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What You Need To Know About The Biblical law of place And Why (The Biblical Law of Effectiveness Book 3)

by Raymond Doward

What is the Biblical Law of Effectiveness?
To begin the Hebrew word for effective is (yah-EEL) and it also contains another word, efficient. If a person is effective at something then they are also efficient and vice versa. The dictionary meaning for effective is Success in producing a desired or intended result. The plan of Salvation was an effective and efficient plan that God instituted through his Son Jesus Christ. It was effective because God brought mankind into right relationship with himself while efficiently cutting the cost of enumerable sacrifices through the blood of goat’s bullocks, turtle doves and such like. The Bible is effective because despite all attempts to physically destroy it, it remains the best seller of all times. Everything that the Word of God is applied to will become more effective than it otherwise would be without it. Marriages become effective when biblical principles are applied to the relationship. Finances become effective when biblical financial principles are applied. Child rearing, Health, ministry, and anything else become effective because the plan and purpose of God rules when Biblical principles are applied.

Flowers of Nowhere: A Historical Amish Romance Collection

by Kate Durham

A collection of historical Amish romance…A young Amish woman named Mary agrees to marry a gravely wounded Civil War soldier calling himself Abraham Miller. They have a wedding before he dies, thereby giving Mary the rights to his land and giving Abraham the peace of knowing someone will care for his younger brother after he’s gone–a convenience for both of them.

After the war, Mary fulfills her side of the bargain–until the real Abraham Miller shows up, injured but definitely alive, and he wastes no time in challenging Mary’s story. Mary doesn’t know what to do. After months of claiming to be his widow, how can she explain that she’s never seen this Abraham Miller before? How can she convince him that she isn’t some scammer? And will she find a way to stay, even though this practical arrangement has turned into a most inconvenient marriage?

Biblical Principles of Change for Life Study Guide

by Raymond Doward

The world today does not have a moral problem, it just needs to change, People don’t have a weight problem; they just need to change. People don’t have problems in the area of Relationship; there just needs to be change. It is said that new habits can be formed in as little as 30 days and all that amounts to be is change. The bible talks about where change must begin in Romans 12:2 where it declares to be transformed (changed) by the renewing of the mind.

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