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Learn How to Persuade Anyone of Anything… in the next 10 Minutes!: 10 Psychological Tricks (tools) of Persuasion (How to Win at… Persuasion Book 1)

by Dr. Toban L. McCowan

Learn How to Persuade Anyone of Anythingâ?¦ in the next 10 Minutes!

10 Psychological Tools of Persuasion

Dr. Toban L. McCowan

Over the last few thousand years of human existence, our entry into organized culture and society, and our understanding of persuasion and communication, a variety of tools have emerged that will enable a person to be much more effective at persuading people to share his or her opinion.

The idea behind this book is pretty simple: we created a book filled with the tools that will allow you to be more persuasive, more effective, and more precise about getting what you want out of people.

Here is a list of the tools you’ll have at your disposal:

  1. The use of Social Proof
  2. Anchoring Negotiations
  3. Speak with a deep Voice
  4. Undermine the opposing source of information
  5. Appeal to sexuality
  6. Branding yourself
  7. Speak in simple language
  8. Use the extremes
  9. Appeal to Authority Figures
  10. Repeat yourself often
  11. Bonus -always Create and Maintain a Sense of Urgency

The way you should use this book is very simple, you can read it cover to cover in about 15 minutes. For the first week after you download or purchase the book, we recommend reading the book every single day when you first wake up, in the evening right before you fall asleep. Continue this for two weeks and then reread the book once a week for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

In this way you will learn the information, assimilate the psychological tactics, as well as place these persuasive techniques in your long-term memory. The idea is to create a toolbox of techniques that you can access whenever you want to influence the situation.

Does this sound like psychological trickery?

Does it sound like you’re cheating?

We’re going to get into a deep dive and discussion about the morality of using psychological tricks and tactics to influence other people. But the book is much more than simply tools to persuade. This book is also for those of us who want to know when these weapons are being used against us.

The world is a very cold and dark place if you’re not careful, and sometimes you might want to understand when other people are using tactics to persuade you. The best offense is oftentimes a good defense.

How do you think Donald Trump was elected? It wasn’t because of his wonderful personality, charisma, or even intelligence.  He used, to near perfection, most if not all of these tactics and got himself into the Whitehouse. 

Be vigilant, be prepared, be a badass, persuade people to agree with you and following your lead. Take control, change your behavior, and make these tools a part of your everyday life and you will see a change over the next few months in your livelihood, your ability to earn money, your ability to progress in your chosen profession or skill set, and all-around sense that the world is your oyster.

The world is full of people who use the power of persuasion to change that only their lives, the lives of those around. Do you want to be the recipient of change, or one of the agents of change?

  1. Read the book cover-to-cover morning and evening for 14 days.
  2. Reread the book at least once a week for the next 3-4 weeks.
  3. About once a month for the next 6 months you should peruse the book, just to lock everything in.

LifeHackz – 5 Behaviors That Make People Like You More: YouTube Video Transcript (Life-Changing-Insights Book 18)

by Stefan Kreienbuehl

With everything we do, we aim to serve your insights. We aim to serve your thirst for discovery and understanding. Our service breaks new ground. We just happen to serve your perception of a new world. You realize that you are capable of more than you thought you could do.


Are you a visual learner? You learn by reading and seeing pictures?
You’ve watched a fascinating YouTube speech? You wanna read it quietly again?
In this Edition you will find a transcription from a YouTube Video, made by LifeHackz.
Title from the YouTube Video:
Duration: 3:40.

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