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A Gentleman’s Bidding (The Scarlet Salon Book 1)

by Jean Wilde

Miss Emily Price is in desperate need of funds. With her family estate mortgaged and her brother not yet of age, it falls to her to save her family from financial ruin. What is a lady with no title or connections to do? Auction her virginity in London’s most elite and notorious brothel.

As the heir to a baronetcy, James Hughes has always taken his role seriously. His middle-class roots and career as an engineer drive his need to secure a marriage with a high-born lady of society. But when he finds himself at an auction in the infamous Scarlet Salon, he throws ambition to the wind to bed the lovely Miss Price.

When their affair goes public in the biggest gossip rag in town, Emily must choose whether to cast her feelings aside and leave James to pursue his societal ambitions, while James must decide if family and duty are worth giving up his chance for love.

Hellfire and Kittens: Queen Lucy: Book One (A Reverse Harem Fantasy Adventure)

by Rhiannon Lee

“As I passed by the small kitchen table that had come with the place, I noticed him sitting right in the center, blinking his yellow eyes at me.
I knew I hadn’t left anything on it since what little mail I got, which was mostly bills and junk, littered the top my coffee table.

I cautiously closed the distance to the table, while he flung himself back into the floor.
Expertly hand penned across the front in fancy calligraphy was my name.
My entire name.

Lucinda Kenna Melek.”

Hell is just a place on earth, right?

For Lucy, this couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Stuck working in another dead-end job in another unremarkable city, Lucy’s adapted to life on the run by arming herself with a smokescreen of snarky humor. Sometimes though, her filter-less sasses land her in hot water, especially when it comes to triggering her unruly magic. But, still haunted by the memory of her parents’ deaths, she does her best to scrape by under the radar. Little does she know, however, mysterious forces at work have other plans for her.

After a trip to the pound, where a small, scrappy black cat befriends her, a rapid series of events thrusts Lucyâ??literallyâ??into the complicated world of Hell. Caught up in the politics for the scramble to secure Lucifer’s throne, Lucy’s birthright is challenged when a nefarious plot arises, threatening the stability of not only Hell, but the relationships she’s worked to build after years of mistrust.

Lucy will need to learn to rely on others and use the help offered to her by an alluring demon and a ragtag team of misfits in order to save Hell before it’s ripped apart by all manners of depraved, ruthless enemies.

Hellfire and Kittens is the first full-length reverse harem novel in a five-part Paranormal Romance series.

That means Lucy won’t have to choose!

Full of action, interesting creatures, hot guys, and a sassy independent heroine who is thrown into a strange world that she must learn to navigate while discovering that true love really does exist. Even if it is a bit unexpected and unconventional.

**This series contains explicit language and adult situations.

***Trigger warning infoâ??This book contains situations of grief and loss.

A Beautiful Catastrophe

by Katheryn Kiden

For two years Shay Daniels has been stuck in the pastâ??stuck in a pain so deeply overwhelming that she constantly feels as if she’s drowning. A chance meeting gives her her first breath of fresh air, but it could be her final downfall.

He’s stuck wondering what could have beenâ??letting the pain of everything he’s lost simmer within his broken heart. She’s the first thing that has made him feel like himself again in years. He might be able to love herâ??he wants toâ??if he could only manage to live in the present.

Devastating pasts.

Uncertain futures.

Life is supposed to move forward, but what if all it does is revolve in a heartbreaking circle?

What if every step you take toward making yourself whole again only leads you closer to another beautiful catastrophe?

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