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Keto Diet For Beginners: Complete Beginner’s Guide To The Ketogenic Diet With Delicious And Easy Recipes To Lose Weight And Eat Healthy Everyday

by Julie Arden

What If You Could Actually Lose Weight Eating Fat?

Do you think being on a diet means eating only dry chicken and tasteless salads? Well think again, because the Keto Diet is completely different. This isn’t another dieting program that makes big promises but never delivers.

While most diets will tell you to stop eating fats to lose weight, the Keto Diet gives you an easier (and more effective) way to shed those extra pounds. This diet has been created more than 50 years ago by Dr. Russel Wilder, and today thousands of people have successfully lost weight and improved their health living the keto lifestyle.

We’re used to thinking that carbs will give you energy while fats will make you gain weight. However not all fats are equal, some of them are actually healthy and eating them in place of carbohydrates can even help you lose weight faster. The keto principle is simple: if you start eating low-carb high-fat today, your body won’t store the fats you eat and will use them to produce energy, rather than using carbs.

This means that your body will naturally start burning fats, just by eating the right foods. The keto diet is easy to follow, and the foods you’ll eat actually taste good. Forget about tasteless salads and dry chicken, the keto diet can make you lose weight and feel healthier and full of energy without sacrificing taste.

This book will teach you everything you need to know to start losing weight fast and eating healthier with the Keto Diet, without being too tricky or complicated. You’ll learn what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, why you should count your macros and how to do that, how to know if you’re doing the keto diet correctly and more. You’ll also find a worry-free 14 day keto diet plan with healthy and tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How To Lose Weight With The Ketogenic Diet
  • Why Eating The Right Fats Won’t Make You Fat
  • Exactly How To Know If You’re Doing The Keto Diet Correctly
  • Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid
  • Why You Should Really Count Your Macros And How To Do It
  • Benefits And Risks Of Going Keto
  • 4 Keto Foods To Eat When You’re On The Go With No Other Options
  • Practical Tricks To Stay Keto When Eating At A Restaurant
  • Keto Terminology And Abbreviations To Help You Clarify The Confusion
  • A 14-Day Worry-Free Keto Diet Plan With Healthy Recipes
  • Over 40 Delicious Keto Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner
  • And Much, Much More

Some recipes you’ll find inside the book:

  • Keto Meatloaf
  • Breakfast Ketogenic Eggs
  • Celery Hash Browns
  • Cheesy Chicken
  • Ketogenic Tuna Melt
  • Meat Pie
  • Macadamia Nut Smoothie
  • Seafood Stew
  • Low Carb Mexican Cauliflower Rice
  • Salmon Pizza
  • Keto Curry
  • And Other Delicious Recipes

Go keto today, you won’t regret it!

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Totally Spanish: Classic Spanish Recipes to Make at Home

by Sarah Spencer

Bring the flavors of Spain into your kitchen with authentic, easy to prepare Spanish recipes and serve a meal everyone at your table will remember!

The geography of any country shows in its food, and Spain is no different. Its miles and miles of ocean coast, lush farmland, and high and dry mountain terrain give it a wide variety of fresh foods. In this country, you’ll find lots of healthy fish and seafood, olive groves, vineyards, nuts, rice, and a vast array of fruits and vegetables. Due to the country’s rich heritage, the food in Spain today has some of the greatest variety ones can find.

Spaniards love their food, and in true Mediterranean fashion, often use mealtimes as an opportunity to come together. From this developed the tradition of tapas to the sharing of large paellas or decadent desserts, you will find recipes that are sure to please and surprise your family and friends.

This collection of recipes has some of the most popular and classic Spanish recipes. The authentic flavors of these recipes will make you truly believe you are eating a meal in good company just like if you were Spain!

