Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 17 Oct 18

A Different Princess: Pirate Princess

by Amy Potter

Amy likes to be a princess, but not only a princess. She likes to be a different princess each night. Her magic unicorn Huggy brings her to dream worlds where they have a lot of fun.


ORGO RUNNERS: The First Run (Book 1)

by R.J. Furness

Discover the orgo in this gripping, action-packed story packed full of adventure and fantastic creatures

Perfect for children aged 6 – 10

In a future ice-age…

When Fayth’s friend is caught stealing to survive, she has an awful choice to make…
Let her friend face a fate worse than death with his captors, or agree to make a dangerous journey delivering food supplies!
Join Fayth, Ink and Megg as they embark on their first deadly mission with their orgo companions.
Will their skill at riding orgo help the courageous group of friends succeed?

If you love BEAST QUEST & ASTROSAURS, then you will adore ORGO RUNNERS

What Readers Are Saying About ‘Orgo Runners’…

“This is an amazing story. I was gripped!” Edward, age 6

“Awesome!” Noah, age 7

“The book was amazing! It was creative and full of action.” Reuben-Troy, age 10

TOWERWOOD: Modern Rapunzel Adaptation (Fairytales Revisited Book 1)

by Kate Callaghan

Modern Day Fairytale Adaption of Rapunzel With a Hint of Magic

TOWERWOOD is a novelette that features mild violence. Intended for teen audience.

A coming of age tale about sixteen-year-old Zel who is desperate to save her mother’s life. With the help of her witch-in-training best friend Finn, can she retrieve the ancient Rampion from Judge Gothel’s garden? Or will she be caught and sentenced to life at Towerwood Correctional Faculty for Troubled Youths? Surrounded by a formidable judge, rebellious best friend and a mysterious love interest, who knows what will happen!

With a few twists and turns along the way, this fast-paced classic retelling will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Stand Alone Story. For now.

Yellow is Better

by Kristi Nielsen

Yellow is Better was written by the grandmother of a two-year-old who loved yellow more than any other colour. The story is a fanciful story of how the little girl uses her imagination to incorporate yellow in every aspect of her life. The little girl uses her creativity, sometimes with limited success and at other times with great success as she finds ways to source out as much yellow as she can. Once the little girl envelops herself in a world of yellow, she suddenly comes to a realization that you can have too much yellow. She decides to explore other colours and introduces new colours into her world creating a world that is more colourful than ever.
Lessons in Yellow is Better
The little girl learns that things don’t always work the way she thinks they might work. She learns that you sometimes have to try many times before you find a way of solving your challenges. Eventually, she learns that being fixated on yellow has hindered her from enjoying many other beautiful colours. These life lessons are lessons valuable lessons to teach a child. The book can offer an opportunity to discuss why her ideas didn’t work and why being flexible can lead to new opportunities.
The book Yellow is Better is a vibrant colourful book with strong contrast. At night the girl sleeps in a yellow bed, in a room that is black to indicate that it is nighttime. This strong contrast is engaging to very young children. The book offers a wide variety of other colours giving an opportunity to interact with the art for young children who are learning to identify colours. The book will work for children from eighteen months through to age 7 or 8 as it will work as an early reader for children of this age. The bright colourful illustrations in Yellow is Better will not disappoint.

Petey and the Bee: A Dog’s Tale

by Rebecca McDonald

Petey loves to help his family, but he can’t climb trees, so while the family builds a playhouse Petey tries to keep busy and ends up in some big trouble, soaking his best friend, Vesters the cat who hates water, and tangling with a big yellow bumble bee named Charlie who ends up losing his temper.

Come along with the Lamb Family pets for some rip-roaring fun.

MAYA: Un Secreto en la Caverna (Spanish Edition)

by Dominga Delgado

En las cuencas construidas con los años y producto de los caprichos de la naturaleza, existe un mundo oculto. Un universo al que Maya llegó como una bebé y siete niños son los estudiantes elegidos para recibir en sus manos la sabiduría ancestral que proviene de las profundidades de la tierra.
Siete sabios de una cultura milenaria con la visión de un cosmos distinto, son los guías que han de cultivar como raíces pequeñas a sus hijos hasta convertirlos en árboles portentosos que con sus Dones aplacaran el espíritu de nuestra creación.
Los secretos ocultos fueron revelados y con la joven Maya, una nueva era inicia.
“â??Que la mano que lleva el conocimiento de la realización de lo finito los devuelva a su existencia físicaâ?¦ pronto â??rezó Jaguar, a lo lejos”.

CEREZO Tierra de Dragones (Cerezo Tree nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Dominga Delgado

La antigua Corea donde conocieron su gloria los Tres Reinos vio nacer a la curiosa Min Ho. La primavera de los Cerezos comenzó igual que todos los años en Baekje pero este florecimiento traería no solamente el amor al corazón de la joven Min Ho sino también la presencia de un destino inimaginable.
Trece Dragones conforman un poder desconocido que es usado por trece hombres guerreros que se ocultan en las montañas del tiempo, lo que hace más complicada su intervención en el mundo real cuando llega el momento de hacerlo. Jae Kwan, el poderoso guerrero del Sello Plateado está por cumplir mil años con el poder del Sello del Dragón y la hora de heredarlo a un corazón honorable ha llegado. Min Ho siendo mujer lleva en su espíritu una grandeza que ignora pero que el guerrero de plata pudo vislumbrar igual que Argos, su Dragón.
“Ser elegida es como estar enamorada, nadie te dice que lo estás, pero tú cuerpo lo sabe y lo siente”

Halfborn: Part One in the Tales Of Myrrador Saga

by Elle Carlton

Orphaned and left in the less-than-kindly care of her step-family, there was the only one joy in Amara’s life – looking and wondering about the Whispered West. So when a mysterious stranger arrives and announces he is taking Amara to the very place she has been drawn to all her life, she is only too willing to go.
But life in the Westerlands is not the dream Amara believed it would be. A growing shadow is creeping across Myrrador, and already the Servants of Evil are answering its call, making the journey to Lunar Falls all the more perilous, and even there, among the Elves, there is no escaping the past. For the greatest secret, the truth about who Amara really is, cannot be hidden forever, and in a land where in the blink of an eye allies can become enemies and friend turned to foe, the revelation could alter not just Amara’s future, but that of Myrrador itself.

Japanese language school: Nihonjin ga hontou ni tsukau Nihongo wo tanoshiku manabou Nihongo manabou sukuru ichi (Japanese Edition)

by Nishimura Yohei

Let`s learn how to use Japanese in your daily!!

A Miracle at Bates Memorial (The Adventures of Li-Li Book 1)

by Gin Noon-Spaulding

A Miracle at Bates Memorial is the first book in the children’s series, The Adventures of Li-Li. Inspired by her daughter, Maleah “Li-Li,” Author Gin Noon Spaulding provides insight on sensory issues by sharing personal accounts of her daughter’s childhood journey with Hyperlexia III, a speech delay, and sensory issues. Little Li-Li is full of life and experiences it differently from others. However, once her family becomes knowledgeable of sensory issues, life becomes even richer for Li-Li, as through understanding comes love and respect.

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