Free science fiction Kindle books for 19 Oct 18

Pursuit of the Bold (Privateer Tales Book 13)

by Jamie McFarlane

A world-shattering invasion. A long-dead rumor. A death-defying risk to save humanity.

If the Kroerak Empire had a soft spot, Liam Hoffen would have found it by now. After years of fighting the blasted bug invaders, he’s all but thrown in the towel. To make matters worse, intercepted enemy plans show the empire’s next attack could wipe them off the map.

Rumors of a Kroerak weakness are their world’s only hope of survival. It’s too bad the keepers of the secret have long since turned into space dust. With time running out and alien bounty hunters in hot pursuit, Liam and his crew must venture to a long-forgotten planet. They’ll risk everything for a long-shot defense against certain annihilation.

Pursuit of the Bold is the start of a standalone trilogy in the Privateer Tales saga, a series of high-spirited space operas. If you like eccentric crews, exotic alien locations, and twists and turns you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s action-packed 13th book in the Privateer Tales epic.

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Into the Breach (Gateway to the Galaxy Book 1)

by Jonathan Yanez

You know that “We come in peace” thing? Apparently, they didn’t get the memo.

Frank and Marine Space Corps One find themselves across the galaxy in a WWE smackdown with the legions of a boss-level villain.

But the party’s just getting started.

He donned the mantle of a celestial knight to impress a girl, well, an empress. Now destiny’s calling in a debt.

A lightning-paced military fantasy full of outlandish comedy and impossible situations that will have you hailing for these Marines from the get go. For fans of Green Lantern and the Stargate Universe.

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Midnite Review Of The Freak King

by Carlton Holder

It’s just an ordinary day at RACHEL STATE UNIVERSITY, where an unusual light in the night sky always leads to weekend long UFO themed keggers and campus-wide drunken debauchery. But when you’re located just off the Extraterrestrial Highway near top secret military base AREA 51, an ordinary day just isn’t very ordinary at all. Then again, nothing’s ever been normal for Beauregard Quixote Freidkin, a RSU student of Mexican and German descent who, due to a life altering encounter with a ghost website, has become a divining rod for the bizarre. And when Quixote begins to host a campus radio show where he spins retro Eighties music and explores urban legends, he comes to the attention of some very strange people. As well as dark forces who don’t want their unholy mechanisms brought into the light of day by this freak king. Van Wilder meets Fox Mulder in dark and deliciously irreverent adventures.

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