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Summer Dawn: You are my sunshine (From the Beginning Book 3)

by Donnita S. Stewart

A riveting story about teenager’s survival in a small mid-western town. A family in crisis with poverty, addictions, and lack of education. Confronting the generational patterns. Based on a true story, a memoir, Volume 3 of “From the Beginning”

LUIS GARAVITO: Hunting The Beast: The Story of a Colombian Serial Killer

by Frances J Armstrong

LUIS GARAVITO – Hunting The Beast: The Story of a Colombian Serial Killer

Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos was born on the 25th of January in 1957. He is known as ‘The Beast’ because he raped and murdered at least 140 young people. Based on the maps that he drew while he was in prison, investigators now believe that number could be closer to 300. Garavito was described by the media as “The worst serial murder in the world.”

When Garavito was finally captured, he was given the maximum penalty of 30 years in prison in Columbia. However, because he helped the Colombian police locate the bodies and he confessed to the crime, his sentence was reduced to 22 years. It could also be reduced further due to good behavior and cooperation.

The people of Columbia were quite alarmed that Garavito could be released early and felt that he was not receiving adequate punishment for his crimes. At that time there was no way for his penalty to be extended and the legal system was not equipped to deal with the case properly. However, in 2006 it was found that his sentence could be extended. The delayed release was based on the crimes that he had not confessed to and had not yet been charged for.

This is the shocking true story of a Colombian monster, one of the most horrendous serial killers in history, Luis Garavito.

Killer Housewives: A Collection of True Crime Stories

by Cynthia Elias

An anthology of True Crime tales involving some of the most murderous housewives in American history.
Kim Hricko was getting ready to kill her husband the night they attended a Valentine’s Murder Mystery Party. Kim was a woman who was intelligent and determined, the irony of the play’s theme was not lost on her.
It was destiny calling.
She watched with rapt attention as the actors went through the motions. A wedding bride took out a blue vial and poured the “poisonous” contents into her groom’s champagne glass.
She has the right idea, Kim thought.
Looking over at her husband Steve, she imagined him in the place of the actor on stage, choking to death.
Could it be that easy?
Stacey Ruth Castor may have been one of the most sociopathic female serial killers in modern times. She poisoned her first husband Michael Wallace with anti-freeze after he becomes an inconvenience to her and did the same to her second husband David Castor years later. When she caught wind that the police were onto her methods, she poisoned her own daughter and wrote ‘confession’ letter on her behalf.
She tried to pin the crimes on her daughter.
Dubbed the Black Widow by the national media, recent findings have opened up the possibility that Stacey killed her own father as well.
Cool, calm and collected, Stacey maintained her innocence throughout the court proceedings, adamantly pointing the finger of blame at her own daughter. But what possessed her to kill not only her husbands but her own flesh and blood?
This is her story.
Judy Buenoano loved men. Problem was, she loved killing them more.
In 1971, she murdered her husband James and nine years later she would kill her own son, Michael. In 1983, she would attempt but fail to kill her boyfriend, John Gentry. She is also believed to have been responsible for the death of Bobby Joe Morris (another boyfriend) in 1978. She was never convicted of the Morris crime, however, as by the time the authorities had connected the dots she was sentenced to death for the murder of her first husband.
But the suspicions didn’t stop with the Morris death. Buenoano is also suspected of killing a man in 1974 and in 1980, another boyfriend would die under suspicious circumstances.
Buenoano would become the first woman executed in Florida since 1848 and only the third woman executed since capital punishment had been reinstated in 1976.
She would be sent to the electric chair in 1998. Her last words were that she wanted to be remembered as a “good mother.”
Instead, she would go down as one of the most sadistic female serial killers in American history.
Sheila Davalloo is truly one of the most demented individuals of the past twenty years. Several serious crimes are still being added to her gruesome resume. She portrayed the persona of a pleasant, happy person. She hid dark secrets, however, as to who she really was. The main victim was simply caught in a position that she could never escape from. To understand the vicious crime that Sheila Davalloo committed, it is important to understand the background of who she was. The totality of this murder is one that is still being uncovered. The lasting effects on an entire group of people has truly been catastrophic.
In December 1985, a narcotics detective was shot and killed in the driveway of his farm in Pueblo, Colorado, where he lived with his five children and his wife, Donna Yaklich. Initially, authorities suspected Dennis’ death was linked to his work in law enforcement, but a tip led them to two teenage shooters – and eventually, back to Dennis’ wife, Donna.


by Jason Rosman

There was a huge explosion sending smoke throughout our squad. Through the ensuring chaos, I now realized how little I got paid and maybe I shouldn’t have waited to take those piano lessons I always wanted to.
On a seemingly normal day that wasn’t, everything changed. In an instant, lives were transformed and their youthful ignorance lost. In an unknown city far away from the headlines, one battalion of Marines held off a highly-planned and coordinated series of attacks meant to take over the new epicenter of the Iraq Civil War; Ramadi.
Jason Rosman, a giant of a man standing at 5 feet 3 inches, was a low-ranking Marine in the heart of this battle; this is his story. Follow along on this adventure that takes you straight into the action in a way that only a man thrown into the depths of war at the age of eighteen could describe. Witness how combat slowly changes people and how the adversity of war bring people together.
In a book about war that isn’t about war, it was the people that mattered. Coming from across the country, no better than anyone else, each person made a choice and had to live with the consequences.
In a four-year career that took Jason from Southern California to Ramadi, Iraq, Okinawa, and the Haditha Triangle, a group of young men, still considered kids to most, would learn about love, friendship, and the brotherhood that can only be forged under enemy fire.

Serial Killing Cop : The True Story of Mikhail Popkov

by Frank Coleman

Mikhail Popkov may be the most prolific serial killers in world history.
He led a double-life as a family man with a wife and a young daughter. But after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Popkov was able to take advantage of the lack of police authority to get away with his most barbaric fantasies.
Using his police uniform as a cover, he would lure unsuspecting women into his squad car where he would drive them to an isolated forest to kill them. His murders would go unabated for close to twenty years until Russian authorities finally utilized DNA evidence to match Popkov with the killings.
He was able to evade authorities because he was the authority.
Both he and his wife were police officers.
This is their story.

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