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2019 CFA® Program Level 1 Question Bank: Volume 2 (2019 CFA Level 1 Question bank)

by Havels Learning System

Features and Benefits
â?? Reading wise Questions and Answers
â?? Clear Comprehensive Answers
â?? Ratio Formulae section
â?? Total Exam relevant questions covered weight wise : 1200
â?? Volume 2 Subjects
– Corporate Finance
– Portfolio Management
– Equity Investments
– Fixed Income
– Derivatives
– Alternative Investments

About the Book
Thank you for trusting Havels learning System® to help you reach your goals.
CFA Level 1 syllabus is divided in Nineteen Study sessions which consists of 58 Readings based on which a student is tested in exams.
In our book which have carefully selected and divided the questions each reading wise so after studying, questions based on every reading can be practiced to solidify.

There are 2400 relevant questions which are divided in 2 volumes.
Volume 1 consists of 1200 questions covering Readings from 1 to 32
Volume 2 consists of 1200 questions covering Readings from 33 to 58
We will suggest to use all the mentioned materials in combination for best results
Wishing you all the very best for each and every one of your future endeavors!

Havels Learning System®

Productivity: The Productivity Upgrade, 3 Easy to Apply Techniques to Become a Master Learner Using Technology to Accumulate Knowledge Fast (Time Saving, … Accelerated Learning, Efficient Learning)

by George Stefan

Apply These Three Techniques to Instantly Improve Productivity and Learn Faster WITHOUT speed-reading!

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You’re about to discover how to become a Master Learner.
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Forget about Speed Reading!

While speed reading has great potential, it’s unfortunately very hard to apply.
There are easier options out there that achieve similar results and with MINIMAL EFFORT.
In this short book I will show you the methods I am using to learn faster.


Speed Viewing and Speed Listening as alternatives to the traditional Speed Reading!
Through applying the techniques presented in this book I can guarantee that you will increase productivity and learning speed MASSIVELY .
You certainly will be able to double, triple or even quadruple your speed of learning.

A brief preview of the content of this book:

  • Speed Listening
  • Speed Viewing
  • Audiobook Upgrade (How to go through it faster)
  • Ebook Upgrade
  • Video Upgrade
  • Tips for maximum results
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Numerical Methods: Theory & Solved Examples (Engineering Mathematics Book 11)


***Purpose of this Book***
The purpose of this book is to supply lots of examples with details solution that helps the students to understand each example step wise easily and get rid of the college assignments phobia.

It is sincerely hoped that this book will help and better equipped the engineering under graduate students to prepare and face the examinations with better confidence. I have endeavored to present the book in a lucid manner which will be easier to understand by all the engineering students.

***About the Book***
According to many streams in engineering degree course there are different chapters in Engineering Mathematics of the same semester according to the streams. Hence students faced problem about to buy Engineering Mathematics special book that covered all chapters in a single book.
That’s reason student need to buy many books to cover all chapters according to the prescribed syllabus. Hence need to spends more money for a single subject to cover complete syllabus.
So here good news for you, your problem solved.
I made here special books according to chapter wise, that helps to buy books according to chapters and no need to pay extra money for unneeded chapters that not mentioned in your syllabus.

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