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Race Horse Training: Compared

by Marion N. Seidel

Follow the passion and the dream will come trueâ?¦
Author Marion N. Seidel understands the power of passion and the reality of dreams coming true! Her first life dream was to work with horses. Realizing that dream as a jockey is all that she could ever imagine. Her second dream was to live in sunny South Florida which she accomplished a few short years later! Fantasy has no place in Marion’s life other than to create the beautiful canvas from which she paints her dreams.

In a touching part memoir, part training guide, author Marion N.Seidel opens the doors and our hearts to the exciting world of thoroughbred horse racing! In leaving her beloved Germany to live in America, Ms. Seidel soon realized working in the U.S. horse racing market is vastly different than working in the European market. Not knowing the English language is only one barrier she overcomes â?? just as easily as she sails across the finish lines as an exercise rider!

As she compares the two styles of horse racing, European and American, Marion N. Seidel creates a captivating portrait offering a tantalizing glimpse of luxury, sport, and equestrian excellence! Get your copy of RACE HORSE TRAINING: COMPARED and enter the breathtaking world of thoroughbred horse training from a professional who knows her industry and her handsome horses like nobody’s business!

On the Appalachian Trail: From Springer Mountain To Davenport Gap (The Appalachian Trail Series Book 1)

by Joshua Kinser

Mowgli is the eccentric, lovable, and somewhat destructive German Shepherd that leads the way on this 2001 hike of the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain to Davenport Gap. Along with hiking buddies Diego and Bexley, they discover the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, the dangers of venturing into unpredictable forests, and the quirkiness of the unforgettable rural towns found along America’s greatest wilderness path.

THE EIGHT KEYS TO THE DRAGON’S FIST: A down-to-earth introduction to self-defence and martial arts.

by John Smith

The reader is introduduced to eight aspects to consider when practicing self-defence and martial arts.

The aspects are presented in relation to the one time the writer himself had to stop an attacker, and then chose to use what he had learned after just one year of karate-training.

The primary objective of this crash course is to create interest, and not to show the reader to a certain style or method.

+50 Consejos para acampar (Spanish Edition)

by Lali Duperti

+50 Consejos para acampar por Lali Duperti, es una guía para viajeros principiantes en el camping. Para la mayoría de los aventureros, los primeros días de la primavera significan empezar a planear los viajes para acampar en el verano. La clásica imagen mental nos transporta al rededor de una fogata, escuchando la naturaleza y quedándose dormidos leyendo una de nuestras novelas favoritas. Todo no es fantasía cuando se tiene que pensar en el equipo para llevar, las necesidades de cada integrante del campamento, los accesorios que se deben comprar o reemplazar porque ya están muy viejos o dañados, etc.
El presente libro incluye consejos para la planeación, elegir el lugar del campamento, que ropa llevar, como armar la tienda, como hacer fuego, que rastros animales seguir para cazar y como pescar. Una lista de todos los elementos en el kit de primeros auxilios y muchos consejos más para tener una experiencia inolvidable en la naturaleza.

FATTI SCONOSCIUTI DEI DODICI APOSTOLI: Patriarcato Missionario Mondiale Internazionale. (Storia della chiesa Vol. 3) (Italian Edition)

by Luis Carlos Ospina Romero

Vescovo Luis Carlos Ospina Romero, Patriarca cattolico della Prima Chiesa antica, storico, fondatore dell’Antico Patriarcato Missionario Mondiale Internazionale. Percorsi e fatti dei dodici apostoli sono descritti attraversando il vasto Impero Romano e al di là, fondatori di chiese cristiane nel futuro territorio della Russia, Georgia, Mar Nero, ora la Siria, l’Iraq, l’Armenia, l’India, l’Egitto a Etiopia, Nord Africa e persino la Gran Bretagna, abbiamo raccolto storie tramandate di generazione in generazione, storie che non sono conosciute e si sono verificate. Affinché il lettore assapori la lettura, dovrebbe consultare i mpa dell’Impero Romano.
Osservare le mappe delle province percorse anche dagli apostoli nell’impero romano, scorrete a camminare come se tu fossi un apostolo, osservare la città di Gerusalemme in Gesù, le porte in cui Gesù e gli apostoli eseguite guarigioni miracolose. Le strade lasciano Gerusalemme e tu le attraversi. la terribile morte che hanno sofferto per l’amore di Cristo, ma soprattutto dove sono le loro ossa.
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Learn Joint Pain Relief from the Experts: How Aerialists Save Their Joints the Natural Way (Pain Relief for Athletes)

by Cindy Dabbous

Discover How to Overcome Joint Pain Relief for Life!!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to naturally nourish, protect and remedy your joints, so that you can focus on being the natural superhero that you are, without dealing with unnecessary joint pain and discomfort along your journey. Learn from the experts who push their joint mobility to its limit, and have learned how to bounce back from sprains and injuries using only natural therapies, anti-inflammatory superfoods, and the power of mindset.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

How to Naturally Remedy an Acute Joint Injury
How to Prevent Long-term Joint Injuries and Heal Any Current Injuries
How to Nourish Your Joints with Superhero Foods
Lifestyle Strategies That Will Take Your Joint Health to the Next Level
Nutrition Secrets of Aerialists That Will Bring You to the Next Dimension
Bonus: How to Avoid Anti-Nutrients for Peak Performance
What to Eat Before, During, and After Your Workout
Learn the Healthiest Fats that Will Nourish and Protect Your Joints and Brain
Much, much more!

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