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The Dreary House

by Nathan Nish

Anna is without a ride home one night after attending a concert. Out of options, she starts walking. A light interrupts her path in the slightest and she investigates… The Dreary House. The first complete story in a planned three-part series of novellas.

Matt’s Haunting: An Irish Ghost Story

by Rebecca Patrick-Howard

What spirits haunt this Irish island?

When his parents made the impulsive decision to buy the dilapidated cottage on one of Ireland’s most isolated islands, Matt never thought he’d be roped into overseeing the renovations. As he settles into life on what the locals call “the black island”, Matt soon learns that there’s more to the place than just castle ruins, smoky pubs, and barren cliffs that overlook the leaden sea.

The island that holds onto many of its traditional ways life is also home to a host of ghosts and secrets-secrets that might be better off left uncovered.

Matt didn’t want to become involved, but the restless spirits won’t leave him in peace. With Matt’s best friend, artist Taryn Magill, staying with him, they’re soon caught up in one of the island’s many tragedies when a young backpacker goes missing. This isn’t the first time a young woman has disappeared on the island.

With the help of Taryn’s camera that can see the past, the two race against the clock to determine what really DID happen to the women that vanished. In this spooky, Irish ghost story, Matt and Taryn attempt to solve the mysteries of the island’s torrid past before they become victims themselves.

A spooky haunted house read with a paranormal mystery that will engage you until the end!

Always Scream Fire: A Psychological Horror Tale (Always Yell Fire Book 2)

by Matthew Danza

The horror lying beneath the ashes will rise once again as FBI Agent Grace DiPerrio awakens inside the nightmarish town. With only a few clues to aid her, she’ll have to rely on the shadows that have been prowling within the ashes. What she’ll discover is a truth full of uncertainty, but is it the town or is it her? Just try to forgetâ?¦


by Tabitha Baumander

A freshman teacher with the ability to see and talk to the dead, is posted to an inner city school only to find it has a supernatural problem.

Nightmare Waiting: & other dark stories

by Glenn McGoldrick

Who is making a Dark Progression?
What happened to Poor Mr Tibbles?
And who is Not Coming Back?

Introducing Nightmare Waiting, a collection of short stories with a twist by Glenn McGoldrick.

These dark stories include a kayaking tragedy that won’t go away, a young woman with only one thing on her mind, a couple who decide they’ve had enough and an old man who goes home one last time.

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Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Interview

by Bradley Poage

Amy has found the perfect job, and today is her interview. She can’t wait. But can she handle the competition?

Bedtime Tales of Horror: Spare Change

by Bradley Poage

Yanica is a young girl getting by day to day. She doesn’t ask for much, but every morning she stands on the corner and asks for spare change. Today though, Yanica’s secret will be discovered and her decision to take from others will demand a terrible price.

The Reckoning: A Collection of Dark Tales

by Stephanie Ellis

The day of reckoning has arrived in this collection of dark tales from Stephanie Ellis. Featuring a mix of published and unpublished stories, these tales span a broad spectrum of horror. From the gothic and folk traditions to the urban and traditional, all are represented here. Amongst the pages lie the madness of war, the bloodlust of vampires and the Devil’s work and of courseâ??being Britishâ??the revenge of the Tea Lady. Custard cream anyone?

Legion: LA HISTORIA DE UN ANGEL CAIDO (Spanish Edition)

by Roberto Sandoval

La historia que narraré a continuación, se relaciona con un misterioso encuentro que cambió para siempre todo lo que suponía saber acerca de los conceptos sobre el mundo en que vivo. Mi nombre es Michael Robinson y sucedió en la ciudad de Washington D.C. en donde trabajo como columnista de un periódico. También soy escritor de novelas, claro está que ninguna ha salido a la luz por no ser de interés para ningún editor

Eternal Creation (The Celestial Rose Book 2)

by Annalee Adams

â??â??â??â??â?? “Twists, turns, new characters, familiar characters and all of them wonderful! I started reading and couldn’t stop!”
â??â??â??â??â?? “It kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through!”

In the war between darkness and light, everyone has a shade of grayâ?¦

Taylor Lane knows who she is and what she’s meant to do. As the creator of humanity, it’s her task to stop her sister Lilith before she goes through with her quest for vengeance. If she doesn’t, humankind will be annihilated. Her best bet to stop Lilith is to secure the celestial rose, the source of all light, but Lilith won’t give up the fight easily.

When Taylor must choose between saving her love Lucian and fighting Lilith and the darkness that threatens to overtake the world, her destiny becomes the hardest choice she will ever have to make.

Can Taylor save both her lover and the world? Or will she have to sacrifice one to save the other?

Find out in this supernatural thriller!

â??â??â??â??â?? “There is the addition of new characters such as Lilith and her grotesque gang. I love Lilith. She is twisted and manipulative and you can’t help but wonder what kind of horror she’s going to turn her hand to next as she is so damn funny.”
â??â??â??â??â?? ” I enjoyed all the sparring, battles, and intrigue as this fast-paced sequel advances the series. I truly enjoyed all the characters, especially Lucian, as well as the great world-building.”

Any fan of supernatural thrillers, romance stories, or fantasy stories will love this book!

“This book is equally as action-packed as the first book (Eternal Entity) and the original merry band is back together, which makes me very happy indeed. Having Lucian’s point of view was useful in moving the plot along, and it was also nice to finally hear his voice. Then there is the addition of new characters such as Lilith and her grotesque gang. I love Lilith. She is twisted and manipulative and you can’t help but wonder what kind of horror she’s going to turn her hand to next as she is so damn funny (in a purely warped way, of course). Add in Elysium and the Angels and you have the perfect set up for a war of epic proportions. The plot and imagery are both strong in Eternal Creation, as they are in the first book. It’s very easy to visualise all (often messed up) places that the characters find themselves. Another great cliff hanger ending to this one too.
I’m very much looking forward to the next book in the series.”

This book is for anyone who loves:
– Dark Romance
– Coming of Age
– Young Adult and New Adult Fiction
– Dark Thrillers
– Exciting stories with a Strong Female Lead
– Supernatural Fiction

This is a new adult dark supernatural thriller suitable for ages 16+ due to mature content.

The Wolves of Solomon

by R. L. Blackhurst

England, 1307 . . .

Templar Knight Galeren de Massard is sent to investigate an incident where a nun claims to have been attacked by “a man who became a wolf.” When Galeren meets Catherine, he instinctively knows that her attacker was Esquin de Floyran, an old foe, and that his return is dangerous for the increasingly unpopular Templar Order.

Out for revenge, De Floyran has betrayed his brotherhood’s secret to the French King who has long sought to discredit the Templars. When he discovers the truth of their nature, he vows to destroy the Order and have the Knights burned to the last.

When hundreds of Templars are arrested in France and Catherine is taken by De Floyran, Galeren resolves to rescue her and save as many of his brethren as he can. Alone, he journeys to France and into the heart of danger to face his enemy and risk everything to save his race from destruction.

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