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The Witch of Halloween House

by Jeff DeGordick

There’s an old house up on a hill in the woods that the kids call “Halloween House”. They accused the mysterious old woman who lived there of being a witch until the rumors got out of hand and the panicked townspeople burned her house down with her in it one Halloween. She only said one thing before she died: “A curse on all of you!”

Now, three years later, the spooky holiday approaches again, and Carmen is left in charge of taking her little brother trick-or-treating.

But strange things begin happening around the small town.

Children are going missing one by one, and the only clue to their disappearance is a gingerbread man left on their windowsill. Now Carmen has to protect her brother so that he doesn’t become the next victim as the townspeople descend into insanity all around them. Riddled with fear, they have no one to pin the kidnappings and strange occurrences on.

Because the witch is already dead…

…isn’t she?

Harvest Deep

by Trent Pettry

Something deep in the earth has evolved…

Hidden in the West Desert of Utah, the gold rush town of Mammoth is a shell of its former glory. But for Liz Chilton, a photojournalist on assignment, it’s the place she was born and where her mother grew up.  Forty years after fleeing the area, Liz seeks to reconnect with her now-deceased mother’s past. 

The unspeakable, concealed in darkness�  

What begins as an adventurous road trip for Liz, her husband, and another couple, takes a horrific turn when they discover a slaughtered man at an RV park. Something has partially consumed himâ??something inhuman.

The group is dragged into a twisted conspiracy tied to the old family mine, marked by a massive hole on the side of the mountain. Confronted by her mother’s hidden past and the mine’s dark purpose, Liz and her friends must fight to survive or fall prey to the secret nesting deep within the caverns.

Inspired by true events, HARVEST DEEP is a debut novel of horror by Trent Pettry.

Her Dom: A Dark Romance (Beauty and the Captor Book 3)

by Nicole Casey

Darker, sexier, more intenseâ?¦this is the story of Scar and Derek.

Wouldn’t you give up everything for the one you love?
I don’t own my mind or my body anymore.
Now, my name is Pet, and I am the submissive to the most beautiful man the world has ever seen.
My purpose in life is to please him, to kneel in front of him, to serve his every whim without question.
He saved my life, but put himself in danger.
I’m supposed to follow everything my master commands, but I can’t watch him die.
So I made a decision that I might regret for the rest of my lifeâ?¦

She is my weakness, my obsession, and my world is falling apart without her in it.
Everyone dreams about the fairytale ending.
But I can’t promise her happily ever after.
Because I am a beast, just like they are.
It’s wrong to want her.
She’s too fragile, too broken, and too beautiful to resist.
What’s worse? She wants me to take her.

We thought we were past the worst of it.
We thought we finally had a chance.
â?¦We thought wrong.
The demon is still out there, waiting to put both of us in hell.
I swear on my life to protect her
â?¦ and the little secret she now carries inside her.

WARNING: Dark, dirty, forbidden, and hot as hell. It is intended for mature audiences due to sexual content.
***This is part three in the Beauty and the Captor Trilogy. HEA Guaranteed! ***

Reading Order:
Her Beast (Beauty and The Captor Book 1)
Her Savior (Beauty and The Captor book 2)
Her Dom (Beauty and The Captor book 3)

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