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Ghost Writer

by Rick Just

Best Young Adult Book, Best Ebook, 2015 Idaho Author Awards

Sam expected a new phone for her birthday. Instead, she got an old leather diary that was supposed to be some kind of heirloom. So, she wrote something snarky in it about the really, really great gift and tossed it aside. What was even the point of all those blank pages and no keyboard? Later, she noticed someone else was writing in the diary every day. First, she thought it was her dad, who gave her the awesome gift in the first place. He was playing a trick on her and pretending to be some girl from a hundred years ago. Like she was going to believe that? Then one night she happened to see words forming across the page one letter at a time and the next thing she knew she was standing on top of her bed like rug sharks were circling below and she so had to text Hailey if she could just stop biting her fingers.

I Can Handle Special Occasions (Mindful Mantras Book 3)

by Laurie Wright

Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and you’re feeling it…. OHhhh nooooo.

Not only does your child feel easily overwhelmed by crowds, costumes, and family gatherings, but they also struggle with changes in routine. 

Use this book filled with funny pictures and ideas to help your young children realize that they CAN handle the tricky emotions special days can cause. 
Birthday presents that aren’t for them? They can handle it. 

Weird food they have to eat at someone else’s house? They can handle it. 

Celebrating a special holiday for the first time without a loved one.  They can handle it!
Help your child or students handle the range of emotions that accompany special occasions, build self-esteem and provide a coping tool to last their lifetimes. 

Emotions are tricky and hard to handle when you’re small, and kids need our help! Mindful Mantras equip children with a necessary skill in order to cope with worries that arise during special occasions.  

Teachers and parents have the most difficult and important jobs.  As a giant THANK YOU there are free resources to accompany this book. Simply go to now!

Lilac Skully and the Carriage of Lost Souls

by Amy Cesari

Would you take a ride in the Carriage of Lost Souls?

The only living soul in Skully Manor (other than her cat), nine-year-old Lilac comes up with a daring plan to find her father. 
But when she travels to the world of the dead, she discovers more danger and darkness than she could’ve imagined. Not all ghosts are friendly, and Lilac’s heroic rescue efforts turn into a grim reality that she may not escape.

Join Lilac on a haunting adventure as she finds the courage to leave Skully Manor, face her foes, and make new friends.

If you like spooky, fun, middle-grade books, check out Lilac Skully and the Carriage of Lost Souls.

Dragon Racer 1 (Dragon Racers)

by M. R. Mathias

Dragon Racer 1 is the first book of a new “All Ages,” Gaslamp, fairy tale saga, by multiple award winning, #1 Amazon bestselling author,
M. R. Mathias.

Dragon Racers

Hovering in the Otherworld above a dystopian land called the Dregs is a place where humans, dwarves, and all the creatures of fae gather once a year to wager fortunes and celebrate the spirit of competition. The place is called Sky Island, for the dragons race around it. Those who risk life, limb, and wing to compete before the gods are granted a kingdom of their own if they win. It is no small thing.

But to race at Sky Island is by invitation only. A dragon racer must first win a Chalice in the realm of men before the gods will even take notice.

Dragon Racer 1

After losing her mother, Sharrah Che has moved in with her widowed Aunt. She and Aunt Sadie work at Guotin’s bakery across the lane and enjoy a decent life living under the king’s protection just off of prosperous Gaslamp Avenue. Not all single women are as lucky in this steam and spring powered kingdom full of poor, prosperous, and sometimes unsavory men. Just when Sharrah is starting to feel normal again, and because she is now of an appropriate age, her aunt decides to take her to the dragon races. From there Sharrah’s life is twisted into chaos after she is turned into little more than a prize for Luumin, a terrifying wizard with eyes the color of fall leaves.

At Dragon’s Keep, while punishing Luumin, angry King Travvingto mistakes Sharrah for a racer in training and orders her to ride the dragon named Azure in an upcoming race. All she has to do is hold on and let dark Anshi win.

But things are never so simple.

Don’t miss this amazing new manchu longwei (pure dragon greatness) series from the multiple award winning author who has sold more than a million eBooks and given away over two million more.

Also by M. R. Mathias: The Wardstone Trilogy, The Dragoneer Saga, The Legend of Vanx Malic, The Crimzon and Clover Short Stories, and Fantastica.

Dragon Racer, book two is scheduled to release before Christmas 2018, and book three in late Spring of 2019.

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