Free business and investing Kindle books for 20 Oct 18

Day Trading For a Living: Investing Psychology for Beginners

by Leigh Vernon

Want to understand the psychology behind successful trading and know when to make a move or stay put?

Day Trading for a Living will show you how to overcome your cognitive biases in order to trade confidently and rationally.

Inside you will discover:

– The truth behind trader psychology and how to use this to your advantage
– 20+ Case studies and designated learning curves for each of them
– The most common pitfalls traders fall into and how to avoid them
– The top 21 cognitive biases grouped by theme and practical tips to overcome them
– and much, much more!

In just a few moments from now, this guide will allow you to begin trading with the right mindset in order to make the right decisions every time.

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Goodbye Office: How to Make the Most out of Hiring and Working Remotely. Run your Business from Anywhere in the World!

by Eugene Mironichev

This book is for both novice and veteran entrepreneurs interested in building a remote business and running it from anywhere in the world. You will learn how entrepreneurs operate their business remotely, how to build and manage a remote team, how to work with partners remotely, how to build your customer base and generate sales remotely, and more. The author analyzed more than 200 articles, studies, and books, and interviewed more than 20 entrepreneurs as well as representatives of major and niche freelance online marketplaces.
The book contains the following parts:
– Introduction: overview of the latest changes in how people work
– Entrepreneurs: how entrepreneurs operate remotely, how to manage your time when working remotely, the pros and cons of remote work, the best tools for working remotely
– Teams: how and where to find great remote workers, how to build an international remote team and how to manage it, the most common pitfalls, and the best practices and tools
– Partners: remote partners and why you may need them; services that may replace partners
– Customers: how to find remote clients and customers, what types of digital products and services can be created and sold online.

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