Free fiction Kindle books for 20 Oct 18

The Playground

by Shannon Heuston

It’s 1986. Sixth grader Rachel Parsons is the loneliest little girl in the world. Branded an outcast by her peers, mercilessly teased and bullied by her first crush, childhood is a never-ending nightmare from which there is no escape.
When it finally ends, Rachel finds herself in a prison of her own making, driven to subconsciously choose abusive romantic partners in a compulsive effort to recreate her childhood torment. Will returning to the playground to confront her demons finally release Rachel from her past and allow her to achieve the happiness always dancing just out of reach?
This semi-autobiographical novel exploring the long-term effects of childhood bullying is a must read for all.

The Virgin’s Awakening

by Faith Logan

Sarah was excited about going away to college. Her one regret was that she had yet to lose her virginity to Joshua, the only boy she’d ever loved. When Sarah agreed to go away with her boyfriend to his family’s lake house, she thought it would a perfect romantic getaway. She did not plan on being stuck with her boyfriend’s obnoxious step-brother and his dominating father and super hot uncle.What was supposed to be a weekend of romance and sexual discovery, turned out to be much more than Sarah bargined for.

This book is a hot reverse harem that contains cheating and elements of age-play..Is suggested for mature readers only.

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