Free humour Kindle books for 17 Oct 18

Firm Resolve

by Licia Flynn

When an American couple vanishes in Kuala Lumpur, their teenager struggles to survive. Meanwhile, three entrepreneurs envision their Silicon Valley startup. Years later, the company relocates to Shanghai, where its members enjoy a frivolous expat lifestyle. That is until an executive’s wife disappears.
Sequel – FIRM DENIAL – available 2019

Excerpt — (Part 4)

August was an especially hot month in Shanghai. Curt and I had been married and living in China for over a year.

At first, I was wary of Curt’s affection, because it was so unreal. However, he eventually wore me down. Only his father and some of our closest friends attended a small ceremony in Chicago. Curt’s mother had died of cancer in 2012.

Marriage initially provided me with security, because I no longer had to worry about money. However, it also imposed a variety of restrictions and expectations that I found incredibly stressful.

Where we lived was an oasis within the hectic city. I was practically within walking distance of a tranquil Buddhist Temple that dated back to the 7th century. But I was also steps away from millions of people fiercely pursuing their livelihood.

Bird And A Target

by Sam Ish

Follow Sam as he’s inspired to build his own target game.

Pervert Prophet

by Farid Aziz

Fictional satire on the life of a pervert prophet. The novel has 29 illustrations. Mahound, one of the world’s most feared warlords, awakes one morning to find himself surrounded by fire and brimstone. How on earth did he get here? What fate awaited him? Mahound had an insatiable appetite forged in despair. He lived a life of excess at the expense of everybody else. But so had many others before him. Little did he know that he was destined for a battle between Good and Evil. But on which side would he belong? Would there be a price to pay? Was there anyone powerful enough to stop him?

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