Inside this book, you’ll find:
-All about cooking Spanish food, including method, typical ingredients, and equipment
-Delightful tapas recipes such as the Garlic Shrimp and the Stuffed Tomatoes
-Traditional chicken recipes like the Spicy Cumin Chicken and the Pontevedra Chicken
-Wholesome fish and seafood recipes such as the Classic Paella, the Fish Stew, and the Roasted Monkfish with Piperade Sauce
-Bountiful beef recipes such as the Stewed Short Ribs and the Beef and Cheese Empanadas
-Satisfying pork recipes like the Andalusian Stew and the Pork Chops in Fresh Tomato Salsa
-Rejuvenating vegetarian and sides recipes such as the Patatas Bravas and the Spanish Omelet
-Amazing bread recipes like the Fluffy Buns and the Spanish Easter Bread
-Luscious dessert recipes such as the Spanish King’s Cake and the Crema Catalana

All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and nutritional information per serving.

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Mouthwatering Nepal Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Middle-Eastern Dishes!

by Gordon Rock

Have you ever tasted authentic food from Nepal? It is hearty, tasty and fresh. Can you make their recipes at home? Yes, you can, with this concise cookbook!

The cuisine of Nepal is quite rich in variety. Their cooking includes the use of different types of cuisine, made unique by their use of locally-found spices, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Nepalese food is also affected by topography, culture and tradition. There are quite a few vegetarians in the country. They all eat fresh, home cooked meals. They usually eat three meals each day.

Nepali cuisine also makes use of lentils, corn, wheat and rice. Although meat is being used more today, vegetables are the primary part of many meals prepared in the country.

The dishes of Nepal are cooked in many ways, including roasting, fermenting, steaming, marinating, braising, boiling, deep-frying, grilling and stir-frying.

It can be difficult to group foods that are Nepali alone, but there are dishes you’ll want to sample when you learn Nepalese cooking.

You can enjoy Nepalese cuisine in your own kitchen. Turn the page and read onâ?¦


Dips Cookbook: Delicious Dips Recipes That Will Add Life to Your Platter of Chips

by Gordon Rock

If you have ever been to a party, you should already know just how important dips are. Whether it is a holiday office party, a backyard BBQ, or just an informal get together at your house, dips are usually the center attraction. Food spreads are often set out before the guests start arriving and the one thing that everybody goes for first, no matter what appetizers are on the table, is the various dips that are on display. Making the perfect dip and choosing the right dippers for your dip are the best way to make a great first impression, which means making your dip the hit of the party.

This amazing Dips Cookbook will introduce you to 30 delicious and easy dip recipes that will transform any party you throw into the fiesta of a lifetime. Each filled with:

– Easy to source ingredients
– Step by step directions to get you where you should be in a matter of minutes
– And so much more!

Grab your very own copy of this Dips Cookbook today and let’s take a dip into your party’s future!


12-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan: The Best Way to Kick-Start Your Keto Lifestyle

by Daniel Humphreys

Are you ready to take ketogenic or keto diet, but don’t know where to start? Calm your nerves! If you are probably asking “what should I Take?” you are on the right page. This cookbook is prepared to offer comprehensive guidance and answers to some of the most common questions people ask before jumping into the ketogenic wagon. The goal of this book is to simplify keto diet, and that’s why we employed the knowledge of qualified nutritionists to bring you a helpful, step-by-step guide.

This is a 12day ketogenic diet meal plan that will get you started with keto, shed light on the foods to eat, and offer a helping hand into the preparation of these meals. Planning is key to the success of your ketogenic diet lifestyle, and this cookbook is endowed with plenty of tips to help you tailor the perfect plan to achieve the desired goals. The book gets you off with a total of 36 recipes; one breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner recipe, for 12 days. You are free to follow the plan as highlighted in the book or tweak the recipes to come up with your custom meal plan for 12 days.

Ready? Let’s roll!

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Exciting Argentine Recipes Delicious Cuisine of Argentina in Your Kitchen: Delicious Meals from Authentic Cuisine of Argentine

by April Blomgren

The delicious Argentine cuisine is a result of the great contribution of European meals. These are seasoned with delicious herbs to enhance their taste. Restaurants of Argentina offers a variety of flavors and cuisines. Without barbecue or asado, their gatherings are incomplete. You can’t leave their country without enjoying grilled meats.

