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Dolores~They Say You Can’t Get Here From There

by Dolores Curry

Dolores’s book covers her life, from birth during a fierce blizzard in the Black Hills of SD, and takes the reader on a roller-coaster adventure through the Great Depression, the Second World War, the Post War era and on to the present time. There were many times when it appeared that she would not make it through the obstacles in her pathway, but she does Get There. It is a history, a biography a geographical odyssey and the story of an indomitable spirit. As did the main character, readers will come to Trust The Process .

Nikola Tesla

by Srdjan Kotarlic

Nikola Tesla was the inventor in the field of electrical and radio engineering, scientist, engineer, physicist. Born in the Austrian Empire, grew up in Austria-Hungary, in subsequent years he mainly worked in France and the USA. In 1891 he received US citizenship.
It is widely known for its contribution to the creation of devices operating on alternating current, multiphase systems, a synchronous generator and an asynchronous electric motor, which made it possible to accomplish the so-called second stage of the industrial revolution.

What Is Love?

by Richard Morris

In What Is Love, Marissa, now thirty-two years old, tells a compelling story: how at the age of one or two, her father died, and her mother abandoned her. She spent eleven years in a convent school. At nineteen, she traveled to Barbados to go live with her godmother. Unable to cope with her new lifestyle, she ran away and found herself living on the street. She was arrested and sent back to her country. Afraid to face her family, she stole out of the airport and again found herself in a strange country. Now she must figure out a way to survive.

Father, forgive me, for I have sinned: I overindulged in sex. I had suicidal thoughts. I hated money. I blame my family for my failure. But I don’t regret my sins. I’m grateful for everything that had happened in my life good or bad. I didn’t wish for my life to happen the way it did, but I was blindly chasing after happiness. Why I could never catch it, I never understood. It became an exasperation. I stopped running and retraced my steps. Where did I go wrong? I had to face my fears.

Reformed: How a Life Sentence Became My Saving Grace

by Amanda Warner

Jojo Godinez grew up in L.A. County surrounded by gangs. The night he joined one, he swore to represent his gang until death. Fights, shootings, and arrests followed, but his love of violence waned through the years as more and more of his friends died around him.

Amid the bloodshed, he met a homegirl, Dalia. At just 18 years old, they married in Vegas, but their honeymoon was interrupted when a crime Jojo committed brought him into court and eventually into a 45-years-to-life sentence. On the day he was found guilty, Dalia gave birth to their son.

Suicidal, Jojo lost himself in the evils of the jail, trying to forget his former life and even his family. It was during a stint in solitary confinement that he came to terms with his need for change. He asked God for forgiveness and resolved to never fight again.

Jojo’s nonviolent rebellion against the prison culture of hatred and racism was consistently met with death threats but he was willing to risk everything for his newfound faith. In prison after prison, Jojo spread peace, while his wife, Dalia, and their son faithfully waited for the day he finally came home.

The powerful true story of Jojo Godinez shows the incredible transformation of a man once written off as nothing more than a criminal.

Walter Mepham: Born March 14, 1898 Killed November 30, 1917, Cambrai, France.

by M. Stow

New! Photo’s and short story 2016: Then There was Will.
Walter Mepham: born 14th March 1894 killed 30th November 1917 Cambrai France: The Battle of Cambrai 1917, and the life of Walter and his family.
With references to the works and words of Conan Doyle, Bertrand Russell, and Winston Churchill, through the true lives of two brothers and their family in the First World War. Walter’s family, from Napoleonic Times in Kent and Sussex, England, to London, and to France and to the Western Front, 1917.

Walter and his brother Harry Arthur, along with their father Mark Henry Mepham, fought with ‘the other ranks’ the ‘poor bloody infantry’ and only Harry survived to tell this story; and through him, to continue their history to the present day. The first decades of the 21st century; a hundred years since the start of the first world war where Walter and his father were killed; two hundred years since the Napoleonic Wars split Europe in bloodshed; seventy since the end of the second world war, Walter, and his brother Harry’s family survive.

With his brother Harry Arthur, at the commencement of the new 21st century, the Cambrai Memorial at Louverval, remembrance is made. The title and subtitle of this book are taken from the back of the postcard pictured bearing Walter’s image before joining-up in 1916, and at nineteen years old enough to be sent to the Western Front; killed Cambrai 30th November 1917. Born 14th March 1894 killed 30th November 1917, this is Walter, and Harry Arthur’s re-imagined by their distant cousin, the author Malcolm Stow.

This is not an ordinary story. What Walter did, to be killed for his family, and country, was not remarkable. What Harry, and their mother Caroline Mepham (nee Wells) conspired to do, was treason, treachery, a capital crime throughout the first world war: desertion from post. Refusal. Conscientious Objection, and then to abscond from the field of duty.

