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1324: A Dark Thriller

by M Hickmon


“Hickmon unleashes a shocking blitzkrieg of murder, conspiracy, and child abuse in this disturbing, breathlessly plotted murder mystery…. Eschewing easy answers for moral complexity, this thriller is unsettling entertainment that offers catharsis.” â?? Publishers Weekly

Amazon Top 10 Best Seller in Vigilante Justice Thrillers

Detective William Hursel has worked countless murder cases, staring down the cruelest deeds humanity has to offer. But nothing prepares him for what he’ll uncover while pursuing 14-year-old Christopher Pesner, a suspect in the brutal rage-killing of his own mother. While news reports focus on Chris’s odd obsession with the violent, blasphemous heavy metal band, Rehoboam, Hursel suspects a deeper motive â?? a hunch that is confirmed when Chris’s second victim is discovered. Racing to piece together the identity of Chris’s next target, Hursel unearths a shocking link between an embattled politician, a controversial celebrity and a shadowy underworld where human traffickers ply the wealthy with unseemly indulgences.

“intensely involving as the plot hastens to its climax” â?? Kirkus Reviews

“succeeded in unnerving me” â?? Darkness Beckons

“a hard-hitting, emotionally charged crime story” â?? Midwest Book Review

“Riveting and appropriately disturbing from cover to cover” â?? San Francisco Book Review

“doesn’t let go till the end”Fresh Fiction

Top 10 Best Seller in Vigilante Justice Thrillers Recorded August 2016 –
Reviewed on Page 66 of Publishers Weekly December 2014 “Best Books” annual

The Little Math Boy: And The King’s Journal

by V. M. Robinson

Eleven-year-old Bryan Stuart had no idea his silly habit of scratching math equations into the dirt would catch the king of England’s eye on the first day of school. Bryan is even more surprised when King Edmondâ??known for being an important nineteenth-century mathematician and part-time teacherâ??offers to privately coach him and enhance his extraordinary ability.

Bryan excitedly accepts and is relieved when his ill grandfather, who cares for him while his parents are working in America, is invited to join him at the king’s castle. It is there Bryan meets the queen and becomes friends with Princess Meryell, who loves to dance and always has a sparkle in her eyes. All seems well until unexpected tragedy strikes. Not long afterward, Princess Meryell suffers an accident and ends up in a wheelchairâ??and King Edmond dies.

All Bryan has left of his mentor is his theory-filled math journal. The theories could help Princess Meryell walk and eventually dance againâ??if only Bryan could solve them! Determined to help his friend, this little math boy must unravel complicated equations and convince the princess and the king’s researchers that loyalty, perseverance, and intelligence can make a difference at any age.

Aider Votre Enfant A Avoir Confiance En Lui: Eduquer pour un meilleur avenir (French Edition)

by Valérie Sanson

Un enfant qui souffre d’un manque de
confiance en lui-même aura beaucoup de *
difficultés et de problèmes à un âge avancé.

Il est important de détecter le problème
aussi tôt que possible, et d’y apporter
les solutions nécessaires.

Vous trouverez dans ce livre :

– L’erreur atroce à ne pas commettre
devant les problèmes que rencontre l’enfant

– Comment les parents doivent se comporter
devant leurs enfants

– Comment réagir si l’enfant vous pose
des questions ” gênantes “

– Comment réagir quand l’enfant vous
fait part de ses petits soucis

– Comment encourager votre enfant

– Quoi faire quand l’enfant subit
une déception ou est triste

– Les habitudes à instaurer chez
l’enfant pour cultiver son estime de soi

Et d’autres choses encore.

A Moment With Mommy Spanish – Un Momento Con Mami

by Alex Bricker

Un niño pequeño está en busca del momento perfecto con su mama. Ella tendrá tiempo de setar con él? Averigualo en esta conmovedora historia de madre a hijo que peudes usar para conectarte con tu pequeño niño.

A little boy is in search of the perfect moment with his mommy. Will he find it?

