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Only a woman can find the true meaning of life.

In this thoughtful and illuminating collection of essays, author Hemalatha Gnanasekar recalls the most consequential experiences of her life as a woman in India.

These 16 thought-provoking essays are drawn directly from her own life, but their universal themes will inspire people of all backgrounds to find the deeper meaning in their lives as well.

A chance meeting with a former teacher helped her understand that wrinkles and weight gain are a natural part of life. A Hindu religious ceremony’s compelling feats of faith led her towards a greater relationship with God. And an encounter with vagabond gypsies helped her understand the true power of health over materialism.

These and other life-changing stories are beautifully presented in this collection of life lessons. Told through the unique perspective of a woman in a society that still struggles with its treatment of them, these essays are full of hope, optimism and humor. And while they may be read in a short amount of timeâ?¦ their lessons will last forever.

PRINCE PHILIP: A Prince Philip Biography

by Katy Holborn

PRINCE PHILIP: A Prince Philip Biography

Fill in the blanks: â??Behind every great man is __________.’
Most people familiar with the English language would be able to slip in some semblance of the rest: A Great Woman. These three words complete the saying â??Behind every great man is a great woman,’ the same way a woman usually completes the picture of how a man of extraordinary achievement can reach such great heights. Usually, this influential figure is that of a mother or wife, and our history is filled to the brim with examples
Civil Rights icon Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had his wife, Coretta; and Anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela had his Winnie. In American politics, the FLOTUS was the POTUS’ tailwind, notably in the case of unforgettable couples like the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Clintons, the Bushes and the Obamas. In the arts, legendary filmmaker Hitchcock had indispensable Alma Reville. In sports, Jackie Robinson gave credit to his wife Rachel, while NBA superstar Kevin Durant famously called his mother “You the real MVP.”
Across all fields and over a large stretch of time, women have been powering the achievements of their husbands, sons and other affiliations. Indeed, behind every great man is a great woman.
But what of the converse – What or who is behind a great woman?

Climbing Family Trees, Whispers in the Leaves

by Trina Boice

This fun book is great for beginners, as well as experienced genealogists. You’ll learn the basics and more advanced strategies for finding your ancestors and living relatives. Each chapter offers helpful tips and an assignment to get you started.

The best part of the book is the collection of true stories of people who have researched their family history and felt their ancestors’ help in serendipitous ways.

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