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Dirt Merchant: A Southern Thriller: (The Rolson McKane Series Book 3)

by T. Blake Braddy

On the run and barely alive after his encounter with evil in Savannah, Rolson and Deuce limp into Jacksonville with one thing on their minds: revenge. In looking for Deuce’s brother’s killer, they find themselves up against a vast underground cabal of killers, drug dealers, and gang members, all engaged in the practice of selling human beings for profit.

Outgunned and overmatched, they use violence as a tool to strike fear in the hearts of the heartless, and when that doesn’t work, they match the brutality of their enemies. They might make it out of Jacksonville alive, but the question is…will they be the same people as before?

‘Dirt Merchant’ is an epic novel of murder, mystery, and violence, set in a modern south unlike any book most readers have encountered. It is a spellbinding portrayal of greed, friendship, betrayal, and immorality, told through the prose of one of the most compelling voices to emerge in crime fiction over the last few years.

What People are Saying About the Rolson McKane Series:

If James Lee Burke moved Dave Robicheaux’s base of operations to South Georgia and muddied the mysterious waters with some supernatural force, you’d have Braddy’s debut novel. I’m looking forward to what Rolson McKane–and Braddy–do next. –Amazon, 5 Stars

This is not a book to pick up for a light read. It is pretty dark and deals with some of the worst of human instincts. That being said, it is REALLY good. The author has this genre nailed. The only flaw I found was a jump right at the end of the book that I really would have liked some more explanation for, but other than that, a VERY good read. –Amazon, 5 Stars

An excellent debut novel. Many memorable characters weave in and out of this supernatural thriller, not the least of which is the flawed protagonist, Rolson. –Amazon, 5 Stars

Love the Boogie House, already started The Devil Came Calling. Had the opportunity to hear Blake Braddy speak. Think we will be hearing a lot about this talented young man –Amazon, 5 Stars

Boogie House by T. Blake Braddy is an great example of great writing. One of my pet peeves is writers that cannot un-awkwardly weave description and explanation in and out of their narrative or prose. Braddy is very, very good at doing this. I am impressed. His book is easy and quick to read, and it’s very interesting. Think the South + ghosts + black speakeasies in the Prohibition era + a liberal dash of thrill horror and you get this book. –Amazon, 4 Stars

A classic suspenseful, mystery thriller in the line of John Grisham and Dan Brown, with a super-natural twist and a unique perspective on the South, Boogie House is a great first novel by a thoughtful and articulate young writer. Braddy is committed to creating characters of depth via description and action, which helps propel the plot of the novel forward, capturing the reader’s attention throughout and a real care for its characters. I’m looking forward to the second in the Rolson McKane series, The Devil Came Calling – can’t wait to dive in! –Amazon, 5 Stars

Inkslingers Ball (Forensic Handwriting Mystery Book 5)

by Sheila Lowe

” “Inkslingers Ball” is the perfect novel for an afternoon by the pool. With vivid characters, smooth writing, and a twisty plot, Sheila Lowe has crafted a mystery that will keep you guessing to the very end.”
â??Boyd Morrison, International bestselling author

A teenage girl, brutally murdered and left in a trash dumpster; a young man, killed in a firebombing attack; a soccer mom, shot in the living room of her home; vicious thugs whose job is to protect a suspected criminal. Just another week on rotation for LAPD detective Joel Jovanic…until he uncovers a connection between the disturbing series of vicious crimes and Annabelle Giordano, who is in the temporary custody of his soulmate, Claudia Rose.

Annabelle is a troubled and traumatized teen who suffered the tragic loss of her mother and later witnessed the brutal murder of a beloved mentor. Neglected by a father who scarcely acknowledges her existence, it’s little wonder the girl makes some disastrous life choices.

But she has one staunch ally in Claudia, a highly regarded forensic graphologist who digs into the darkest of human secrets through the study of handwriting. When Annabelle involves herself with a questionable tattoo artist she re-opens a door to the grim side of life and goes down a path that could get her killed. A distraught Claudia will do anything to save her, even if it means jeopardizing her relationship with Jovanic.

“A fantastic tale that takes readers on a frightening journey through the seedy side of a tattoo empire.”

“Lowe expertly delivers a solid criminal investigation while guiding her readers into a unique culture where tattooing and the murder of a young girl come together on the autopsy table. Hit the lights and siren because this is one fast ride from beginning to end.”
â??Lee Lofland, Author of “Police Procedure and Investigation” and founder and director of the Writers’ Police Academy

A Christmas Murder at Eve Manor

by Martin Hooper

When Eric and his friend Robbie decide to spend Christmas at Eric’s aunt’s Hotel they were expecting mince pies and brandy. However, one of the guests at Eve Manor has something entirely different planned for Christmas – Murder. As Eric and Robbie attempt to unravel the mystery and find the killer, who can they trust from the other guests and can they keep Eric’s aunt Patricia alive until Boxing day? An entertaining festive murder mystery which is perfect for those cold wintry evenings by the fire.

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