Free philosophy Kindle books for 17 Oct 18

Why? The Reason of Existence & the Meaning of Everything

by Tareq Alhindi

Are you searching for meaning to your life? Do you think you have found one? Or do you think there is no meaning to be found in the first place?

Are you bored of this universal routine we call â??living’? Are you sick of all these gurus and intellectuals talking about the meaning of life? Selling you some cheesy motivational mantras about positive energy and universal love! Or maybe you are fed up with those religious institutes trying to force you into submission and adhere to highly controversial “holy” books? Or even fed up with the new atheist preachers trying to convince you that they are the smart guys, who discovered that all this existence is but random, blind chance! Maybe after realizing the absurdity of this routine and the lack of meaning in it, you have fallen into depression? Are you an anarchist or a nihilist? Or maybe you still believe in divinity? You can’t wait to die! Or maybe you want to live forever!

Some may be wondering: why all these question? Leave me alone, I’m just living! Why do I have to think about all that? I just want to live in peace and be happy!

Now, if you are an intelligent being -human or other- then you must and will be asking these questions and more. And if you do, then you can join me in this journey through existence, in a search for the meaning behind everything, from the most trivial actions to the biggest questions that philosophers have been pondering since antiquity.

All we need is a little key, a three letters word: â??why’.

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