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The Real Story of Thanksgiving: Early Encounters Europeans and Indians

by Pippa Pralen

(63 pgs.): Beyond the Myths: Did you know: the first contact was an English-speaking Indian asking the Pilgrims for a glass of beer? the first landing was not on “Plymouth Rock”? early contacts were happening a century before Plymouth? 100 years before Plymouth coastal Indians shocked the explorer Verrazano with indecent gestures from the shore? Get to know Squanto as more than a man planting fish heads with corn, but rather a talented diplomat. A nuanced view of some of the major characters. A different perspective and background of the First Thanksgiving, as well as the first years of New England long before Plymouth plantation. Book is filled with interesting graphics and images

Bride of Second Chances (South Dakota Series Book 3)

by Ruth Ann Nordin

Jeremy Graham made a promise to Rebecca, his wife, that he would never love another woman. After Rebecca’s untimely death, her sister, Jane Syas, is about to be sold into marriage to a disgusting older man who only wants her to warm his bed and to do the chores around his house. Jeremy can’t bring himself to stand idly by while her brother makes such an arrangement. Not only does he feel duty-bound to protect Rebecca’s younger sister, but Jane’s always been a friend in whom he could confide in. So he steps in to give her his name and his home, with the understanding that this is only a marriage of convenience. Love will never factor into the equation.

Jane, who has always been shy and content to hide in the shadows, begins to stir up old feelings in himâ??feelings for which Jeremy isn’t prepared to feel again. And before long, he feels torn between holding onto the love he had for Rebecca and letting Rebecca go so that he can, once again, look forward to the future. He never imagined that marrying Jane would offer him a chance for love that he never thought he’d get again. With Jane, the future spans before him, and it’s wonderful. But dare he take it? Or would he be betraying the love he had for his first wife?

Jeremy is Eliza’s real son, and in this book, he’ll discover he’s adopted so he and Jane will search for Eliza.

*This historical romance is part of the South Dakota series. It can also be read as a stand-alone novel.

#1 Loving Eliza
#2 Bid for a Bride
#3 Bride of Second Chances

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