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The First Halloween

by B. Serene

Ever wonder where the festival of Halloween comes from? This book tells the story in a fun way for children, why we dress up, go trick or treating and cut out faces in pumpkins.

Creative Kids + Fun Activities: Make all Natural Edible Slime, Play Dough, Play Putty, Paper Crafts, Giant Bubble, Liquid Rainbow, Watercolor Paint & so Much More!

by Nancy Roberts

Creative Kids + Fun Activities

Make all Natural Edible Slime, Play Dough, Play Putty, Paper Crafts, Giant Bubble, Liquid Rainbow, Watercolor Paint & so Much More!

Growing up in a joint family with 17 siblings and cousins, we had to learn how to entertain ourselves without many resources. I was crafty from an early age; it is something I got from my mother.

Now, as a responsible mother of three highly energized rascals myself, I knew I had to do something to keep the expenses down, and the idea to make these homemade thingamajigs for my kids will not only keep them off the gadgets, but it will also give them something to bond overâ??whether with me, or with each other.

And even despite their varying ages and hobbiesâ??my pretty loves are eight, six and a half, and fourâ??these natural homemade toys will keep them happily playing together for hours on end. That’s certainly a lot cheaper than buying toys and games for each child depending on their likes, dislikes, and age group!

In this book, we’ll talk about how to make your own slime, clay, play putty, and plenty of other classic kids’ favorites using all-natural, environmentally safe ingredients to make sure that you and your kids’ health is covered.

You’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks on what to do and what NOT to do based on my own quirky experiences, as well as get some recommended activities that you and your children can do together without breaking the bankâ??because who says fun has to be expensive, right?

Here Is What I Share In This Book:

  • How To Make Edible Slime
  • How To Make Kool Aid Slime
  • How To Make Play Dough Modeling Clay
  • How To Make Herbal Play Dough
  • How To Make Natural And Safe Play Putty
  • How To Make Seven-Stacked Liquid Rainbow
  • How To Build Creative Paper Crafts
  • How To DIY Homemade Paper
  • Stained Glass Paintings
  • Paper Towel Art
  • How To Create Ocean In A Bottle
  • How To Create Colored Laboratory
  • How To Make Archeological Dino Dig
  • How To Make Homemade Watercolor Paint
  • How To Make Clean Mud
  • How To Make DIY Outdoor Paint
  • How To Make Giant Bubble
  • How To Create Homemade Colorful Eruptions
  • How To Make Salt Trey Writing Fun

And so much moreâ?¦

The Noble Anthony and His Lady Cleopatra: Return Home

by Paulette Gaines Wood


The Wilkinson Family has never been the same since the day that they went to the animal shelter to get a dog. It was there that the Abyssinian cat, Cleopatra, and her English Mastiff husband, Anthony, joined their family. Now the bejeweled cat who travels through the small city of Bowie, Maryland on the big dog’s head have become a regular fixture in the city where they have made many friends, both animal and human alike.

The two are filled with great sorrow and join all the dogs in the community when they must say good-bye to a dear animal friend. To comfort His Boy, Jeffrey, Anthony shares a secret about dogs and cats that few humans have ever known.

When the well-meaning Auntie Emma-Gene is called upon to sit for The Boys while The Parents take a much needed vacation to Hawaii, she decides to take The Wilkinson Boys back to her home in Egypt. Anthony and Cleopatra are forced to accompany them on this well-meaning and dangerous undertaking. When the rules designed to keep everyone safe are broken, the cat and dog must join forces with another Mastiff and Abyssinian who live in The Temple of Bastet in order to rescue their humans from certain harm. While Cleopatra wonders if this time it will be her turn to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the humans. 

As new life is celebrated in the community, The Lady Cleopatra must reassure The Noble Anthony that she has no regrets about choosing him as her husband.

The Noble Anthony and His Lady Cleopatra Return Home is the second book in the series by #1 International Best Selling author Paulette Gaines Wood. In this book the importance of following the rules is driven home with heart pounding adventure wrapped in love and commitment for both children and adults.

Alabama Oh and the Art Festival (Explore Artists Book 5)

by Andi Cann

Called, “a girl who captured my heart,” Alabama Oh is back! If you like books about “fierce, independent girls” you will love Alabama Oh and the Art Festival, the third book in the Alabama Oh series.

She and Pierre Noir Blanc have been asked to organize the town’s art festival. Only one problem, Mr. Fubberjubbit is totally against it. He’s told the mayor, “No way.”

