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Mail Order Bride : Redemption: A Collection of Mail Order Bride & Christian Romance

by Terri Downes

A collection of Mail Order Bride and Christian Romance tales…
Serenity never thought she’d be a mail-order bride in her wildest dreams. But when she sees a photo in a mail order ad of the man she believes killed her brother, Serenity agrees to marry the lawman who did her family wrong. Prepared to gain revenge against a cold-hearted killer then return home, she finds all her expectations dashed when her intended husband appears to be a good man. Serenity’s loyalties are torn between honoring the memories of her family and her undeniable attraction to her new husband who isn’t what she thought he would be….

The Little Book Of Mental Fitness

by Junior Goude

Mental Fitness: what is it? who needs it? and how can improve it overnight? In this little book we will discuss that and exactly how detrimental it is to your emotional well being and even physical health. The author has used the latest in psychological research to compile this little book into a bite size easy read, so you can read and learn in the shortest amount of time possible. Aimed at those people who don’t like reading or prefer a youtube video this book will serve as a short read for you to enjoy all the while.

Eloping Amish: a collection of amish romance

by Monica Marks

An Anthology of Amish Romance
Lovina is an orphaned girl grows up in an Amish community but is viewed with disdain by some of the older members because they do not know of her family of origin. And when she falls in love with the handsome Abraham, things only worsen for her when his mother doesn’t approve of their courtship. Will she and Abraham flee the community to get married or can they get his mother to see the light?
Anna is enjoying her Rumspringa with an Englisch young man named Chris much to the dismay of Elijah who has loved her his whole life. Elijah is shy and now regrets not telling Anna of his feelings for her as she strays from the life he had dreamed for them on the Amish farm. But when Anna’s father is hospitalized, Anna is forced to return home. Both Chris and Elijah lend support, but Anna finds herself leaning on Elijah more and more. Will she return to life on the farm with him or will she leave the Amish community once and for all with Chris?
Isaac and Miriam have been best friends since third grade but now that they are two high school graduating young adults, they look at each other with different eyes. But Miriam’s domineering father has other ideas for who gets her hand in marriage, setting her up with another man in the community. Upon hearing the news, Isaac is devastated and prepares to enter the military despite the Amish opposition to war. Will Miriam go against her father’s commands and give her hand in marriage to the man she truly loves before its too late?
Anna does not want to get married to the man her father has arranged for her so she is left with only one alternative. Running away to the Englisch world. Once on the outside, Anna meets a man with whom she has a lot in common with. He has also left an Amish community after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Unlike her, however, he wants to return. Will she join him on his quest to return to the Amish community he loved so much?
After Abigail’s longtime boyfriend has suddenly decided to leave both her and the Amish community behind, she feels as if her world has just fallen apart. All of her hopes and dreams of happily married life were predicated on her romance with Jacob…But God does have a plan for her though… and although she has trouble trusting His hand in her life she sees that he has bigger plans for her as she meets a widowed young man who has a young daughter that takes to her immediately…Will romance blossom for her once again?
Annie has been invited to live away from her community by her Englisch friend up north. She arrives and meet the charming sean who begins courting her immediately. But her new boss is another Amish emigre who also begins expressing an interest. But as the two vy for her attention Annie begins to miss her family and community. She has a choice to make: return home or follow through on her new life and possibly a new love?

Chasing the Algorythm: Defragmenting your Mindset

by Kerry Girling


This has always been (and always will be) the most commonly asked question among humanity.
What do you think? What have you learned already?

Without any elaborate announcement of the reality behind Life it’s rather safe to say that humanity has not only answered this question but they’ve subtly regenerated this true life form and replaced it with common man-made materials. They’ve simulated it through 1’s and 0’s – a binary code that’s mathematically calculated through an algorithm, and they’ve implemented its characteristics into every application that humanity adheres to.

We’ve seen it in the latest technology – through virtual reality and some of our most favorite video games, how humans literally mimicked life; everything about it. Applications on our tablets are capable of doing almost everything a human can do, including emotional structure. Computer applications have infiltrated our society vastly, and they’ve become so real to us that they seem like second nature. Literally everything we do these days is computer generated.

The knowledge within these pages is something that would’ve been literally impossible to explain decades ago. It’s couldn’t have possibly been taken seriously in Medieval times when the Bible was “justified” because the Internet or Computers weren’t even invented, nor was computer programming. It’s a sad reality that even people in the 60’s couldn’t comprehend the true reality behind Life.

