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Livro Um: Terror (Ameaça Antártica 1) (Portuguese Edition)

by Alexandre Torres

Vivemos cada vez mais conectados a fluxos de informações, mas nos faltam o tempo e a habilidade necessários para a reflexão crítica na construção de novos conhecimentos. Norteados pelas emoções, nos deixamos levar como parte uma grande manada, tal como formigas guiadas pelos ferormônios de seus pares. � medida que nos conectamos uns aos outros, estaríamos nos tornado em uma espécie de zumbi?
Esta é a pergunta que assola um grupo de seis trabalhadores de inverno da Antártida, na base americana de McMurdo Sound. Funcionários isolados em um continente deserto nesta estação, sob condições climáticas extremas e submetidos à escuridão da longa noite antártica. Um incêndio misterioso é o estopim para uma série de crises que colocarão em risco suas vidas, suas mentes e sua própria alma.
Jennifer Summers é uma psicóloga, especializada na gerência de recursos humanos e também uma descendente de nativos americanos que tenta compreender sua própria herança. Victor Gonzales é um ex-policial que agora trabalha como assistente administrativo em McMurdo. Ambos lidam com as feridas do passado, enquanto tentam estabelecer um relacionamento que oscila entre o amor e a amizade. Victor é um homem racional, materialista e passional; Jennifer é uma mulher empática, espiritual e emocionalmente reprimida. Pontos de vista opostos tentando compreender a natureza de uma terrível ameaça.
Esta é uma história de terror, suspense, mistério, ocultismo e ficção científica. � um romance com uma história independente, mas também é parte de uma trilogia de livros que explorarão a estranha ameaça que surge do continente antártico, a última fronteira terrestre ainda a ser habitada pelo ser humano.

Like Stones on a Crow’s Back (The Deal Book 2)

by Amy Cross

“Are you enjoying having your father with you, Ramsey? I hope you’re not thinking about breaking our deal. It’s a good deal. You should stick to it for the rest of your life.”

One year after she made a deal to save her father’s life, Ramsey Kopperud lives in fear. She’s terrified that at any moment, the evil Sebastian might emerge from the forest and announce that the deal is off. Yet even as she tries to come to terms with her own actions, Ramsey has no idea that another deadly force is about to launch an attack. Sebastian wasn’t alone in the forest, and now something else is coming for vengeance.

Meanwhile, many years in the past, a farm-boy meets a beautiful witch and falls in love. As his hopes for happiness fade, however, young Sebastian must make a terrible choice. His decision will have consequences not only for his own life, and not only for the life of Ramsey many years in the future, but perhaps even for the fate of the whole world. First, though, he must try to pass the test of placing stones on a crow’s back.

LIKE STONES ON A CROW’S BACK is the sequel to THE DEVIL, THE WITCH AND THE WHORE, and the second book in a trilogy about the end of the world.

The Haunting of Dark Hollow Road: A Ghost Story & Paranormal Mystery (Taryn’s Camera Book 3)

by Rebecca Patrick-Howard

A teenage girl is missing and Taryn’s camera is showing her a haunted past she NEVER wanted to see…

When your camera can see the past, it’s a history lover’s dream! Historical mysteries never seemed so alive, and solvable. But sometimes the past should stay buried. The hauntings and ghosts are only the beginning of what Taryn sees!

Beautiful Cheyenne Willoughby had her whole life ahead of her. But her 18th birthday, she simply vanished, rocking her small Georgian town to the core. Now, artist and haunted house lover Taryn Magill has moved onto the very farm where Cheyenne spent her last night. She went there to teach a class at the local college, but her job takes a completely different turn when she’s thrown into the middle of Cheyenne’s mysterious disappearance.

Armed with her camera that can see the past, Taryn aims to find out what happened to Cheyenne once and for all. Is the young girl still out there, trying to find her way home? Or did she succumb to some horrible fate? As Taryn finds herself more and more entrenched in the mystery of Cheyenne’s disappearance, she begins unraveling the secrets of the rural southern town.

The spirits here are restless, but it might be the living she must fear the most!

Book 3 in the Taryn’s Camera series. In the style of Shirley Jackson, Mary Higgins Clark, Heather Graham, and early Stephen King, Taryn’s Camera is a supernatural mystery and haunted house series for ghost story lovers and history buffs about a reluctant psychic who can see the past through her camera. A little gothic, a little supernatural suspense, a little horror-and a whole lot of fun!

At The Midnight Of Creation: A tale of the NyarlaPOTUS

by Philip Hemplow

The president has a new adviser, Constantine Nephrenka: a sinister and menacing figure whose origins and motives are shrouded in mystery. Francisco Cruz, a young Federal Protective Services agent, is assigned to guard him, and to find out his secrets. With the country gripped by an environmental cataclysm, Francisco finds himself at the forefront of events: a witness to the ultimate, horrifying collapse of the Trumpire.

Unconscious Demon

by Wayne Martin

Unconscious Demon is an anthology of a dark nature, taking on fetishes gone absurdly into the realm of the supernatural. It also explores the evil side in us all.

In Kiss the Talons, Percival Sloan, also known as “Percival the Unmerciful”, is currently in prison because of his obsession for the female foot. Nissa Weizmann fantasizes she has met the perfect contender for a mate on an online dating service. Her profile states all her demands; except for one thing.

A serial killer is using the gay online â??Party and Play’ scene of crystal meth and sex to lure his victims into his underworld of a bizarre taste for blood in The Sanguinarian.

The Angel of Destruction, Kemuel, does not belong to Heaven or Hell. His lamenting might undo us all.

Eerie Shorts: Volume I

by Braden Wheeler

These stories were dreamed up, thought about, written, and finalized during a time where I was misdiagnosed with an illness. I was on many medications at the time. Once things were squared away, I was removed from all of the prescriptions. These medicines made me experience many weird things, including watching the walls bleed. They made things appear that weren’t there, like the Shadow Girl story – something that actually happened to me. Mind, Then Move was an actual nightmare that I woke from. At times, these medicines would put me into deep sorrow, and at other times there was a deep instilled in me of things around me that simply were not there.

Thank you for reading my 2018 Halloween special release. I hope you like these stories as much as I liked putting them together.

Have a fearful read.

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