Alabama and Pierre must find a way to change his mind or the festival will be canceled! Can they do it? Find out!
This colorful children’s story celebrates public art and sculpture, as well as showing children examples of independent thinking, taking on challenges, and self-directed activity.

Thomas the Torturer

by Luke Binns

Thomas loved to pull legs from spiders, wings from flies and to squash ants. But when he decides to melt John the snail with salt, the badly injured John comes up with a plan to teach Thomas a lesson he will never forget!

Very Deep Mysteries Of Bible

by Father John

This book gonna tell you about the Mysteries of bible very deeply.

Humblenot and The Rat & The Cat (Humblenot’s Storytime Book 2)

by Charlie Forrestt

â??Humblenot and The Rat & The Cat’ is a story written by Charlie Forrestt for children of all ages. This is the second story in the â??Humblenot’s Story Time’ series. It joins, â??Humblenot and The Robin & The Sparrow’.

There will be many other stories from Humblenot in the future.

Humblenot is a storyteller, a forest dweller, a human-like creature who may once have been a brave crusading Knight … but he might also have been a Dragon handler. Today, Humblenot is telling the story of â??The Rat & The Cat’ and what happened when the Duchess ordered the Kingdom be rid of rats.

Each Humblenot story will reveal more about him and the place where he lives and he will always tell a story. However, his stories won’t always be just for the children because as you will see, grown-ups like to hear his stories too!

â??Humblenot and The Rat & The Cat’ is published for Kindle and is available exclusively in the Amazon Kindle Store. The story is also published as a paperback and again, available exclusively through Amazon.

Fun Times with Colors

by Ninah Phil

How many colors do you see? Fun Times with Colors is an interactive book that will teach and help your kid(s) to become familiar with some basic colors.

Halloween: Trick or Treat! (Sammy the Bird Book)

by V Moua

Children’s Book: Halloween: Trick or Treat!
Bedtime Stories for Kids

It’s Halloween night! Our friend, Sammy, will be knocking on your front door. This little bird will ask you for candy. But, Sammy has cavitiesâ??so do not give him any candy!

This is a read aloud kids book and is easy to read. The target age range audience is for toddlers, preschool and young children.

This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. It is suitable for parents to read to their children. Grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren.

Read this children’s book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership!

Wildlife Explorers: Penguins

by Eladia Woods

How do penguins live their life differently or similarly to other birds? What are common terms used to describe their world? Wildlife Explorers takes you in the amazing world of penguins as we learn about their habitat, their communication with others, and their parenthood.

Have young readers step into learning with fun facts and beautifully captured images that can be used for colored or black and white kindles. Short sentences ensures simplicity and bold words helps guides children into learning new words with pronunciations and meanings. The book is good for reading to oneself or for guided reading so both you and your child can explore the world of penguins!

Greyson Gray: Fair Game (Funny Action Series for Boys and Girls Age 9-12) (The Greyson Gray Series Book 2)

by B.C. Tweedt

Adventure from the time you open the first page…” – Kathryn Bennett, Readers Favorite 
Buckle in! The award-winning series cranks up the intensity with more action, more humor, and more romance as Greyson and his lovable friends discover the world is far more complicated and the terrorists far more sinister than they ever imagined.

After thwarting a major terrorist attack, the twelve-year-old secret savior of thousands, Greyson Gray, is given a new identity and forced into seclusion to hide from the Eye of Eyes - the most wanted man in the world and the leader of a rising terrorist group trying to divide the United States. 

But Greyson can only be secluded so long. Drawn toward suspicious activity at the massive Iowa State Fair, Greyson and his faithful friends uncover a plot even more insidious than before – one that threatens the fibers of the nation and possibly the next president of the United States. For Greyson, everything is on the line – his father’s whereabouts, his relationship with Sydney, and the lives of everyone he loves. With new weapons, a new rival in love, and new enemies, there’s no holding back. It’s all fair game.
Threaded with witty, sarcastic humor and gritty suspense, Fair Game puts you in Greyson’s shoes not only as he battles evil in thrilling chases, but also as he deals with his awkward first crush, menacing bullies, and the loss of his father. Parents will especially love Greyson’s moral compass – his daring drive to do what is right even when it’s hard. Many say this is a boy book, especially for boys ages 9-12 (preteen). But, while it’s true that boys who enjoy spy or detective books with plenty of action and adventure, a dash of mystery and a heaping of humor will love this book, girls have proven to love it, too! They love the feisty and capable Sydney, the budding romance, and the horse chases along with everything else the boys like! Even adults enjoy the nostalgia, witty humor, and the light-hearted action.
The adventure only gets more epic from here. Continue today!

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