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The Untraveled Path to the Land of Milk & Honey: Poetry & Haikus from the Soul of a ThriveHerâ?¢


Sonya A. McKinzie releases her first collection of poetry and haikus which delivers in a voice that is extraordinarily intimate and unique. Spiritually sensual and artistic, The Untraveled Path to the Land of Milk and Honey, is unlike any other poetry books in the past and present. This book carries readers on a journey that exposes them to poetry in its most unique and rawest form that leaves them with an unquenchable thirst to read more.


by Xavier Hersom


some want to be still as a
never changing

in their ways

while the world spins around them

but nature always

even stones
erode to

Xavier Hersom began his transition from female to male in 2016. These poems reflect the struggles and triumphs of change and the importance of remaining true to one’s self.

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