It’s not only the safest bet – among all the pseudo-imaginative realities such as Christ’s visit to Earth, Alien breeding, or the Big Bang…that Life is simply a video game, built through computer programming. And, humans are the characters within it.

Humans and every physical object in reality are managed in a program called Life. This program is ran by an algorithm that determines fate – the Story of each of Us. The actions we make daily are intertwined into an algorithmic calculation that justifies our emotions and overall experience. When one comes to understand the mathematics behind Life’s algorithm and applies it to becoming a better character within the program he will generate a happier life.

The truth is; humanity has already been taking advantage of this algorithm of life for Centuries. Although humanity is young in its physical stages, those who have absorbed this knowledge and implemented it into their everyday regimen have indulged in some of the greatest pleasures Life has to offer, professionally, personally, passionately and materialistically.

Chasing the Algorithm will make you want to take what you’ve learned about Life already and throw it aside. The truth behind these pages will assist you in understanding the reason behind your most trivial experiences. It will also bring reasoning to your questions about what’s pertinent to a happy Life.

The full explanation behind the Algorithm of Life is within these pages – waiting for you to understand it so you can live happier.

I’ll let you decide…

A Date for the Goose Girl: A Middleton Prep Novella

by Laura Ann

Who is the real L.G.?

Mateo Kingsley was desperate to find a woman who would look beyond his wallet, which led him to an online dating site that banned pictures or names. When he feels a deep connection with L.G., he can’t help but be overeager to meet her in person. But surprising L.G. at the school where she works proves to have dire consequences. Strange coincidences soon lead Mateo to believe he is dating the wrong L.G. But why won’t anyone tell him the truth?

Tired of being left behind in the romance department, Lucy Gozling finds herself signed up for online dating. To her surprise, she begins a correspondence with M.K., a man who quickly begins to steal Lucy’s heart. But when she discovers he has mistaken one of her colleagues for herself, she sets out to put things right. When her job is threatened if she exposes the truth, Lucy must decide what she is willing to risk. A career she loves or the man who might just be her Happily Ever After.

‘A Date for the Goose Girl’ is the fourth installment in the Middleton Prep series. Each story is a clean, contemporary retelling of your favorite fairy tales. Although each story is a standalone, they are best read in order.

Series Order
Prequel: ‘A Home for the Ugly Duckling’ (receive as a FREE gift when you sign up for my newsletter)
Book #1: ‘The Librarian and Her Beast’
Book #2: ‘Ms. Cinder’s Prince’
Book #3: ‘Waking Ms. Briar’
Book #4: ‘A Date for the Goose Girl’
Book #5: Coming September 2018

Why Am I Unhappy?: Identifying the Problem and Finding a Solution

by Dave Luton

PLEASE NOTE: This book is also available in two paperback sizes with Amazon via CreateSpace. The paperback associated with this Kindle version is a larger (8.5 x 11 in) size. I have recently published a smaller version (6 x 9 in) for those who don’t want the larger format.

This book is for anyone who is unhappy or who has ever struggled with unhappiness. In it I will share the principles which have changed my own life, and I will walk the reader through the process of conquering this potentially debilitating juggernaut by providing an example which can be followed, step by step.

Table of Contents
Understanding the Root of Our Unhappiness
Unrealistic Expectations
Be Honest with Yourself and with Your Situation
my personal example
1. unhappiness at work/conflicts with boss or co-workers*
2. economic problems (I don’t make enough money!)
3. medical problems (related to my depression)
4. feeling that I don’t have control over important things in my life
5. stress/boredom
6. frustration or inability to make myself understood
7. feeling of alienation/societal problems
8. low self-esteem/anger
Now, it’s your turn!
Finding a Solution
Realistic Assessments and Making a Game Plan
Conquering Fear and Procrastination
Finding a Purpose
Make a list!
Get a hobby or do something fun!
Helping Others
Conquering Negative Thoughts
Conquering Anger and Bitterness
internal anger
external anger
conquering bitterness
misunderstandings regarding forgiveness
bilateral forgiveness
unilateral forgiveness
Give me a break!
Living One Day at a Time
Seeing Life As an Adventure
Having a Sense of Humor
Recognizing a Blessing in Disguise

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