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Empath: 5 Books in 1- Bible of 5 Manuscripts in 1- Beginner’s guide+ Tips and Tricks+ Effective strategies+ Best practices to become a Good and efficient Empath+ Advanced Strategies.

by Daniel Pratt

Being an empath means that you are an individual who can feel life in an incredibly unique way. Unlike those who are not awakened to or in tuned with empathic abilities, you have the power to absorb and use energy from the environment and your surroundings to help you understand more about life itself, and about yourself.

This book, Empath:5 Books in 1- Bible of 5 Manuscripts in 1- Beginner’s guide+ Tips and Tricks+ Effective strategies+ Best practices+Advanced Strategies to become a Good and efficient Empath , was designed to help shed light on what being an empath is, and how you can become one yourself. You will learn about how you might be affected by your empathic abilities, as well as how you can identify the ones that already exist within’ yourself, whether you have been aware of it until now or not. You will also be provided with information on how you can tap into your abilities, increase your skill, and nurture yourself throughout the entire experience.

For some, being an empath can feel like a burden. Many report that you may feel as though you are “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders” quite literally. Fortunately, this book provides you with all of the details and information you need in order to establish your skills and avoid these feelings of overwhelm and stress in a way that is completely healthy. You will learn to nurture yourself and your empathic abilities in a way that no one has likely ever taught you about.
If you are ready to become aligned with your empathic abilities and begin experiencing in a way like you never have before, then this book is exactly what you have been looking for!

Grab this Powerful Bundle of 5 Books today and become a good and efficient Empath!

Rethinking God: Because God is Bigger, Closer, and More Real Than You Think

by Steve L. Baldwin

The God you think exists does not exist. By examining science, philosophy, and the Bible, Steve Baldwin reveals the existence of a God that is radically different than most have understood. He demonstrates how we lack a consistent definition for “God” and the result is often a God we see as too insignificant for our lives, too distant for relationship and having little relevance to our daily realities. By proposing a new understanding of the name of God, Steve uncovers a God that really does exist and bridges the widening gap between faith and science:

“What if we are looking at two sides of the same coin? What if billions, if not infinite, combinations played out together to â??accidentally’ create over a length of time an ordered universe with intelligent creatures, reflecting the very natural laws and character of its intelligent, creative, and I daresay even loving source – existence?”

The universe is telling stories.
The question is, why?

