Free humour Kindle books for 18 Oct 18

Absolutely Graphic

by JT Rice

Absolutely Graphic is a Positively Engaging Readâ??Finding Humor in Words for Anyone!


MANAGE STRESS WITH HUMORâ??this book offers practical options for choosing your words more wisely and keeping it clean even when things aren’t going your way.

EASY, LIGHT READING ANYWHEREâ??read it cover-to-cover or skip around as you please. Absolutely Graphic will capture your attention and provide a welcome escape whenever you need it.

FUN PUNS THAT’LL MAKE YOU THINKâ??Because it’s full of great plays-on-words and devoid of profanity, Absolutely Graphic makes great conversationâ??at the dinner table, with children or otherwise!

Venting your frustration never felt so good or sounded so intelligent. JT Rice’s Absolutely Graphic offers a fun-to-read new approach to replacing angry tirades with clever puns and plays on words. Read it today and begin injecting humor into almost any situationâ??even difficult oneâ??by tomorrow. Diffuse arguments with just the right mix of words and inspire thought and reflection at the same time.

Read Absolutely Graphic straight through or skip around to sections that speak to your sensibilities. Parents will want to share this book with their childrenâ??whether it’s in a moment of frustration (now easily controlled thanks to better choices of words) or during family dinner conversation. You’ll get much further in life when you choose your words with care. And that’s exactly what JT Rice is going for with Absolutely Graphic.

Order today and ditch the profanity for a more refined communication style!

*Percentage of proceeds will be donated to UNICEF.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Spell book Wand Movement Illustrated: Magic Spell book contains all the spells

by Eva Smith

The First and only wholly Illustrated Harry Potter Spellbook Contains the entire spell with beautiful illustration to practice your wand movement.

Who doesn’t love the Harry Potter series? It completed our childhood.

Do you want some companion book to practice your wand movement and cast your spells like the characters in the book or the Movie?

Now you can.

This spellbook contains:

Beautiful illustration to entertain you while casting your spell

Pronunciation for each spell

Illustrated wand movement

Extra Information and notes about each spell.

If you are looking for some book which contains all the spells and potions you can buy this book.

This book can serve a perfect gift for your kids and entertain during the holidays.

This Harry Potter spell book directly introduces to the spell without introducing any introduction about the unwanted information or the author.

Let’s dive into the Magical world.

Sauced up, Scarred and at Sleaze

by G.C. McKay

“A roller coaster ride through the dirtiest side of the people next door.” – Anna Civolani, Writer and Editor

Sauced Up

  • A slang (or ‘colloquial’ for the more literary-minded) term for being drunk or high on illegal drugs, which many of the characters either are or wish to be.

  • Also hinting at the ‘saucy’ and transgressive elements that fuel each story.

  • Think smashed, horny and shitfaced.


  • An insinuation in regards to the emotional state of the personas portrayed. 

  • An ill-intentioned wink towards the debauched and defaced world they inhabit.

  • Think distressed, damaged and perhaps most potently, disturbed.

At Sleaze

  • A cheekily-natured play on the phrase ‘at ease’ as some of the players involved are comfortable with their moral degradation, whilst this book celebrates it. 

  • A warning towards the faint of heart, readers of a sensitive disposition and pusscakes.

  • Think immoral, smutty and sordid.

Sauced up, Scarred and at Sleaze

  • A collection of 8 short stories and novelettes, split right down the middle. Contains themes of drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuous behaviour, nihilism and traumatising coming of age lessons. In other words, ‘Existential Porn.’

  • A salacious anthology of dank, transgressive tales so full of sin you’ll wonder how the hell the author stayed alive long enough to write them.

  • Think: Why am I Not Reading this Right Now? Who the Fuck puts Bullet Points on a Fiction Book? and Did This Blurb Just Call Me a Pusscake?  

“This book isn’t for everybody. You’ve got to be willing to take a trip through some pretty dark places and entertain some of the most perverse ideas committed to paper, completely free of moral judgement.” – Author, Alex Swery (

“Whilst reading, I experienced a sentiment akin to the partaking of forbidden fruit which incited me to continue until the bitter end. Definitely worth leaving your comfort zone for.” – J. Alejo, Review

“A disturbingly well-written collection of stories. Sometimes when I found at the verge of becoming disgusted, I caught myself laughing at an absurd turn of events. How do you get out of a hopeless, and sometimes, ridiculous situation? This book offers stories that describe just that” – Nobody, Amazon Reviewer (of damn good books)

“Sauced up reminds me of Last Exit to Brooklyn, by Hubert Selby, Jr., one of my favorite transgressive authors of all time. It’s got the same rawness to it, a feeling of vitality and life flowing underneath all the grit and slime. I totally loved it.” – Lauren Sapala, author of Between the Shadow and Lo, Firefly Magic and The INFJ Writer

Now available on audible, narrated by the author.

