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Recipes of Hogwarts and Harry Potter: An Unofficial Magical Cookbook

by JR Stevens

In Recipes of Hogwarts and Harry Potter, embark on a food journey through the magical world of wizards and witches including Harry, Ron, Hermine, Mrs. Weasley and Hagrid. As muggles, you can conjure up these dishes in your own kitchen, which are based on dishes inspired by the Harry Potter series.

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100 A.Z.: Book 3 – The Mountain

by Patrick T. Nelson

It is 100 A.Z., one hundred years after the zombie outbreak. Ironically, the undead were what ultimately saved humans from utter annihilation. They are now essential to humanity’s survival. Agriculture, transportation, and warfare all use the enslaved undead by exploiting their innate desire for human flesh.

But it’s all coming to an end.

Once zombies from the original outbreak began perishing, the cartels realized they’d lose the wretched thing giving them power, the tool their civilization was built upon. One powerful cartel leader, Sara Academy, wants out of her family’s business – anything to get away from the rotting stench. She’ll use whatever tactics possible to build a zombie army capable of conquering her targetâ?¦the beach.

In a world where a zombie can be more valuable than a human life, few stand up to protect the innocent, except John Taylor, a man trying to heal his sick wife. His life becomes embroiled in a conflict, though, that engulfs the entire continent in a power struggle costing him nearly everything.

100 A.Z. takes the zombie genre into a new era, revealing the injustice, faith, power struggles, loyalty and self-sacrifice of the world 100 years after the zombie apocalypse.

Book 3 in the 100 A.Z. series.

Book 1 –
Book 2 –

A Rekindled Affair: Jonathan & Kelsey

by Amira Jae

Jonathan is like most men with money, they find a woman that they like, and introduce them to a new lifestyle and then mistreat them. Jonathan inherited money from his father in which made him very wealthy. He and Kelsey met at an early age and fell in love. Jonathan could not seem to keep his eye on ONLY Kelsey even though she was a true beauty and began to build a life for herself with her Cosmetic line Touched. Kelsey soon grew tired of Jonathan’s behavior and left LA.
Four years later with a new life back in her hometown, Atlanta Kelsey found new love after she experienced a tragic tragedy that she wanted to forget and move on from. Little did she know that Jonathan was in Atlanta living his best life as well.

Will Jonathan and Kelsey risk it all and give love another shot, or will they remain at a distance from one another?

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