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The Space Elevator: A Bobby Blinx Adventure (The Blinx Adventures Book 1)

by John Sylvain

The Blinx family is moving from California to outer space and Bobby is not happy about it. The timing couldn’t be worse as far as he’s concerned but his parents won’t listen to reason. For some reason, they don’t think it’s safe to stay on Earth.

But during the routine trip on the Clarke Space Elevator, something goes horribly wrong and Bobby Blinx and his parents must risk everything to save the planet from utter destruction.

This is the first in an epic science fiction series from John Sylvain.

100 A.Z.: Book 2 – Tenochtitlan

by Patrick T. Nelson

It is 100 A.Z., one hundred years after the zombie outbreak. Ironically, the undead were what ultimately saved humans from utter annihilation. They are now essential to humanity’s survival. Agriculture, transportation, and warfare all use the enslaved undead by exploiting their innate desire for human flesh.

But it’s all coming to an end.

Once zombies from the original outbreak began perishing, the cartels realized they’d lose the wretched thing giving them power, the tool their civilization was built upon. One powerful cartel leader, Sara Academy, wants out of her family’s business – anything to get away from the rotting stench. She’ll use whatever tactics possible to build a zombie army capable of conquering her targetâ?¦the beach.

In a world where a zombie can be more valuable than a human life, few stand up to protect the innocent, except John Taylor, a man trying to heal his sick wife. His life becomes embroiled in a conflict, though, that engulfs the entire continent in a power struggle costing him nearly everything.

100 A.Z. takes the zombie genre into a new era, revealing the injustice, faith, power struggles, loyalty and self-sacrifice of the world 100 years after the zombie apocalypse.

Book 2 in the 100 A.Z. series.
Book 1 –


by April Conrad

It is the 55th century, and Lehra Cranewing has always dreamed of traveling to the stars. Following the footsteps of her parents, she has joined ESEA, the Earth Space Exploration Administration, the paramilitary agency which controls all official exploratory missions for the Earth Star Alliance.

Shortly after graduating from the academy, she makes a promise with her father that together, they will one day reach a world that has been coined “Fringe”, a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant 35 light years away. A project named “Resolute” seeks to send a craft there at 99% light speed, something that has never been done with a manned mission, and once it leaves, the craft will never return.

Aydeline Rivervale is a rising star within ESEA, said to be the best efficiency expert in the whole organization. While she thinks space exploration is important, she’s more concerned with the smaller details and making sure things work right. She has no interest in leaving the Sol System, as she has a large family and would never leave them.

Assigned to Project Resolute, Aydeline meets Lehra, and they quickly grow closer. They immediately realize their feelings seem to go much deeper than mere camaraderie or appreciation for one another as officersâ??but if they take that step together, how would they ever begin to balance the goals in the rest of their lives, which always seem to pull them in opposite directions?

Yesterday’s Hope (Echoes of the Undine Book 1)

by April Conrad

Edra is from Adara, a technologically advanced world with hundreds of thousands of years worth of historyâ??and her hyperdrive has malfunctioned, sending her to Halja, a world parallel to her own. It is a world of magic, absent gods, and a broken, uncertain history marred by cataclysm.

Even now, the way to the afterlife is closed, and the ghosts of the dead haunt the wild places between cities, killing anyone careless enough to be caught there after dark. Only the Archmages stand between the ghosts and the ordinary citizen, warding the cities against supernatural intrusion.

Despite the dire conditions, humanity thrives, and at first, Edra holds onto her hopeâ??hope that she could someday return to the family she loves and misses so desperately. However, her circumstances rapidly begin to change, and she becomes embroiled in events that could alter the world forever.

In the city of Hajeria, she befriends Daniel, a mage and alchemist with dreams of exploring the world. They in turn come into contact with Lucia, a woman Daniel hasn’t seen in years.

Having been driven there by a powerful vision, Lucia begins an investigation into the shadows that move through the city, a darkness she attributes to the rise of a new and powerful cult which is quickly gaining new followers. This cult teaches that the Undine, the goddesses of their world, are not just absent, but dead, and that a new pair of twin gods will rise in their place and deliver them from their dark times.

Is Lucia merely blaming the cult because they run counter to her own beliefs? Or is there something more sinister afoot? The answers could lie in her vision: a man ready to take his own life.

Thrown Away 3 (Recycled) (Thrown Away Saga)

by Glynn James

The Thrown Away post-apocalyptic saga continues…

After months in the Recycling Zone breathing in polluted air and finding no clues that might lead him to discover where Ryan went, by pure chance Jack’s fate is changed instantly when a facility guard comes looking for him with a re-assignment card.

And it’s the worst news.

Will this new job lead to his death or to new opportunity?

It could be both.

City of Smoke and Iron – Season One: A Thrilling Anthology of Diesel-Pulp Fiction

by Robert McKinney

Femme-Fatales. Airships. Zombie Trench Warfare.

It rests on the bayou, sprawling with slums built over the last war’s trenches. The pregnant bloat of dirigibles float overhead, their rust eaten bellies filled with poison gas. Constables flash badges and take bribes on the corner, all while the company men carry on with the quiet business of murder.

Welcome to The City. It’s hungry. And it’s waiting for you.

Much like the lives of its residents, the dieselpunk stories inside City of Smoke and Iron – Season One are bloody and short. The thrills they provide fit in the palm of your hand, and are the perfect reads for cab rides, train stops and bitter cups of caffeine.

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