UFO Garbage Rising: Extraterrestrial Strange Metal Boxes Return to Oregon Coast

by Dave Masko

UFO Garbage Rising, by Dave Masko. As the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” balloons to more than 100,000 tons of plastic, there is also UFO Garbage Rising with more and more “strange metal UFO boxes appearing and then disappearing along a spit of central Oregon beach near Brays Point,” explains local environmentalists trying to get their heads around millions and millions of Pacific Ocean debris fragments that include “stuff from deep space.” In fact, environmental researchers said their ocean and beach clean-up nets are “made up of a surprising proportion of waste that cannot be identified?” A recent October 2018 study reported in the famed journal “Scientific Reports” tried to quantify this so-called “UFO Garbage” as much bigger than previously thought. Meanwhile, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch of swirling oceanic trash is estimated to be “16 times bigger than previously thought, occupying an area larger than the entire West Coast of America, and comprising an estimated 2.4 trillion pieces of plastics and other human and alien rubbish.” This special “new journalism” report comes at a time when other regions of the country and the world are experiencing a rash of strange ET stuff washing up on beaches or simply being found in city parks and alike? For instance, a strange UFO linked cylindrical object “washed up on a South Carolina beach” recently in early October 2018. This “UFO-like space junk” was described on local television as â??being soft and feeling like foam.” This UFO Garbage was first sighted on South Carolina’s Seabrook Island; while marine science professionals from the nearby “Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network that exclaimed: “Look at this mysterious object washed ashore on Seabrook Island today!'” The story promoted like reports of other UFO Garbage from all parts of the world; while locals asserted: “No one could figure out what is wasâ?¦ Aliens!” Winston Churchill believed in the existence of alien life on Earth, states a recently unearthed essay this leader penned back in 1939 titled, “Are We Alone in the Universe?” The inconvenient truth about Churchill’s belief is “an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth is ongoing; while strange metal boxes have fallen from the heavens or this deep end of the ocean in and around the famed UFO watch site at Brays Point, Oregon.” This is from a Feb. 18, 2017 statement released by “Lou,” a now 98-year-old self-proclaimed hybrid alien who serves as the leader of a group of Brays Point UFO fans known worldwide as “the watchers.” As each of these “strange metal boxes” is unearthed (*along a stretch of beach at both Brays Point and nearby Stonefield Beach), Lou and his watchers believe a “release of warnings and other messages” will be revealed. As for Lou’s thesis or argument that “alien beings are walking amongst us now on Earth,” this famed seer points to ways and means of identifying “ET.” This collection of “new journalism” essays and reports explains how and why the “reproducing of humans by duplicates” is a clear and present danger as the planet continues to burn with hate, fear and the evil that men do. Readers are asked to reflect on the “rise of duplicates” in their own lives today; per Lou says “the friends” (aliens) are “devoid of all human emotion much like a typical fully wired computer nerds today. Lou says to also think lack of empathy, love, an ability to “hug, touch, relate to human feelings” as possible signs that who you think is a family member, friend or neighbor is, in fact, a duplicate replacement copy of a human being. Thus, this somewhat warped fascination with the Invasion of the Body Snatcher books and films that date back to the mid-1950s when Lou, in his early 30s, learned from his French mother Julie that his father “was not quite human,” and that he was the seed of an alien race of hunters visiting Earth and mining human hosts to produce hybrids and other extraterrestrial “duplicates” who assimilate human physical looks.


by Gary J. Hall

This book contains a selection of sermons by Gary J. Hall, given at Living Word Bible Church, on the subject of Revival. They are not here presented in any systematic order, since the subjects of each sermon are complete within themselves.

We, in the generation that might experience the Rapture of the Church, are in need of revival. The revival I speak of is that religious enthusiasm or a new gimmick to encourage believers to become more spiritual. Instead, it must be a dynamic outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon those who truly stand for Christ and His Word. Any revival, as with all past revivals, must begin by the church returning to the foundation of Christ and Him crucified. Unless we do this, all that we will achieve is yet another religious experience that will quickly fade into oblivion. The Lord will always act whenever individuals and congregations separate from the world and submit unto Him, but sadly, there are few who are doing so presently. I do believe that there is coming a final revival before the Lord Jesus Christ comes back to take His Bride away. I do not mean that the world will be Christianised, but that there will be a calling together of all who loved the Lord – Born Again, Bible Believing, Spirit Filled, Gospel Preaching Christians. Through such a revival many will be saved and join themselves with God’s people. Can we dare to believe this?

The Egosystem: A synopsis of the human condition

by Zaid Ismail

No mantras. No lists. No exercises. No prescriptions. No touchy-feely rants. Just simple logic that will remove the clutter and restore sanity where you once thought sanity may be lost forever.

The Egosystem is not an academic indulgence of science, chemistry, or mumbo-jumbo psycho-analysis. It unpacks the humanity that exists in all of us, regardless of cultural, religious, or philosophical persuasions and makes it possible for everyone to reconnect with the essence of who they are, and empower them to change it if they so desire.

Understanding your needs, recognising your assumptions, embracing your fears, mastering your behaviours, honing your responses, and establishing more informed perceptions about the world are all outcomes that will naturally result from your time reading this book. It does not provide you with exercises to do, or mantras to repeat to achieve the changes that will reduce the dis-ease that you may feel. Instead, it simply makes you aware of why you respond to life the way that you do, which in turn prompts the natural curiosity and intelligence of the mind to make conscious choices to either accept who you are, or to change the cycle if you prefer to be better.

Despite being in the self-help genre, The Egosystem is not about self-help. It is about self-awareness. In a world where everyone expects us to live according to norms that will give us a sense of inclusion in society, but rob us of our own identity, we eventually lose any sense of who we are.