Stormy Full Disclosure Jokes: A funny thing happened on the way to DC

by A. Rightwing

Short listings of funny jokes to make you laugh.Stormy, lawyer and strip club dancer jokes, some risque, some dirty but all clean and no harm intended. all about a fictional character.

Clues to Inside a Man’s Mind

by Michelle Bever

Funny, Inspiring, Truthful, and Insightful well describe what you will find in this book! You will want to share this with family and friends as it is a delight to read.

Them Shes Be Pirates: A Salacious Romp among Maniacal Cutthroats & Mythical Coquettes (Empyreal Privateer Book 2)

by E. Pluribus Van Slyke

As this book opens, our hero finds himself in the midst of a marital dispute. Making his situation particularly precarious, he’s balanced on a thin plank 6,000 feet above the rocky coast of Maine, and the wives prodding him from behind are five of the Mortal Sins. Their collective mood might safely be called stormyâ??Wrath’s a good deal more so than usual.

Even if he survives this confrontation, there are still three bloodthirsty pirates he’ll need to contend with: his father-in-law, the incontrovertibly mad Captain Bonnet, late of Barbados; the epicurean Jean Lafitte, whose fiendish device of torture nearly did in our hero in Book One; and, perhaps most dangerous of all, Jack Tigue, a pirate who’s made evisceration into something of a hobby.

And what of the Amazons who set things in motion by making off with a bundle of feminine booty from the S.S. Paris? Can Van Slyke steel himself to do battle with the ferocious she-pirates, and thereby liberate their captives (if they are indeed captives)?

Chances are slim. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t adventures and bed-hopping aplenty, including a trip back to reality from the world of fiction, and a perilous night spent with the Sins Wrath and Pride, both under the spell of a powerful aphrodisiacâ?¦.

NEED MONEY? BUY SOME!: Selection Of My Thoughts/Aphorisms (Volume Book 1)

by Dr. Drasko Veselinovic

Have fun and read some bestselling wise and provocative sayings at the same time! More than 1000 aphorisms. Prepare yourself for the amusement and joy when reading this book. The first one in a series. You’ll love it.

In this book, you will find wise, funny, and provocative thoughts or aphorisms as we call them on finance, the stock market (wisdom), business, entrepreneurship, jobs, information technology, economics, legal, health and psychological issues, sports, women-men relationship, family, politics, people characteristics and some also on general wisdom issues.

There are so many problematic, weird, ridiculous, contradictory, wrong, awkward and other characteristically typical situations that we have been facing in our lives every single day. Drasko writes them down and makes them intelligent and also funny with a kind of â??twist’ that every good, wise, provocative thought should have. We call it aphorism. Reading aphorisms is a fun, relaxation and a reminder. You might also want to use them in certain situations as many people did already with many of those that Drasko wrote.

Dr. Drasko Veselinovic published already three books of sayings/quotes/proverbs so far, and they were all very successful. They all received outstanding critics, and sold very well. They also attracted some sponsors. Drasko’s aphorisms were reproduced on TV, radio, in all kind of newspapers and magazines, they used them for different quotes, examples. In one school they chose some of his aphorisms and printed them on T-shirts which were given out to the winners of the school reading competition. There were also some literary evenings organized with some famous actors reading them. Among others, a very famous European poet, a member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in European Union, whose poems were translated in many leading languages, wrote a rewarding critic about Drasko’s book and him personally what makes this book additionally unique. You can read his direct words in the introduction of the book. This digital and printed book of aphorisms is his first one in English.

Therefore, after all, said, just go and buy this book and start reading or/and using some wise, funny and provocative thoughts on the most exciting aspects of life including very rare aphorisms that are his favorite on finance, stock exchange, economy, economics, business, and woman-men-family relationship. Learn what exciting â??twisted’ aphorisms are and have some wicked thoughts yourself too.

Drasko Veselinovic has Ph.D. in financial economics/international finance, and many aphorisms are on that subject. He was in charge of establishing the stock exchange what is, by the way, the title of his next book. He was the CEO of Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) for 15 years. Later he served as CEO of different international financial institutions and in parallel as associated professor of finance. He already solely published six classically printed books on different financial topics, and they were all very successful. He appeared additionally in some international books as co-author. He is currently residing and working in Brussels, Belgium where he is managing SBRA, international association which is dealing with different European institutions.

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