You can read with your little one any time of the day and it works as a great mother-son bonding moment. It also makes a unique Mother’s Day gift for preschool moms or moms of kindergarten children.

Enjoy reading this with your precious niño.

This Spanish children’s book is a helpful tool in learning to read and speak the Spanish language. Spanish immersion schools and programs may find it beneficial to add to their curriculum or as a gift to parents who are trying to teach their kids the Spanish language.

How to Have A Positive and Empowering Pregnancy: Birthing beautiful souls (Conscious Parenting Series Book 1)

by Clare Ford

“How to Have a Positive and Empowering Pregnancyâ?¦Birthing beautiful souls” explains why connecting with your baby in the womb is essential, and how your mind-set has a big part to play in your baby’s emotional and physical development.Cutting edge scientific research is proving that what happens to us in the womb can have far-reaching consequences for the rest of our lives. In this ground-breaking book you will learn new tools and techniques to shift negative emotions and learned beliefs. You will understand how to recognise and release fear so that you work with your body and your baby intuitively for the birth and after. You will learn how to unlock the secrets to being calm and content during your pregnancy and onwards. By connecting with your baby in a spiritual way, you will be able to form a deep and loving bond. Learn how to use your inherent wisdom and trust your instinct and intuition to guide you through pregnancy and beyond.”How to Have a Positive and Empowering Pregnancy” is an invaluable and popular guide for new parents, professionals and practitioners alike and makes an ideal gift for mothers-to-be.

TANTO QUE CONTARTE (pero no sé cómo): � Guía para obtener fluidez comunicativa y evitar silencios incómodos. Para tímidos, introvertidos y personas con ansiedad social. (Spanish Edition)

by Desarrollo Personal TV

¿Sientes que tu corazón palpita más rápido cada vez que te toca hablar en público?, ¿Te sientes [email protected] cuando te dejan a solas con una persona?; ¿Sientes que provocas silencios incómodos en conversaciones?. En Desarrollo Personal tv hemos querido realizar una guía con trucos y consejos para personas introvertidas, tímidas y/o con ansiedad social.
Primeramente, empezamos por contárte las posibles razones por las que tienes este “problema”. Queremos que sepas que ser introvertido no es un problema en sí mismo, pero se puede volver uno si esto nos impide formar parte de actividades sociales a las que nos gustaría asistir.
A continuación, puedes leer algunos párrafos del libro para que te hagas una idea de su contenido:
“Normalmente, las personas que no saben expresarse bien poseen otra cualidad que han ido desarrollando al cabo del tiempo: y es que saben escuchar. El problema que tienen es que cuando se encuentran en una conversación se obsesionan demasiado con el qué decir cuando termine de hablar la otra persona, que no están prestando atención.”
“El problema viene cuando pasas tanto tiempo sin socializar que te empiezas a perder cosas que realmente merecen la pena vivir, cuándo te das cuenta de que ya la gente comienza a no incluirte en sus planes porque “no tienes tiempo”.”
“Uno de mis principales problemas que tenía a la hora de conversar, era que mis conversaciones no tenían ningún sentido. Mi mayor miedo era que la otra persona nótese lo incómoda que yo estaba por el hecho de estar hablándola. Esto era un círculo vicioso, ya que, cuánto más pensaba en mí miedo, mayor era mi ansiedad y eso se transmitía en la fluidez de la conversación.”
“En mi caso me di cuenta de que ponía de excusa el necesitar un plan para poder realizar algo. Como quien pide permiso a su madre para salir, si no me lo habían dicho con suficiente tiempo para mentalizarme, rechazaba cualquier plan. “

Si quieres dejar al lado tu ansiedad social, y comenzar a disfrutar totalmente de la vida, !empieza por leer este libro!


Kissing Ravens

by Max Williams

Heartbreak can be hard. It’s harder when you can’t vent to the one person you wish you could.

This short book is a semi-open letter to someone who tore my heart open. This is in hopes it helps me heal. In hopes that it will help you heal.

Anecdotal in nature, I go over some of the occurrences of this past summer. The ups and downs of it all.

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