Free travel Kindle books for 18 Oct 18

Nice City Guide (Europe Travel Series Book 132)

by R.G. Richardson

Nice City Guide – Interactive City Guide
Stop typing and start clicking on searches with over 2600 preset searches in the latest City Guides and Brochures from the author R.G.Richardson.
Just pick and click with over 2600 preset searches for greater accuracy and ease. Stop using paper guides and start using our interactive city search guides and brochures that include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Facebook, Twitter, Baidu, SlideShare, YouTube or Pinterest searches that are never out of date!
Use as white or yellow pages and use it even more often to keep up with what is going on and happening in your city! It also makes for a good gift or promotional item for somebody that has just moved to a new city.  Real Estate agents use it as a promotional tool and you use to check Real Estate listing, condos, or rental apartments available in the city.
Travel City Guides let you use the internet’s full power by eliminating errors with preset keywords, click on the button and you are there; just pick and click the button, no typing. Fully mobile – it works on any pc, pad, iphone and that has access to the Internet WiFi anywhere. Don’t think about typing, you are good to go with better results and fewer typos. Sit back in the coffee shop and search away on their WiFi! Our guides are organized into several targeted information Guides including hotels, Airbnb, bed and breakfast, restaurants, pubs, historical sites, shopping, transportation, attractions, real estate, jobs and events. Stay up to date with what is happening in your city!
New 2nd Editions rolling out on all guides as of June 1, 2018.
New Real Estate and Job Employment Series 2018. Shopping guides coming soon.
Available at Amazon, Google Play and Books, Kobo, Indigo, Chapters and Walmart Books.

libro de viajes wanderlust en colombia y estados unidos: mas alla de los viajes (Spanish Edition)

by andrea garcia

esta es la reedicion del libro de mas alla de los viajes, tiene mas historias de los protagonistas en colombia y estados unidos. este es el primer libro de la serie mas alla de los viajes. espera el proximo libro. este es el comienzo de nuestro libro de aventuras wanderlust en colombia y estados unidos.

VIETNAMESE FOOD: VIETNAM TRAVEL ONE BITE AT A TIME (Vietnam Travel and Vietnamese Recipe Series Book 1)


Cookbook author and food writer Chef Tummy writes about his immersion, one bite at a time, in Vietnamese food while atop a plastic stool in the street side family-owned Vietnamese restaurants in this loving memoir about the tough and tender, strong and soft, sweet and sour country of Vietnam.

“This is the Vietnam that I saw while living there for a year and in traveling with my best friend and cooking partner known as “The Mayor Of Food” as we rambled from top to bottom, eating, drinking and merrily enjoying both the calm and chaos that is Vietnam.”

This book describes the weird and wonderful array of Vietnamese food from pho noodle soup to banh mi sandwiches to the horror of fresh cobra heart in rice liquor to the patient anticipation of Vietnamese drip coffee.

  • Chef Tummy survives his internship with the tough but unfair Chef Phuong in her Saigon Ben Thanh Market spring roll shop

  • Travels with his cooking partner “The Mayor of Food” who carries two corkscrews in her purse “just in case one breaks”

  • The comedy of learning to sing “Jingle Bells” in Vietnamese

  • Drinking with the bowling champion of Vietnam as the roof of the grilled meat restaurant disappears

  • Exploring Saigon’s hidden “everything but the squeal” pig parts eateries with Vietnamese language tutor Michelle Ma Belle

For chefs and adventurous eaters who enjoy the style of Anthony Bourdain, Calvin Trillin, Andrew Zimmern, Ruth Reichl, Fuchsia Dunlop, Jim Gaffigan, Gabrielle Hamilton and Julia Child, this book about Vietnamese food and Vietnamese travel will make you want to return, go for the first time or just eat Vietnamese food immediately.

Pittsburgh, LGBTQ Friendly: Visitor’s Guide

by Sherri Granato

Pittsburgh has vastly become a Mecca city to the LGBTQ community due to popular demand of unique outlets along with the number of people who seek them. This is largely due to the multitude of activities, bars, festivals, and overall friendliness that the city extends to anyone who is willing to check out the many venues that Pittsburgh has to offer. Since 1973, one of the most colorful month long events in June offers a Pride march, live music, food, entertainment, parties, and seminars, all celebrating the LGBTQ community. Each year the LGBTQ community has been welcomed in Pittsburgh. This tradition has been going strong since the early 70’s. The “Steel City” has had a gay-rights ordinance formally on the books since 1990 that prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh is one of the top organizations that provides LGBTQ individuals, their families and supporters in Western Pennsylvania with resources and opportunities to promote visability, understanding and equality within the LGBTQ communities and the community-at-large.

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