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Forbidden Faith (The Downtown Series Book 1)

by T.J. WEST

***Warning- Not intended for those under 18 years. Extreme language and sex.*** This book is part of a series – book 1

Lucas “Lucky” Jones:
Sometimes moments seem too good to be true, but if I want it bad enough, I get it.
Life with her was perfect, we fell in love and I didn’t think it could get any better. She was like a dream in every single way.
But in one instant, my world shattered and all it took was one solitary pay-off covered by one big lie.
Now I’m on the fast track trying to forget her, as the lead singer of my band, JINKS, but she never leaves my thoughts, her face is forever emblazed in my mind and the love I still have for her is forever a part of my heart. Every song I write and every song I sing is for her.

Faith Montgomery:
I’d never met anyone like him before. He was so much different than any other man. He was calm and confident and pure of heart.
Our love was perfect until he betrayed me, now the love I have for him won’t fade and I am unable to love a man who is not him. When he left, he took my heart with him.

Gone their separate ways after they were both ripped apart, they both wonder if their love is worth saving. They wonder if it is possible to rekindle what they once had or will Lucky always be chasingâ?¦.Forbidden Faith?

Judging June (Downtown)


**WARNING—Not for ages under 18 years. Explicit Language/Sex. Novella contains sensitive issues**

Book 1.5 NOVELLA

June Tyndall and Phillip Caffrey are polar opposites.
June is a free spirit that owns and operates her own music label. She has tattoos, piercings and dresses like the rocker she is and the brand she represents.
Phillip is an architect. He is clean cut, prim and proper guy that works out at the gym and dresses in fine tailored suits.
There is nothing about June that Phillip finds attractive, especially her graphic body art. She isn’t the typical woman he goes after.
One drunken night leads June and Phillip into each others’ arms and bed. But for every action there is a reaction, and sometimes life changing consequences.
Will Phillip finally look past the image and see June for who she is? Or will he continue judging June and accept the consequences?
Can opposites truly attract?

Guitar: Mastering the Rock Essentials â?? Practical Skills for the Complete Beginner (Learn to play the guitar with the best tips on what and how to play, guide) (Mastering the Rock Guitar Book 1)

by Edward Van Houten

Rock Guitar for Complete Beginners

Break through the barriers of learning and start using real rock techniques right away!

Learning how to read music shouldn’t be the first thing you start with. With this book, you will learn three extremely powerful, versatile and practical techniques that you can use and combine in a million different ways to play and create authentic rock music from day one. These techniques are so powerful that when you really master them, you don’t have to call yourself a beginner anymore. With the right tools it’s a lot easier than you’d think, and I’m here to point you in the right direction.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Power chords for that heavier rock sound and for creating riffs
  • Open chords that are used by literally every band out there
  • The solo box for an incredibly easy entry into soloing
  • Tested tips for practicing and using the techniques

About twenty years ago, I was a complete beginner too. I started with the wrong things that killed my motivation for a long time, so now I want to help you start off with the right techniques that inspire you to keep playing and learning more. You’ll be rocking in no time!

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