Whether he can forgive, however, is the most dangerous question.

CatNet: The Crow King Master

by Jack Nixon

Jack Nixon is author, economist, clairvoyant, wine taster, football pundit and contributor of fake news (to family and bartenders). So, this book has all the ingredients to be an alright read…

The Crow King Master is the ninth in Jack Nixon’s CatNet series (the other eight yet to be published). If you like it then do look out for Three Weeks Dead (on its way, soon). Time is not linear, you know.

If you are a lover of humorous science fiction and enjoy a pan-dimensional romp through time and cyberspace, epic battles, satire, social commentary, pop culture references and strong characters, then you will laugh your way through CatNet. Don’t worry if you don’t like cats because Samuel L Catkins doesn’t particularly like them either, even though he is one.

An alternate reality is under threat of annihilation. The centre of this reality is New Britton, which materialises at the precise instance when a very special, malware-hunter, killer bot’s uploaded to cyberspace. Special, because this particular hunter is a human being reduced to code. His mission is to hunt down and kill pernicious AI malware, which had proven to be immune to all the conventional antivirus software thrown at it. The Satan Code, the most malign of these ever to be uploaded, has the power to destroy worlds.

Sam had one of those â??jolt awake’ moments. In the dream he’d been having, he was falling from the roof of a tall building of impossible height. He awoke with a crystal-clear certainty that he was on a mission to save the world, although he was not sure what, or who, he was supposed to save it from – let alone how he was meant to do it. He had been programmed with vital details pertaining to his mission, but a glitch wiped clean the entire plan and all traces of his previous existence. The only vestige of memory remaining was that there had been a plan, but nothing more.

He had a lifetime of other memories, yet he had the feeling that everyone he had ever met and everything he’d ever seen, or done, all happened yesterday; not as â??in the past’, but actually yesterday. It was as though time had literally begun the instant he hit the ground and it had come fully loaded with a past, present and future (but not necessarily in that order).

Soon, it became clear that there was a dark menace hell-bent on destroying this reality. His nemesis came in the form of Satan who’s armed with huge teeth and a hugely powerful weapon of mass destruction. All that Sam’s left with was a notion that, as a cat, he’s uniquely gifted with the tools to get the job done. However, he was going to need help from a vast network of fellow cats and the power of his own secret weapon: CatNet. But would that be enough?

It was to be a race against time and a battle to the death.

2042: The Change

by stephen strider

When “The Change” came it was from a direction no one suspected. Our world couldn’t have been less prepared for it, even though the knowledge that something was coming reverberated through the bones of every human being living in the past two centuries. Elizabeth’s trauma induced leap in intelligence and her actions would change the world forever.

Wild Children: A Story of Loss, Redemption, and the Hunger for Eternal Life (Wild Children Series Book 1)

by Hannah Ross

Post-war America is divided. Most descendants of the survivors live in the crowded but safe haven of the Boundary. Outside are the wild lands, abandoned more than a century ago due to post-war pollution. Here live the outcasts, the damaged, the unwanted by those within the Boundary, leading a precarious existence.

Rebecca, crushed under the heel of the reproductive laws, stumbles upon a dark conspiracy when she discovers the son she was forced to give up no longer leads a safe but bleak life in a state orphanage but was shipped outside the Boundary with a group of other preteens and left there to fend for himself or die.

Driven by anger and grief, she begins to learn secrets she is not supposed to know – dangerous secrets like what the population control laws are really for, what happens when human rights are stripped down for the Greater Good, and how far corrupt and greedy leaders are prepared to go to enhance their wealth and gain the secret of eternal life.

A Dead World, Burning

by Ethan Blackhouse

Your baby has not eaten for three days.
She no longer has the strength to cry.
Your neighbor has the only food you have seen since last week.
You have a gun; he is unarmed.
What do you do?

For Ted King and his friends, survival is the name of the game. Today’s great threats to our environment propel Ted into a world where anarchy rules, and a mysterious oil crisis is the match that sets the world aflame.
Despite the challenge that is staying alive, the planet itself seems intent on destroying mankind, but the apocalypse that ensues after the planet shakes itself apart is only the beginning of the group’s worries.
Ted is responsible for his companions’ safety, but a new foe, one as cunning as Ted is strong, emerges from the rubble to take everything from him.
Yet, in a world with nothing left to give, what can one take, save for another’s life?
How does one rest when a dead world burns?

Greek Fire: The Rapture Series

by Arlo-El Leroy

Born into a world where diseased humans and immune live separate. Winter Indigo is tasked with taking care of forty of the world’s most viable children, all tracing back to her. On the run from a malicious government who will stop at nothing to get their property back, and faced with the trouble of dealing with her four alternate personalities, Winter must face the nightmares she’s feared fighting her whole life. Greek Fire is an electrifying novel, center around a daring heroine and her quest to find peace both within herself and the broken remains of society which she lives in.

Jewel: Blue Star Book 2

by TK Rising

Jewel is the daughter of a Creator and an unknowing pawn at the center of a bid to control the multiverse leading to a confluence of confrontations on analogs of Alta and Earth.

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