Bible Chicks: Book 2

by Lakisha Johnson

Have you ever wondered what women in the bible would be like today? How they would act, think, talk and dress? Well, Bible Chicks is a collection of short stories depicting the lives of some courageous and bold biblical women who were among the few women mentioned in the sacred text.

Their stories are written from today’s perspective while remaining grounded in their biblical heritage.

It is our hope, by ‘updating’ their stories, you will get a better understanding of each of the women chosen.

Book one, written by Khara Campbell, features: Woman with the issue of blood, Rehab, Leah and Tamar

Book two, written by Lakisha Johnson, features: Gomer, Hannah and Jezebel.

The 12 Books of Christ Within: Book Three (B): Dawn of the Spiritual Age of Christ – Man in God –

by David K N Lekwa

A New and Everlasting Covenant of Life and Peace
There was an Old Covenant, and its era dealt with physical and visible realities of a spiritual God. It reached its limit in our religions. It has irretrievably broken down and must be allowed to pass into oblivion. Of what use is salt if it has lost its saltiness?
â?¦and the New Covenant: Christ is the new Covenant and the new Covenant is in Christ. It means God is with us in his love, wisdom and strength. It is a spiritual era and it is the “new wine” that would unfold forever.
In Christ there is no compulsion; there are no classes, no priests and their temples, no pastors and their physical churches, no religions, no servants and masters, tribes and races, and all men are equal and united in the brotherhood of all nations under the fatherhood of just one God.
Christ is an irreversible bonding that responds only to the needs of man, without regarding any laws of God, or of man. “Christ Within” ushers in this reign of Christ on earth.
This is yet another milestone in the author’s zeal and determination to take the nations to that new earth or New Jerusalem where there is no death, no sickness, no hunger and thirst, no violence, wars or jihadist terrorists, and no devastating tsunamis or extreme weather conditions; just life, serenity and peace for ever and ever.

Magic of Psychotronic Power: Unlock the Secret Door to Power, Love, Health, Fame and Fortune

by Robert B. Stone

A “How To” book focused on you gaining absolute control over your destiny, by awakening a sleeping and untapped energy that lies dormant in the brain. “In a matter of minutes- you can begin to tap the miraculous cosmic force of Psychotronic Power that lies within us all, and turn your life into a gold mine of riches, love, happiness and radiant health!” proclaims author Robert B. Stone. Step-by-step, in these thrilling pages, the author reveals the amazing techniques that thousands have used to achieve lifelong bliss. Dr. Stone is the author and co-author of over 50 books on the power of the mind and promotes this book as revealing the way to unlock the secret door to power, love, health, fame and fortune. “Everything you ever wanted from life can be yours,” says Psychotronic expert Dr. Stone, “once you know how to summon the limitless power that lies within your mind!”

The Shepherd’s Voice: A Novel

by Robin Lee Hatcher

Gabe Talmadge languished in prison for ten years, convicted of a horrible crime. Now free, he’s unable to find work in the midst of the Great Depression. In desperation, he returns home to Ransom, Idaho, hoping his uncaring father will give him food and shelter, if not love. But the prodigal isn’t welcomed home. Hudson Talmadge, who virtually owns the town, despises his son as much as ever, and Gabe is as powerless as an adult as he was as a child to win his father’s approval.

Hungry and hopeless, Gabe is rescued by the owner of a sheep ranch south of Ransom. Incredibly, Akira Macauley gives him a place to live and work to do. More than that, she gives him hope that he can receive forgiveness of his past – and perhaps even love. But when tragedy strikes Ransom once again and Gabe’s life begins to unravel, he must either sink into an abyss of hopelessness or cling to a faith, hope, and love stronger than any he has ever known.

First published in 2000 by WaterBrook Press, THE SHEPHERD’S VOICE won the 2001 RITA Award for Best Inspirational Romance, the 2001 Excellence in Media Silver Angel Award, and the 2001 Booksellers’ Best Award for Inspirational Romance.

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