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Metal Work Collection: Blacksmithing and Gunsmithing Guide for Beginners: (Blacksmithing Guide, Gunsmithing Guide)

by Itan Richards

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Metal Work Collection: Blacksmithing and Gunsmithing Guide for Beginners

Book 1. Blacksmithing: 15 First Steps In Blacksmithing For Beginners

Do you wish to be a professional blacksmith, but don’t know from where to start?

Well, you have certainly come to the right place. Blacksmithing is an art that needs extensive knowledge and cohesive development of your skills. Before working in a workshop, it is of utmost importance to be familiar with all the basics. To help you, we have come up with this informative guide.

A stepwise walkthrough has been listed in this book that every aspiring blacksmith should read. We have started from the square one, letting beginners understand the working principle of blacksmithing. Besides elucidating the forging and smithing technique, we have also laid an equal emphasis on different tools as well.

Book 2. Gunsmithing at Home: Necessary Tools, Techniques and Basics to Become a Gunsmith

Welcome to Gunsmithing at Home: Necessary Tools, Techniques and Basics to Become a Gunsmith, an introductory book introducing the art of Gunsmithing, what’s involved, and how you can become one. The Gunsmithing industry definitely has many closed doors when it comes to learning the craft and just recently those have doors begun to open up as many have found the internet a wonderful place to share the knowledge but in a disorganized mess, which is where this book can come in handy to figure out where to find the knowledge you need. This book is designed to point you in the best direction to become a gunsmith and give you advice that will help you along the path, not teach you the massive craft of gunsmithing.

In the first chapter, we will go over the different industries and areas of knowledge that will give you a massive boost when you are on your path to learning how to be a gunsmith, such as:

  • What CAD is
  • Why CAD is important in nearly any custom job you do as a gunsmith
  • Why you want to know woodworking and metalworking in the gunsmithing industry

The second and third chapter will quickly go over what purposes you will serve as a gunsmith and what tools you will eventually have in your shop to get most of your jobs done. The second chapter mainly goes over what you will be doing once you gain enough experience to become a gunsmith. The third chapter is a list of the different tools used in a gun shop on a nearly daily basis.

The fourth and fifth chapters will go over vital techniques you need to use as a gunsmith to ensure you perform your work unharmed and steps you need to take to gain entrance into gunsmithing

Book 3. Homemade Gun Silencer: How to Build Your Own Silencer

This book “Homemade Gun Silencer: How to Build Your Own Silencer” is a great book to get if you are looking for the perfect instructions for a DIY gun silencer. Learning how to use the gun can be difficult, but when you have the silence about it, it makes the target easier and feasible for you. With the help of silencer, you won’t have to deal with the noise and your ears will stay protected as well.

You can learn different things out of this book such as:

  • The Need for Gun Silencer
  • Things Required for Gun Silencer
  • Things to Know about Gun Silencer
  • Steps to Make Homemade Gun Silencer

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Winging it 2nd edition

by D. Ramati

This story is a flow of consciousness from a man, who started out as an auto mechanic, realized his dream of being a Pilot Captain, grew old (as we all do), and searched for meaning in his life.
This is his story as told to me over the years. My former name was Tim before I pulled up stakes and immigrated to Israel where I translated my names into Hebrew (David Ramati being the translation of Tim Bratvold) so he refers to me in here as Tim. Donald is part big bother and surrogate father. There is 12 years between us and he never had much to do with me until I was in my early teens when he became my hunting, fishing and safari buddy, philosophy lecturer, and an all-around interesting part of my life. This continued until I joined the USMC and left for Vietnam. My mother was shot to death while I was there in-country and, little by little, we drifted apart. Some of this was because of our mutual grief, and the certainty that an epoch had ended. Donald went on to become a professional pilot and moved to Alaska with his family, and I drifted until I built a family of my own and moved to Israelâ?¦but that is another story. We did keep in contact over the years by snail mail, and with the advent of the internet and skype, our communications improved a thousand-fold. I could have called it an autobiography, but the word â??biography’ is better suited since it is really a story of his journeys from which he returns, like Ulysses, an old man with memories of former glories. His spirit exemplifies the story of one man’s search for a dream, a dream only possible in the America of his times. I have been fortunate to share a part of his life and his story:

42,000 Steps: 100 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Daily Step Count! (Supercharge Your Walking Life Book 1)

by Scott O. Morton

Are you tired of your co-worker or friends beating you at step challenges? Look no further, this book shows you 100 easy ways to sock those steps away doing everyday normal stuff. The book is divided into 7 different categories of steps:

  • Domestic Steps
  • Leisure Steps
  • Shopping Steps
  • Sport Steps
  • Volunteer Steps
  • Work Steps
  • Nature Steps
  • Exercise Steps
  • Other Steps

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Includes a link to download your personalized step chart that shows you how many steps you take per each time interval (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, and 60 minutes). The personalized chart also lists three different step rates: casual speed, medium speed, and brisk speed. For example, on average a person that is 5’2″ takes 2,474 steps to walk a mile. While a 6’3″ person takes 2,130 steps to complete a mile. 

Don’t delay, buy this book today and start maximizing your daily step count! 

Scott O. Morton, author of his Amazon #1 international bestseller, Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathons, brings you his new series, Supercharge Your Walking Life.


by Tony Fitzsimmons


On June 10 2016, hundreds of people lined the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, as a procession of black cars drove slowly by. A hearse, strewn with flowers placed by onlookers, carried the mortal remains of Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jnr.

The procession wound its way to Cave Hill Cemetery, where the ex-boxer known to the world as â??The Greatest’ was laid to rest in a private ceremony.

It was a fitting end to a life that, powerful as it was, had really shone outside of the limelight.

But how did a boy from the streets of Louisville, Kentucky rise through the ranks to become one of the most famous sportsmen on the planet, and the undisputed greatest boxer ever to have lived? Float Like A Butterfly looks at the Ali story, from his early life, through to his career, his politics and his legacy on the world. A must-read for any Muhammad Ali or boxing fan.

All About Skateboarding

by Sean Paul

A children’s guide to learning to ride a skateboard.

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