Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 20 Oct 18

The Trials of Boy Kings (Chosen King Book 2)

by M.J. Sewall

The young kings stand oceans apart and old truths have been discovered, ensuring grave danger for them both. Held captive by their fate, the two sworn enemies that chose their king will come crashing together, but in ways neither side could see coming.

A new threat may tip the scales, as the mysterious, distant leader called the Father finally steps out of the shadows to threaten his enemies with a deadly new weapon.

With only destiny-altering choices, both kings must hold onto the allies that will bring down their true enemies, and set right the history that has been stolen.

Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate (A Graphic Novel): Based on the True Story of Florida’s Pocahontas

by G. C. Daniels

Uleyli is a princess-but she isn’t happy with all that comes with it. She’d rather daydream and create art than learn how to rule her people. When a Spanish boy, Juan Ortiz, is captured by Ulelyi’s father, she intervenes on his behalf and begins to plot her escape from her village. As she dreams of a new life in Cuba, Uleyli encounters a series of problems that put her dreams at risk. To solve her problems she will need to use the power of her creativity to help save her new friend, her village, and herself.

This graphic novel was inspired by the true story of a young Native American woman, Ulele, known as Florida’s Pocahontas. The beautiful full-color illustrations and simple text paint a picture of life in 16th-century Native American villages in what is now the southeastern United States. This is a story celebrating Ulele’s creativity and non-violent heroism.

Perfect for young fans of graphic novels (ages 9 – 12) who are interested in learning more about US history.

Dust: Before and After: Young Adult Literature Fiction (The Dust Series Book 1)

by S.E. Smith

An unlikely hero goes from being an ordinary boy to having super human powers in a world that has changed as much as he has! Dust is a high-class, fast-paced action adventure suspense story with heart that will leave you cheering for the misfit of survivors. This new Dystopian series by New York Times (Twin Dragons and Dagger’s Hope) and 14 time USA Today bestselling author is an emotionally charged fantasy adventure story filled with heart-pounding action and suspense for readers of all ages. 
After fragments of a comet hit Earth, Dust wakes to discover the world as he knew it is gone. It isn’t the only thing that has changed though; so has Dust. He now possesses powers that continue to grow, but they also come with a price.

A deadly encounter after Dust leaves his home leads to a new discovery — other survivors. Dust soon learns that another creature has risen from the ashes, one that is determined to possess the powers he now has. On a journey filled with danger, it will take the skills of not just Dust but those of his friends if they are to survive.

This time the race is not to the swift but to the deadliest in a world where a changed human boy and an odd assortment of friends must face their worst nightmares and accept that life on Earth will never be the same again.

Join Dust and his friends as they fight to overcome an evil force determined to create a new species unlike any the world has ever known.

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