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Wilderness Survival Guide: Traps And Snares to Find Food In The Wilderness

by Homer Horton

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Wilderness Survival Guide: Traps And Snares to Find Food In The Wilderness

You never know what you may run into when you are in the wilderness. The fear of being attacked by animals and the risk of dying out of hunger looms large. This is exactly where this book comes into help.

With this book, you will be able to hone your hunting skills in an impeccable manner. As a prepper, you need to be well-versed with the art of killing animals, trapping them and hunting them for their meat. In this book, you will learn some of the smartest and the simplest traps which you can quickly set and then learn how you will be able to use them for serving your own need.

If you have the courage and the will to actually put a fight, this is your chance to perfect your skills further. Grab this book and master the art of hunting the wild animals for food as a pro prepper.

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A Woman Whipped Your Ass: More Intense Emasculation

by Ken Phillips

In some cases these women love their men. In other cases, lessons need to be taught and learned. Step one for the gorgeous women always seems to be seems to convince these men to go against them, risking their very manhood. The women then prove that they are superior to the gentlemen in ever possible way. Chokes, pins, scissor locks, lift and carries, victory poses and more as these women glare at their beaten men with a combination of amusement and downright arousal. The man lay defeated, demoralized, sore and often times frightened. If you love the dynamic of mined/intergender wrestling where the women defeats and destroys her male opponents, then this is the book for you! Just as is the case with all of my Kindle Books, these are amazing values and are sure to please! See why so many people worldwide are enjoying these sensual, sexy Kindle Book! Check out all of my offering!

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