With the help of the 30 exciting recipes of this book, you can make delicious meals of Argentina at your own house. Fortunately, all these recipes are available with images and step-by-step instructions. The instructions are simple enough to follow. You can surprise your family by making Argentinean meals in your own kitchen. Start with this book today.

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Low Carb Rezepte – In 12 Minuten Fertig! Schnelle Low Carb Rezepte für eine gesunde und ausgewogene Ernährung (German Edition)

by Martina Kasser

Gesund und fit, Tag für Tag

– Leckere Low-Carb-Rezepte fürs ganze Jahr bringen Abwechslung auf den Tisch

– Ob Frühstück, Feierabend oder Feiertag, mittags im Büro oder einfach zwischendurch: Low Carb macht satt und hält fit

– Der Trend hält an: immer mehr Menschen schwören auf Low Carb

– Jedes Rezept mit brillantem Farbfoto

Sie möchten einfach gut essen und gleichzeitig etwas für Ihre Gesundheit tun? Energie tanken, sich fit fühlen und ganz nebenbei Ihr Wunschgewicht erreichen und halten? Dann ist die Low-Carb-Ernährung genau das Richtige für Sie. Und dieses Buch Ihr wichtigster Küchenhelfer!

Starten Sie den Tag mit einem knusprigen Nuss-Müsli oder einem köstlichen Eiwei�-Omelett. Mittags im Büro lockt der Thai-Hühnchen-Salat im Glas mit Chinakohl und Möhren oder das Blumenkohl-Kokos-Curry. Abends gönnen wir uns Zoodles à la Carbonara. Und mit Haselnuss-Trüffeln, versunkenem Apfelkuchen und Mango-Quark-Trifle fängt auch die Naschkatze in uns wohlig an zu schnurren.

Ob Sie neu einsteigen oder sich schon länger Low Carb ernähren: 365 Low-Carb-Rezepte liefern Ihnen Ideen für jeden Tag im Jahr und für jede Gelegenheit. Ob Hauptgerichte mit oder ohne Fleisch und Fisch, Suppen und Eintöpfe, kleine Gerichte und Snacks, Salate und Raw Food, Frühstücksideen, Desserts, Kuchen und Gebäck: Hier finden Sie die passenden Rezepte.

Flavors of the East Highlands of Guatemala

by Gerrald Mccollister

This is a photo cookbook of recipes from the east highlands of Guatemala, that one will not often find in the average cookbook.

Sauces Cookbook: Top 50 Most Delicious Homemade Sauce Recipes with Modern Sauces and Barbecue Sauces, Recipes for Everyday including Marinades, Rubs, Mopping Sauces (Healthy Food Book 32)

by Teresa Moore

Sauces Cookbook: Top 50 Most Delicious Homemade Sauce Recipes with Modern Sauces and Barbecue Sauces, Recipes for Everyday including Marinades, Rubs, Mopping Sauces

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Food should not only be tasty and useful but also diverse. It is sometimes difficult to reach an atom, since most housewives use a rather limited set of products, except when cooking blue. For a festive table. Meanwhile, there is an easy way to quickly and inexpensively change into the usual food or to cook from the same product completely different taste of the flavor and appearance of the dish. The secret is to use sauces for IV filling, seasonings, Marin batter and breading. About these culinary tricks Many have probably heard and even tried to apply them in practice, but most likely did not attach much importance to them. This book contains the best recipes from around the world: classic French and Italian sauces gravy To meat and poultry. Light and savory dressings for salads canned seasonings for first and second dishes Marin for shish kebab, dishes on the grill. Vegetable and mushroom canned food. Bread and breadcrumbs for meat. Fish seafood vegetables and even fruits All of the above will help housewives to easily diversify the menu of their loved ones and every day to please them with their original and delicious dishes Sauces Those who love to cook know how much sauce can change for the better taste.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Cottage cheese sauce with tomato paste
  • Sauce mayonnaise with herbs
  • Sauce Satsebeli
  • Sauce mayonnaise with garlic
  • Wine sauce for beefsteak
  • Sauce with saffron

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