What both brothers did was for their country was to save their family from extinction. Harry by surviving. Walter By dying. And then, by remaining alive The family story continued…

From the Battles of Waterloo 1815 with Walter and Harry’s great grandfather to Cambrai, 1917; then through family relationships to 2017 from the new battlegrounds of Europe and the World, recounted with personal credence, with a passion for lasting peace.

New with photo-pictures (permissions requested) and added postscript.
Short Story: Then There Was Will 2016.And then there was will. Rode The Six Hundred.#

M.Stow 2016.

PRINCESS DIANA: The True Story of the Peopleâ??s Princess

by Katy Holborn

Princess Diana – The True Story of the People’s Princess

On a small island in the grounds of Althorp House, an impressive stately home in rural Northamptonshire, lies the resting place of a true modern icon.

Lady Diana Spencer. One time wife of the heir to the throne and mother to two sons, one of whom will most probably one day be king.

Challenger to the established protocols of the monarchy, a woman determined to do it her way.
Trend setter, humanitarian, darling of the public. A person who appeared to have everything but whose life would end in tragedy at just thirty-six years of age.

The People’s Princessâ?¦this is her story.

SoulThriver: The Story of One Woman’s Journey from Victim to Survivor to Thriver

by Sarah Claimbridge

Sarah has secrets. Sexual abuse by her father from the time she was four until she left home at seventeen. Then marriage to a
brutal husband who raped and beat her. Another secret. This is the story of Sarah’s journey to forgiveness of self and her perpetrators to self-love and self-realization, a long and arduous process. She is no longer a victim; she is a survivor who attracts love and beauty into her life. It is inspiring and she wants others to know that, with determination and strength, one can overcome abuse and become not only a survivor, but a SoulThriver.

Empire Builders: 11 Women Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Successes and Struggles on the Way to Building Their Empires

by Lisa DeSpain

Thinking about starting a business? Or maybe you want to take your business to the next level and you’re not sure what that even looks like. Perhaps you’re the first in your family to start a business (or even consider it) and you need to know what’s possible.

If so, this book is for you! We’ve been there, from the early days when we questioned what we were doing and where the next sale was coming from, to later days when we closed companies or dissolved partnerships. See how our journeys have led us to even greater levels of success, and be inspired to create an empire of your own. Our stories are similar yet different, and you’ll see your own struggles in some of ours. Let us encourage you to keep going, no matter what, as you build the life (and business) of your dreams. YOU CAN DO IT, and we’d love to show you how.

Contributing authors include Amanda Goldman-Petri, Jennifer Dunham, Amanda Young, Linda Poteet, Jen Levitz, Cat Stancik, Vidya Ravi, Katrina Hubbard, De’Lona Moultri, Jodi Sodini, and Lisa DeSpain.

Join us and become an Empire Builder…just scroll up and click buy now!

Incomplete Sentences

by Nicole Richardson

People with incarcerated loved ones are so much more than the stigma imposed upon them. They are your neighbors, your friends, your educators, your waitress, your CNA, and so many other things. They are hated and ostracized for their only crime being in whom they love. They are strong and brave and beautiful and deserve to have their voices heard. Incomplete Sentences is a compilation of both the joys and the heartbreaks of a prison wife. It is the harsh, unheard reality of so many in the United States and around the world.

I’m Still Working on It: A gay veteranâ??s story of overcoming hurt, loss, and PTSD, or at least trying to, anyway.

by Kevin Zalinsky

A gay veteran, after serving in the U.S. Navy for eleven years, returns to the civilian world with a determination to overcome the traumas of his past – sexual assault, bouts of alcoholism, the death of his father, his brother’s suicide – while adjusting to a new life out of uniform. With humor and the help of his loving, hysterical, and “sometimes” dysfunctional family, he’ll clear the hurdle of PTSD and get back to happy, or at least try to, anyway.

“Kevin is able to capture so much life and personality in his writing, you feel like you know every character in this very intimate story of pain and loss. Humor abounds, in the way only Kevin can relay. Family, love, tragedy, coping…you feel every loss and every laugh. I recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially one who’s ever experienced the trauma of losing a loved one.”

“There were portions where I laughed out loud. There were sections that caused the tears to flow freely. Kevin Zalinsky has a writing style that will keep you captivated. I found it difficult to put the book down.”

“For a book that covers such heavy and gut-wrenching topics as alcoholism, coming of age (and coming out), cancer, and suicide, I can’t believe I laughed as often as I did. This [is a] collection of tales…some hilarious and some heart-wrenching…told from the perspective of someone who realizes we are all ‘still working on it.'”

“The themes of love, loss, family, and coping are presented with such engaging similes and humor, you can’t help wanting to be a part of Kevin’s journey.”

“This book is one of triumph…a story of a kid growing up and finding himself and getting knocked down…but being able to continue [getting up] while seeing the humor along the way.”

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