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I Breathe In When You Breathe Out

by Gregory Pappas

A young, aimless musician and his friends experience true hardships in a mountain town where bored twenty-somethings drink, laugh, and party their way through conflict. I Breathe In When You Breathe Out portrays the inner workings of humor and friendship, while wielding an important message that adulthood is often defined by a willingness to move forward totally unprepared.

The Irish Lottery Series Box Set (1-3)

by Gerald Hansen

With a foreword from Colin Quinn. When Ursula and Jed Barnett win the lottery, they think their troubles are over. But they’ve just begun. Ursula’s sister-in-law Fionnuala Flood rallies the family against them. Why should the Barnetts live in luxury when the Floods are eking out a meager living? A hilarious, sad, insightful series about the politics of envy. A must-read for anyone from a dysfunctional family, and even from a functional one!
From the hilarious and heartbreaking bestseller An Embarrassment of Riches (“A masterpiece”–Colin Quinn) to the laugh-a-minute world tour of Fleeing The Jurisdiction, all your favorite characters from Derry, Northern Ireland are here: mother-from-hell Fionnuala Flood, kind but feisty Ursula Barnett, their husbands Paddy and Jed, and Fionnuala’s children, Dymphna, Siofra and all the others. Wince, gasp, laugh at their adventures from the lottery win to the Titanic cruise, from the Semtex in the canned vegetables to the liaisons in the fish factory! The first three books of the beloved series are together in this classy box set.
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Short Stories Volume 2: Incudes ‘John Wayne’ and ‘Gerry’

by Thomas Ryan

Award winning thriller novelist, Thomas Ryan, is also a prolific writer of short stories and he brings more of his sense of fun and adventure to his new collection, Short Stories Volume 2. From the creepy â??Gerry’ to the humour of â??Holmes for Christmas’ and the human drama of â??The Best of Times’, there is more than enough variety to keep readers captivated.
Ryan believes all good short stories should have unexpected twists and turns and be entertaining to read. Applying his thriller techniques he manages to achieve this end with the suspenseful â??Wooden Sword’ and â??The Chest’ but it is in one of the short story’s â??John Wayne’ Ryan displays his accomplished storytelling skills as he follows an episode in the famous actor’s life where he almost brought about an end to the Second World War and walked on a beach with Eva Peron.
Quoting a recent reviewer of Thomas Ryan’s work, â??these are very intriguing, original stories, all well written and enjoyable. Ryan really gets inside his characters and makes their world our world, whatever its moral code or unwritten rules. His stories are powerful and stay with you once you’ve finished them.’ Readers will find Ryan’s short story writing gripping and easy to read. Short Stories Volume 2 by Thomas Ryan are a must read.

North of Night and South of Sun

by Christina Giscombe

Anna-Maria Ruutu and Serepta Anderson are two women on opposite sides of the world, one in the far north of Europe, the other in the tropics. They are separated by five thousand, five hundred miles and a seven hour time difference. One has a close family and an intricate lineage, the other an incomplete sense of identity and “no name”.
Serepta tells of her life in turn of twentieth century Jamaica and Anna-Maria of hers, in Finland, including the effects of the Bolshevik Revolution in Petersburg, which leads to the Finnish Civil War, with its devastating consequences. Anna-Maria tells of how, through her secret loves, the wealthy landowner, Risto, and radical doctor for the poor, Jussi, she is forced to grow up as she becomes an unmarried mother in a strict pious home.
Serepta uncovers the secrets of the plantation and the real identity of daughter, Milly, through the loves in her life, Bartholomew Titcomb and his brother, Son, who goes to America to join the start of the civil rights movement, and Thomas Cuddugging, from an old English planter family.
What is the bond that ties Anna-Maria and Serepta together? Find out in this explosive book.

The Beckett Cypher: The Case (The Beckett Cypher Series Book 1)

by Lee Cunningham

He’s An Undercover Operative, Called In To Take Down A Criminal Syndicate

When undercover operative, Shane Beckett, is contracted by the Carson City Sheriff to investigate a crime family syndicate, and the syndicate’s links to drug cartels and politicians, he is quickly swept up in two murders. To complicate matters further, he falls deeply in love with the woman of his dreams, in the middle of the investigation.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Assassination, Family Secrets, And The Criminal Underground

Just as he comes to realize that The Case is far more complex than he could have imagined, he himself becomes a target for assassination and learns that there is more to his new love and her family than first appeared. As he enters the depths of the underworld, Shane becomes entangled with people responsible for his parents’ murders, an unknown assassin, warring drug cartels, and a shadow government.

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Missing Key

Shane must quickly make complex and difficult choices as The Case drags in additional people, more danger, building intrigue, and a passionate love he had never known possible. He struggles to maintain control of The Case and his life, as he identifies a barrage of people and motives. Shane finally discovers he can’t begin to unravel these mysteries until he finds the key that will unlock the past “” The Beckett Cypher.

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Case, the first book in the series, is a gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more!

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L’ambre des pierres: Les éditions du Val (French Edition)

by Christian de MOLINER

Polémiste de droite, aigri et rageur, Augustin Miroux est au stade terminal d’un cancer du poumon. Alors que sa femme tourne doucement la page de leur vie commune, il s’enfuit à Dijon, sa ville natale pour se confronter avant de mourir à son passé. Il contacte la fille d’une camarade de classe dont il redoute d’avoir provoqué jadis le suicide et il se fait passer auprès d’elle pour son père qu’elle ne connaît pas. Lui qui se montre froid et distant avec ses trois fils, construit rapidement une relation avec sa fausse enfant, mais celle-ci dérape et Augustin est saisi par le vertige du mal. Sombrera-t-il dans un cloaque pestilentiel ? Un roman poignant qui vous tiendra en haleine jusqu’à la dernière page

Philo’s Dash (Dashes Book 1)

by Bancroft Boreland

What is the most important thing on a tombstone?
The day you are born? The day you die? No. It’s the dash. This ________ that represents your entire life from
the day you are born, until the day you die.
They say you only live once but Philo has already died twice. Here are his experiences, his opinions, his thoughts.
This is his story, this is his __________.

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