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Day Trading for Beginners: How to Day Trade, Beginners Guide, Strategies and Mindset to Start and Become Financially Free (Investing for Beginners Book 2)

by Tony Toson

Have you ever wanted to trade stocks with the stock market?

Have you watch movies about Wall Street and wanted to experience all that they are experiencing?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like on the stock market floor with all those brokers yelling and making money?

Well, day trading is a way to have these experiences without the need to get licensed unless you are trading stock for others. Day traders build up a mass of money by buying and selling stocks over and over again in one day and at the end of the day, they have no ownership of stocks.

In this book you will be able to learn all there is to today’s trading:

You will learn what a new investor needs to know about day trading

Which time of day is best for trading and why

What the qualifications are for a day trader and whether or not you need a license

How much money you need to be a profitable day trader and what the requirements are for a day trader just starting out

How to day trade on two other platforms besides the Stock Market

How to get started with practical steps to get you there

How to choose a broker and specific brokerage firms that you can work with

The mentality of a day trader and the psychology that is needed to become a momentous day trader

Traits and characteristics that are needed to succeed

As well as tips on how to prepare you for day trading

The 10 principles that are needed to increase your psychology about day trading and reduce the negative mental blockages

What you should invest in and how to be profitable with it

And tons of more interesting and helpful ways that will help you become a day trader

Are you ready to start your day trading career?

If so then you are in the right place. All you have to do is download this book and start reading up on how to day trade.

Whole Life Blend: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Life You Desire

by Joe Albano

This is your life â?¦ not anyone else’s. How you live your life is your choice.

If you’re overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of life and frustrated by “To Do” lists that never seem to get anything done, this is the book for you!

Stop wasting time trying to manage time. No one has a time management problem, lots of us have an attention management problem.

Whole Life Blend is a revolutionary approach to using the power of noticing to drive your attention â?? and your actions to where they need to be: building your life on your terms.

Forex Trading Best Indicators (Trend Following Mentor)

by Andrew Abraham

The goal of this short ebook is to give you valuable advice in order to increase your trading profitability. I am sure you know that most traders do not succeed in trading. Something like 90% of traders loses money and quit. My goal is to set you on the path of the consistent long term 10% of all traders. It is not easy and you will have to work. Ironically it is not just about some magical indicators. A lot of your success or failure will come from the proper trading mindset. I am trying to give you an edge with combining simple robust concepts as a start for your trading plan. Actually combining simple robust ideas gives the best chance to stay on the correct side of a trade.

Blockchain: The Non-Technical Guide to Blockchain Technology and How You Can Make Insane Money Investing and Trading Cryptocurrencies with No Prior Experience

by Neil Hoffman

The Only Blockchain Book You’ll Ever Need!

From the Bestselling author and Crypto investor Neil Hoffman comes this book which will focus on how the Blockchain Technology works and how he became a Crypto Millionaire in 6 months

“Blockchain is the first native digital medium for value, just as the internet was the first native digital medium for information.” – Harvard Business Review

If you don’t know much about Cryptocurrency, don’t worry. We all start with nothing.

For those who do commit to learning the art of cryptocurrency trading, you will never look at or enjoy the life same way ever again.
The purpose of this book is to provide a full perspective of cryptocurrency trading, including how to make money investing in cryptocurrencies and how to know more about the cryptocurrency world.

So, how can you make insane money with cryptocurrencies?

One word: Altcoins.

Altcoins stand for â??alternative coins’, or in simple terms, the cryptocurrency that’s NOT Bitcoin.

There’s Bitcoin and then there’s â??everything else’.

‘Everything else’ is what altcoins are.

Invest in altcoins, the right ones, and you can make insane amounts of money and fast.

So, we will discuss all these in detail inside the book including my own story about how I became a crypto millionaire in 6 months and will show you how you can do it as well

“We’ve got a really big bet on the blockchain, that is some of the most disruptive technology we’ve seen since electricity. When that starts to come, I think there’s going to be a host of new models that come out of that â?¦ that’s where we probably get excited about what’s the next bet.” – Jeff Schumacher, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, BCG Digital Venturesâ?¨

“So my view’s quite clear. I believe cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the first example, I believe they’re going to change the world.” – Richard Brown, Executive Architect at IBM

Final Words:

â?¨Even if you think you know everything discussed here, give this book a shot. It’s an informative and entertaining read, and you may pick up some valuable tools and new ways of thinking you’ve never read or heard of before.â?¨

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Win More Business: What techs need to know about selling

by Anthony English

The goal of this book is to get you to think and act more like a business owner, so you can win better clients.
That means finding the right clients, learning to speak their language, crafting a compelling offer that will delight them, and making the sale. This is an introduction to people who are starting to sell in a B2B environment.

MOBILE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – 2016 Update: 18 Little Tricks to Mobile Optimized Your Website for More Traffic, Higher Conversions and Bigger Profits

by Red Michaels

Google already unleashed the beast, do you have the tools to tame it?

Inside you’ll learn:
– Why MOBILE SEO is the future and present of SEO
– How to optimized your website for mobile
– Mobile optimization tricks and tactics
– How a simple tweak in my website change speed and loading settings to the max
– What are the changes you need to do to make sure that your website is optimized for mobilepocalypse

Download, Read and Apply this book today!

Get a list if top 25 seo niches inside!

LANDING PAGE : SUCCESS GUIDE: Creating a Landing Page That Converts (Make money online Book 1)

by Roseann R. Bixby

Creating extremely converting landing pages is something that not everybody can do and that is mostly because there are not many guides that show you how to do them correctly.
But today you have the simplest and fastest solution to dramatically improve this skill.
Get started now and develop a good Landing Page System that will substantially improve your conversion rate and maximize your profitability!

Backyard Chickens: Guide for Beginners – How to Raise Healthy Backyard Chickens & Choose Chicken Coops for Backyard Homestead & Sustainable Living (raising … living, urban farming, self sustainability)

by Joel Torres

Find out How to Start Raising Backyard Chickens from Scratch Today

You’re about to discover how to raise poultry on your own – to earn and enjoy at the same time at the comfort of your own home? Well, that must be the reason you are checking this book out. The Complete Backyard Chickens for Beginners Guide: How to Raise Healthy Backyard Chickens and Choose Chicken Coops for Backyard Homestead and Sustainable Living will provide you with an in depth guide on how to start a small but enjoyable business right from your backyard.

Below are some of the things that you will learn in this book:

  • The Basics of Raising Chickens
  • The Legalities in Raising Backyard Chickens
  • A Detailed Guide in Raising Chicks
  • What You Need to Know When Raising Hens?
  • The Chicken Coop

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